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Title: Abarth 500, 500C, 595 and 695 insurance
Post by: AlexK on December 18, 2008, 06:46:40 pm
ABI CodeModelGroup (1-20)Group (1-50)Group TypeSecurity165 506 01Abarth 500 T-Jet (135)1326UT2165 507 01Abarth 500 Esseesse T-Jet (155)1428UT2165 560 01Abarth 500C T-Jet (135)-27UT2165 591 01/02Abarth 695 Tributo Ferrari (179)-38UT2Unknown500 ABARTH 595 COMPETIZIONE (160)-28UT2Unknown500 ABARTH 595 TURISMO (160)-28UT2Unknown500C ABARTH 595 COMPETIZONE (160)-29UT2Unknown500C ABARTH 595 TURISMO (160)-29UT2Unknown500C ABARTH 695 ENDIZONE (695 Edizione Maserati)-38UT2

Group Type U: "Cases where the level of security for the model concerned is regarded as Unacceptable. This does not mean that the car will be uninsurable but consumers should be aware that individual insurers may insist on the security being upgraded before providing cover."

Security T2: "An immobiliser that has been judged to comply to the Thatcham criteria."