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Title: Exhaust drone solution
Post by: lyoffka on March 18, 2021, 06:20:24 pm
Hi everyone,

I have recently acquired 2016 stage 2 Abarth with 200 cell Ragazzon cat, stock central pipe and titanium Mercier exhaust with no muffler.
The exhaust sound is truly loud and overall that would be not a big deal (because after all, it sounds very sweet) if not the crazy drone I am having on highways.

Please, share your opinion / experience in resolving this kind of issue.

1st concern - I would prefer keeping titanium rear straight exhaust, since it is rare find nowadays and looks great.

2nd concern - I dont want to compromise the performance, since the car is stage 2 and should be making around 175 bhp with the current setup

3rd concern - budget. Replacing the whole exhaust is not an option.

Solutions that I have thought of:

1. Fitting a universal resonator in the middle section of the stock pipe.
Not sure how much this will affect the performance and the quality of the sound.

2. Fitting a universal muffler in the middle section of the stock pipe. Once again, performance concerns.

3. Adding sound insulation to the central tunnel and trunk floor. I realize, that it will add weight, but the area ist too big, so the added weigh should be around 10kg. A little more than I save with my titanium pipe.

4. Replacing the rear pipe with a muffled one. In fact, I have already purchased Ulter Sport exhaust off Ebay, but still not sure, whether I will be fitting it or not.

Any input will be much appreciated.