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Author Topic: Wind/Rain Deflectors - GrandePunto/Punto Evo (3 DOOR) - Are They The Same?  (Read 5871 times)

Offline Explicitmata

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Yeah and I love in Northern Ireland hahaha

Lol I'm too quick to respond to people on here that's my problem, often don't notice little details like the BIG quote above your post.  :whistle:


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    Offline dixy

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    Hi Aaron yes mate you were don't worry a saw you ;-) having a few issues at the minute flipping stop start etc been cleaning it etc and modding my airbox with itg filter.

    Offline aaron14

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    Dixy when I'm in sport at times it works, stops the car then says it's unavailable and I have to fully turn off the car then restart it! I'll need to come down and have a look, wanting a new filter and tmc box asap. Love the titanium exhaust man!