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Author Topic: Your thoughts on tyres for the 124 Spider ?  (Read 876 times)

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Your thoughts on tyres for the 124 Spider ?
« on: August 31, 2021, 10:35:27 pm »
Evening all, 3.5 yrs into Spider ownership and I'm only just getting round to a post - better late than never.

Does anyone have thoughts on the "best" tyres for the Abarth 124 Spider ?

By "best" I don't mean the most expensive label, or grippiest on a track, but the best all round tyre for an enthusiastic daily driver.

By default I'd normally go for original equipment Bridgestone Potenza RE050's (as Abarth/Mazda sought the best compromise between performance and wear etc) but they're an old pattern and Bridgestone now recommend their new Potenza Sports.  My hesitation is that the Sport replaces the S001, which was OE fit on Fiat Spiders, whereas our slightly more focussed Abarths had the RE050's and I don't know what the technical differences were.

Bridgestones have a reputation for being harsh, allegedly with poor wet grip and wearing out quickly, but apart from a bit of cabin tyre roar from the rear they've served me well for 3.5yrs and 26k of fairly enthusiastic road use.

If anyone can share their (124) experience of other premium brand tyres, but not CCC (Cheap Chinese Crap) ditch-finders, I'd be grateful to hear your thoughts.

Thanks in anticipation. 


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