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Author Topic: Im Buying my first Abarth - What to look  (Read 1297 times)

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Im Buying my first Abarth - What to look
« on: August 25, 2016, 07:36:03 pm »
Hi Abarthisti, greetings from Munich.

I think im on the best place to ask this question, since im thinking about to buy an used Punto Evo Abarth.

Now i have fhew questions, and a opinion.

Lets start with the opinion: Since 2006 till now im driving a Grande Punto 1,4 8v, an i havent had any problems since then, and the best part is the maintenance costs are extrem cheap!! and most of the maintenance work you can do by your self, what makes it even cheaper! (I like to do everything on my own).

After this experiance with Grande Punto i have decided to buy, a newer one, a better one, a Punto Evo Abarth, 2012 with 97.000km, for 10.000 euros.

Since i revealed my new plan to my friends, mechanic friends and some auto "freaks", all i get are coments like:

- Hey are you up to do a financial suicide with Abarth
- Do you know how expensive spare parts they have..
- hehe i wish you luck with this car, do you even know what are you buying..

The comments are like, turn around and run away from this car.. it will be a disaster AFTER you buy it.

Are they right? Im asking the Abarth owners?

I know that Brembo brakes are alot more expensive than normal ones on my Punto, but can you give me a hint what should i do?

Where should i have my eyes wide open when im going to see my future car?

- Does this car have a common disease? some extream expensive part that likes to get broken, and all owners are selling them because of it?
- The comments are also like, buy an Honda Type R, or VW GTI..

Like Fiat is some kind of Sh..? My Punto Drives after 10 years, like on the first day,

Thaks guys, in hope that you understand what i mean. I just wish to buy a car that i like, but not a car that destroys my finances.

Those comments made me extream anxious about this car. Please make it right :)

excited to read the answers :wave:


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