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Title: Buzzing from rear 595c Turismo
Post by: TU21SMO on June 03, 2021, 06:33:27 pm

Hi Folks,

I'm a newbie and this is my first post so apologies for any slips of protocol.  :wave:

I just got my new 595c Turismo. Tickled pink with it.

But with the radio off and the fan low I noticed a slight buzzing from the rear which I first thought was speaker interference, but later realised was more mechanical.

Car has only done 700 miles.

It's related to speed, not revs.

Becomes noticeable at around 65mph.

It gets noticeably stronger under braking.

Took it back to the dealer who changed wheel bearings and gave the brakes a full service to eliminate stuff with the drilled discs etc.

It's definitely a bit better, but still there.

Being unsatisfied they let me take another zero miles, brand new Turismo up the road. This was a hard top and while less noticeable it definitely made a similar but softer sound.

Anyone else experienced the same or similar?

Any thoughts very welcome.