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Author Topic: APE Modifications  (Read 1419 times)

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APE Modifications
« on: July 29, 2014, 09:02:54 pm »
Has anyone done the following mods to their supersport, esseese or scorpione:
- forge BOV
- turbo actuator
- Uprated wastegate actuator
- forge Induction kit

If anyone has, we're there any problems with the fitting or running issues?


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    Re: APE Modifications
    « Reply #1 on: August 12, 2014, 02:12:50 pm »
    There is a Black Punto that has been to Ace cafe few times, last time I saw it it had both a open induction kit (I think Forge) and the Forge BOV, sounded pretty mean revving with quite a loud Psssshh and fair amount of turbo flutter.

    Seen a AGP with front mounted intercooler and uprated actuator I think which also was running a custom exhaust and open induction kit that attended out SE AtSpeed dyno day about 3/4yrs ago, doubt the car is still in the same owners hands and probably not even on the forum anymore.

    Problem is I think there is an issue with running the EVOs on a rolling road something about their front wheels spinning and their backs not or something?! Which causes an issue trying to map the car.

    Cat back exhaust and induction kit changes should be ok, might be able to get away with a sport cat but won't get the full benefit out of it without the remap and an uprated actuator will more than def need a remap to be setup correctly. Front mounted intercooler should be a simple plug and play affair tho.

    G-Tech do a tuning box that's for the Evo called the 560 S kit which comes with a BMC filter as well and claims 185bhp, it's not cheap at €585 or about £465 but their stuff is good quality and I have heard 500 based G-Tech tuning boxes have show better gains that both versions of the TMC boxes, but due to their price (sometimes double that of TMC) people stick to TMC as well as not knowing about G-Tech In the first place.

    Other than their injectors, front mounted intercoolers and forged pistons it's all pretty much else AGP


    Hope that's of some help mate

    FWD_Boy - AKA 'Chris'