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Title: Internal Lights
Post by: Remy on February 12, 2011, 12:02:30 pm
Hi All

Haven't posted on here for a few weeks as been enjoying the car too much  ;D

Anyway, noticed the other day that one of the little Orange Strip Lights over the Drivers side internal door handle wasn't lit up. The one on the Passenger side is lit and the Orange illumination lights up on the dash when the main headlights are switched on-so i know they work.

Does anyone know if it is a bulb that needs relacing - if indeed it is a bulb, or is there some way of getting to it through the internal door handle area, or is it s trip to the dealer. I am going to go to the dealer at some point anyway as there is a slight speaker vibration on the drivers side - the drivers door main speaker - anyway - so will get some more padding added in like they did on the passenger door.

can anybody out there let me know whether you need to go to the dealer for the little orange strip lights or whether you can change the bulb and indeed how.

Thanks in advance of anyhelp