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Author Topic: What a difference! (Bump stops)  (Read 35439 times)

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Re: What a difference! (Bump stops)
« Reply #60 on: September 29, 2021, 10:49:29 pm »
Update on Febi Bilsein/Coupe shorter bumpstops. It's all true,  the whole car rides so much better ! For info' mines a 2019 Comp' with O.E. Koni FSD dampers and O.E. springs that I believe are Eibachs supplied to Abarth and the bumpstops can be changed through the lower spring coils without dismantling anything or undoing the lower bolts. Cost me £22 on Ebay and literally ten minutes to fit once the car was jacked up. Long O.E. bump stops just pull out by hand and the new shorter ones push through the coil gap and locate into the holding hole with a little help from a large flat blade screw driver. It's crazy how effective this cheap mod' is and well done to whoever came up with it. Car rides so much better over broken surfaces and corners much more settled now the chassis can load up properly rather than skip or buck. Brilliant folks, GO DO IT !  :thumb:


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