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Title: 0-100km/h (measured with G-Tech Pro RR)
Post by: frytol on May 11, 2009, 11:18:04 am
I've measured 0-100km/h of my A500 yesterday with G-Tech Pro RR which is rather accurate (1/4 mile times are equal to those from official Tag Heuer equipment).

The best time I've made with TTC switched off was 8.652s with me (100kg ;)) and my friend (100kg  ;)) in the car. Problem with starting and TTC switched off is that the ESP cuts in even when you start from really high rpm and it lags the car really bad.


Then with TCC switched on I've made 8.210s which isn't bad with additional 100kg of ballast ;)


I still do have o problem with a good launch (only made 2 starts with TTC on), maybe it was due to the cold road which resulted in really big issues with traction.

During the weekend I'll try to make some measurments with my racing slicks on :).