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Author Topic: Lambda Sensors Query  (Read 366 times)

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Lambda Sensors Query
« on: July 21, 2021, 10:19:21 pm »
Hello everyone!
I am hoping for some advice following a diagnostic check on my 2015 500. It's the basic Abarth model, but I love it and am wanting to keep it as flippin brilliant as it was when I got it!
The diagnostic gave me the following codes & info:

P1141-1B/Downstream Lambda heater-circuit resistance above threshold

P0136-13/Downstream Lambda probe-circuit open

P0130-62/Upstream Lambda probe-signal compare failure

P0139-17/Downstream Lambda probe-circuit voltage above threshold

My first question is are these codes showing me running faults with the fuel system which the lambda sensors are picking up, or are they showing me that the lambda sensors are faulty?

And secondly is the work which would result usually covered by an extended warranty? I know this second question is a bit dependant on many different factors, but I'm no mechanic and just thought somebody on here may have gone through the same problem.
Many thanks in advance for any advice received


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