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Author Topic: Heater problem....can any technicians/ dealers advise please  (Read 1120 times)

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Heater problem....can any technicians/ dealers advise please
« on: April 12, 2017, 10:22:11 am »
I hope this post is in the correct section and I hope someone involved with the technical side of Abarth might feel free to advise.I own a 2010 Abarth punto evo 47,745 miles,owned from new and it has been completely reliable and runs beautifully with no problems at all,until last week.
The heater on the drivers side stopped working,I know what the problem is.On the end of the climate control unit are two toothed quarter cogs which mesh,and control the change from cold to hot air.
One of the " cogs" is fitted to a small plastic shaft which emerges from the end of the heater and the shaft whichis about 15mm long and 6-7mm diameter has sheared off flush with the heater unit.
This raises a few questions,despite the car being 6+ years old.
Is this a known problem ?,I can well understand engine and running gear wear at this age but the heater gets occasional use and this seems an odd failure as it is not a serviceable item.
The broken shaft appears to be hollow,and this led me to wonder if such a small plastic shaft should in fact be solid or whether this one is defective.Abarth Customer care could not answer my question as they tell me they do not have technical staff to answer questions and they referred me back to my dealer.
I am well aware that this vehicle is years outside warranty and this " small" problem is likely to cost the guts of £600 to have the heater,dash stripped out and repaired.I honestly wonder is its worth doing.
I am also aware that if a manufacturer is aware of a known issue there are sometimes circumstances in which remedial work is done outside warranty.
Please understand,I fully expect any responses to be along the lines of " its 6 years old,stuff happens,live with it !"
But it still seems a strange part to fail for no good reason.
Have any of you experienced this or am I just unlucky.If I am then so be it.
Many thanks in advance for any feedback from members or Abarth technical.


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