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Author Topic: HID headlights a year later  (Read 2370 times)

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HID headlights a year later
« on: May 07, 2011, 08:33:11 am »
:thumb: I still get enquires about the HID conversion, so I thought I would update my post with my findings and experiences thus far:-

I used 2 of their new 50W HID kits (1 X H1 & 1 X H7 - I paid £92 for both kits inc P&P) you will also need 2 X Fiat 500 HID adaptors ** . In the none HID dip beam light the bulb holder is also the retaining clip, so without the adaptor, you have no means of retaining the HID bulb. It's a complete sod to do the dip beams front bumper off, headlights off to give you access. On the mainbeam side the only flat surface to attach the ballasts is the back of the inspection panels, these were firstly glued in place with double sided tape, then drilled and tapped through the plastic. The DRL's will now look really yellow in comparison, LED DRL's don't work they cause issues within the canbus and get reported as a fault, one element within the DRL can be seen to "blink" I would caution you that if you have changed the DRL’s (or intend to) then the replacements must be glass, the proximity of the HID “bulb” means that the heat from them melts plastic DRL's. Having discovered this through personal experience I’m now using Polarg M-13 M13 Super White Light Bulbs 7443, these are glass, but give a nice white light that matches the headlight output. HID fitment has no adverse effect on anypart of the main beam housing
 ** The address for the retaining clips is:- http://www.convert2xenon.co.uk/8-xenon-accessories?p=2 (They're £10 each plus P&P) 

MAIN BEAM The adjusters (white plastic) are accessible in the engine bay with a 6mm key - preferably socket type on a long extension. A universal joint may be required on RH side. If I remember correctly anticlockwise to raise the beam. HID’s are worth doing as they do reach a little further up the road, and do overlay the dip beam pattern to some extent. This is my wifes car, she has in her job been all over the UK doing thousands of miles, the lights set up has been completely reliable, and have had no adverse effect on anyother component thus far (14 months)

Hope this all helps


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