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Author Topic: Hello & Help!  (Read 353 times)

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Hello & Help!
« on: January 15, 2020, 09:27:17 pm »
Hello to the Abarhistis

I had hoped to upload a photo of my 2015 runabout, now 4.5 yrs old, but not yet found out how!  I only acquired it in August 2019 with full Abarth history.

It's a pure white car, 135 bhp, fairly low spec but was fun to drive, until the gear change deteriorated. Mileage is now 39,000

Recently, after driving 10 miles the gear change get very difficult, so heat plays a apart. I took it to my local main dealer - big mistake - After their health check I thought the best course would be to scrap it!    £3,700 in parts, not including the gearbox itself. Labour ??  Factor 1.5 x parts??

Most of what the Main dealer listed was corrosion related on a 4.5 year old car. £87 part only for battery tray bracket which is "corroded"!   Had a look when I got home and fell about laughing! Bit of surface rust!  £57 for gearbox earth cable! etc etc.   NEVER AGAIN!  I hate main dealers.....all the same, BMW, Porsche, Jaguar, Volvo...had the lot. Nice coffee!

They have diagnosed gear change cables which I expected. They also diagnosed a seized gear box selector mechanism, which I didn't.  Engine out job!   I paid the 2 hour diagnostic bill, £228, and took the car to my local mechanic I have used for 25 years. Should have gone there in the first place.  He will deal with it as he has with other issues such as a full engine swap in a Honda CRV, rebuild of a BMW 318d top end, and swirl flap failure on a Merc ML320d.  This is just another major patronage of a great garage!

Has anyone else had a similar issue?  What was the repair cost as I am assuming upwards of 2.5 grand.

Otherwise I love it! :)


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    Re: Hello & Help!
    « Reply #1 on: January 16, 2020, 09:43:18 am »
    Hi and welcome. On our MTA we had an issue a couple of months ago, so we had the gearbox out and new clutch. At an independent gearbox out and in is about an 8 hour job. You should be able to find a used gearbox at a reasonable price if needed. Have the clutch changed while you have the gearbox out :-)