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Title: 500 stats & verdicts from France
Post by: simer on November 26, 2008, 08:19:02 pm
Thought you might be interested in some views from across the Channel.

L'Automobile - 500 Abarth v Cooper

Score: Abarth 14/20 Cooper 14.2/20

500 more fun to drive but poor ride in town or on the open road. Overall victory for the Cooper largely due to superior economy & quality.

Top speed 205kph (128 mph)
0-100kph 8.6 secs
0-400m 16.3secs
0-1000m 29.9secs

Action Auto Moto - 500 Abarth v Twingo RS

Score: Abarth 135/200 Twingo 137/200

500 has great engine, performance, fun to drive, good brakes & well equipped. Narrowly beaten by Twingo RS largely due to it being so much better value and having great chassis.

Top speed 202 kph (126mph)
0-100kph 8.5 secs
80-120kph 6.5secs in 4th, 10.4secs in 5th
0-1000m 29.9secs