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Title: How to carry a bike on a 595
Post by: jpgibson on March 02, 2021, 02:00:04 am
OK, I've spent WAY too much time on this. My last 595 had a solid roof and I used the Seasucker Talon. This worked very well except the rear mount would 'pop' the roof a bit.
I sold that and bought another- this time sunroof. I looked at mounting to the sunroof but when I saw that the glass is tempered ( not laminated like the windscreen) and it moved a fair bit with my bike attached I was at a bit of a loss. Thule did make a mount for their rack BUT it wasnt suitable for the sunroof ( although there is a Youtube video of it clearly missing the sunroof.
There isnt enough clearance in front of the sunroof ( 10cm) for the suction cups AND I've discovered that is part of the sunroof anyway ( and plastic).
So I mounted the three suction cup Talon to the top of the passenger windscreen ( wiper clear the mounts) and McGuyvered the single suction mount ( part of the Talon set up) by buying the Flightdeck mount and attaching the wheel mount to it. That is, I have two on the windscreen and two on the roof.
My bike is a Merida eMTB  that weights about 23kg. To get under the weight limit , I remove the front wheel ( which you have to anyway) and remove the battery- this combined would be about 4kg.
Now, Seasucker would not recommend using this set up as the front only has 2 not three mounts applied.I note there are many knockoffs that have just the front two mounts anyway....
I've just returned from a ride and the bike was rock solid.Speeds upto 100kph.Glass is the best location for these mounts anyway and from my reading, the windscreen provides a lot of structural strength to the car, so the mounting location is fine IMHO.
It's not cheap, granted, at about $700 AUD all in BUT its solid, removeable and leaves no marks.
They make many other racks for snowboards, skis etc etc.
Clearly I'm doing this at my own risk and it may not be for everyone.
I posted as there was no solution I could find posted anywhere. Clearly a road bike or non eMTB would be even more secure given the lower weight.
Title: Re: How to carry a bike on a 595
Post by: 695C on March 02, 2021, 09:36:16 am
Why not do roof bars as your main concern seem to be if it will stay on without damaging your car.
Title: Re: How to carry a bike on a 595
Post by: jpgibson on March 04, 2021, 06:43:03 am
as they wont be suitable for my bike, and where they attach means the rear wheel will be on the spoiler. And they look sh!t!