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Title: Advice please for upgrades
Post by: Desmomd on July 03, 2016, 01:57:26 am

I have been on this forum for ages now, but rarely post as I'm busy with work all the time.

I am hoping some people can offer up advice on some upgrades for my 2011 standard ape, i have just had the 5th year service - the one with the belt change done - my car is on 22k.

During the service, some issues have come up related to the brakes and suspension.

The advice i have from the garage is to have the front springs replaced as both were snapped, including the front top mounts as they are rusting; to have the rear brake calipers and handbrake mechanisms replaced as they are seizing, to strip the front brakes to clean them, grease them etc.

At the moment, the two front springs are an MOT fail, so i will address them before anything else, but would like some advice on what route i should go down.

Do i just get 2 new front springs, quoted at £169 each from the dealer, so that the MOT will pass, and get my car back and sort the remaining things myself/at an independent garage or would it be better to just upgrade to koni fsds and red esseesse springs instead of getting two standard springs just to get the MOT pass.

I do about 2k a year in the car, so it is not used that often - for this reason I'm reluctant to get the full koni and esseesse spring set up done immediately - especially at dealer prices. I do have an independent garage which i trust to do the work but its a 50 mile drive from where the car is just now (at the abarth dealer).

That is problem one - get the dealer to do the work including supplying the parts or go independent route.

The second problem i have is trying to find parts and part numbers for the following, so i can source the parts myself and make sure they are the correct ones:
Koni fsd shocks front and rear
Red esseesse springs front and rear
Rear brake calipers and handbrake mechanism both sides

Those are the items I am planning on sourcing initially and will do first.

The remaining things I'm looking to upgrade would be the brake disks and pads all round - the original disks and pads still have plenty of life left in them, and will be upgraded when the time comes - but I'm beginning my search now, and would like some ideas on whether remaining with the standard set up is sufficient, or is aftermarket a better route - I'm not too keen on the esseesse floating disks.

A final thing i would like to upgrade would be the exhaust - ideally to sound similar to the 500s with pops and bangs, but so far the majority of advice seems to be get a custom stainless steel built to the sound spec you like.

So if anyone has ideas or advice for the above, i would be very grateful. At the moment I'm not too interested in upping the bhp or power, so I haven't looked into TMC boxes, remaps or full on exhaust set ups etc.

Anyway cheers for reading and thank you in advance :)
Title: Re: Advice please for upgrades
Post by: nickhartwell on July 03, 2016, 07:24:49 pm
the red esseesse springs are rare and ive seen some koni setups on ebay currently
Title: Re: Advice please for upgrades
Post by: nickhartwell on July 03, 2016, 07:28:13 pm
or just FSD shocks
Title: Re: Advice please for upgrades
Post by: needsmust on July 04, 2016, 01:23:22 am
If you've been driving around on broken springs anything at all will be a transformative upgrade.

Search TMC ape eibach pro. £109.
Title: Re: Advice please for upgrades
Post by: Brian1612 on July 04, 2016, 09:22:31 am
As other said, just upgrade the spring to Eibach/H&R/Novitec. They do springs for the 500 so imagine they also stock APE springs as well. Exhaust wise the only one I know is the Raggazzon exhaust. Think going down the custom route is the best way though personally.
Title: Re: Advice please for upgrades
Post by: Desmomd on July 15, 2016, 08:01:10 pm
Thanks for the replies - i have been away with work this past week.

Im going to speak with the garage tomorrow if i wake up on time and get them to begin sorting the car out.

D :)