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Author Topic: Remap Airtec Intercooler + Turbo Technics S260 Turbo Isues - 595 Turismo  (Read 1132 times)

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I'm considering upgrading my Abarth 595.

I've got an Airtec Front Mounted Intercooler, am thinking of adding a Turbo Technics S260 Turbo and then doing a remap can anyone see any incompatibilities between these two bits of kit?



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    Offline pj1985

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    Have you found much info from people that have the S260 fitted? I've struggled

    Offline micloi

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    I have this turbo with the Airtec intercooler. Also 2 friends of mine installed it lately on their car. Very happy with it, pulls relentlessly from 3k to redline. If you want more details you are very welcome to message me :thumb: