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Author Topic: Component weights  (Read 532 times)

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Component weights
« on: December 27, 2021, 12:21:46 pm »
Since I'm banned from doing any car work over xmas (I've been assigned the job of 'assistant cook and chief pot washer' instead) I've been researching the weights of various components in the eper instead, and found some quite surprising things.

In this I've ignored cable weights and the weights of plastic trim pieces since I figure they'll either be fixed and necessary or removeable, and I've also assumed Fiat have got the weights right in the eper.

Weights where some saving could be made with carbon fibre replacements:
2x door frame 39.2kg (this could save quite a bit!)
bonnet 10.5kg (up to 5kg)

Some where carbon fibre makes very little difference:
Front bumper 4.6kg approx
Rear bumper/splitter 3.4kg approx
tailgate 9.4kg

Some interior bits where your choice of trim level makes a weight difference:
Parcel shelf
plain 450g
turismo 1040g
competizione 660g
Leave it out 0g

plain 3430g
comp, turismo 4120g

Rear Seat
rear seat base
frame 976g
padding 1700g
cover (plain black) 600
cover (leather) 1010
cover (alcantara) 745
total (plain) 3276
total (leather) 3686
total (alcantara) 3421

2 piece rear seat back
left frame 4700
right frame 5600
crossrail 3267
left padding 800
right padding 837
left cover (plain black) 600
right cover (plain black) 600
left cover (leather) 690
right cover (leather) 680
left cover (alcantara) 780
right cover (alcantara) 1140
total (plain) 16404
total (leather) 16574
total (alcantara) 17124

1 piece rear seat back
frame 9500
crossrail 2270
padding 1100
cover (plain black) 420
total (plain) 13290

And now for the main event, the front seats:

Standard Abarth front seats
Back 4700
base 1400
top padding 2800
base padding 2100
airbag 420 (surprisingly little!)
slider 6900
slider (with adj) 8510
base cover (plain) 592
base cover (leather) 600
back cover (plain) 600
back cover (leather) 1106
seat (non-adj plain) 19512
seat (adj plain) 21122
seat (non-adj leather) 20026
seat (adj leather) 21636

back 4449
base 1655
Frame 2330
hinge 6211
hinge 1930
top padding 1270
base padding 800
slider 1800
slider 2100
crossrail 705
base cover (plain) 530
base cover (leather) 542
back cover (plain) 487
back cover (leather) 688
total (plain) 21267 (yes, you read that right, more than a non-adjustable normal seat!)
total (leather) 21480

    Swapping to Sabelts adds approx 2.3kg to weight!!! (that was unexpected)
    Airbags only weigh 840g for both sides (equally unexpected)
    Adding a 2nd adjuster mech adds 1.6kg
    Swapping to a plain Abarth interior with a single piece back from a leather Turismo (or alcantara) interior plus dropping the parcel shelf saves approx 7kg
    Deleting the rear seats saves a maximum of 20.5kg (alcantara).

All quite interesting, especially the front seats. I wondered why nobody had a straight answer for how much weight the Sabelts save, it's because they don't save any  ::)

So that's Sabelts off my list of potential mods - they're expensive, steal a bit of that limited rear leg room, some find them uncomfortable on long journeys, they delete a couple of airbags, and they're not height adjustable. So purely a looks mod.

Also deleting the rear seats saves nowhere near as much weight as everyone seems to think - a maximum of 21.5kg and if you've got one of the lower trim levels with the fixed seat back it's only 16.5kg! And for a road car I've found it actually helps with the handling to have more weight over the rear axle rather than less, so all round not a terribly good mod.

Probably if you were creating a purely track car, your best 'bang for buck' would be to remove all the interior and just fit carbon fibre fixed racing seats, replace the doors with carbon fibre replacements and replace all glass with perspex; that'd save you around 70-100kg I reckon, and the rest is just fiddling with stuff which will save a few kg, the sorts of figures you could lose by driving after a big xmas dinner :D


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    Re: Component weights
    « Reply #1 on: December 27, 2021, 01:30:08 pm »
    And then add a roll cage :whistle:

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    Re: Component weights
    « Reply #2 on: December 27, 2021, 02:46:55 pm »
    And then add a roll cage :whistle:

    But of course :D

    I think the biposto has a titanium cage doesn't it, if I read the specs right?

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    Re: Component weights
    « Reply #3 on: December 31, 2021, 03:17:57 am »
    Did some quick measurements using my bathroom scales and looks like Fiat were pretty much bang on the money with the weights...

    Rear seat back - 8.3+8.6=16.9 (calculated 16.6)

    Rear seat base - 3.1 (calculated 3.6)

    Front adjustable seat - 22.6 (calculated 21.6 excluding trim, cables and seatbelt hitch)

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    Re: Component weights
    « Reply #4 on: January 05, 2022, 02:24:31 pm »
    And another couple of interesting ones according to my bathroom scales:

    Standard Fiat 500 height adjustable seat with headrest (leather, GQ edition) - 21.8kg

    Sparco r100 without base (which will add a fair bit) - 14.1kg

    Interesting a standard 500 seat is the lightest seat out of the Fiat / Sabelt seats...!