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Author Topic: Rear light unit removal  (Read 1069 times)

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Rear light unit removal
« on: June 13, 2013, 01:12:08 pm »
I'm feeling pleased with myself ! Today I finally got the nearside rear light unit off to remove that pesky dead fly that's been lying inside for months. My previous attempt was aborted when, after undoing and removing the retaining screws, I couldn't get the unit to budge. What else was holding it on ? I studied photos of the light unit from items for sale on e-bay, and it appeared there were two plastic ball fittings that click into place in holes in the bodywork. So this morning, I armed myself with a substantial cross headed screwdriver to undo the two large screws. They came away no problem, and I then started to try and remove the unit. Some gentle waggling got it moving a bit, but it was still reluctant to let go. I eventually gave the top half an extra firm pull and the ball fitting popped out. Repeated the process at the bottom, and the whole thing came away. I disconnected the electrical connector, and the unit was free in my hands.Now to get the fly out. I tipped it one way, then the other, but he wasn't going to drop out, so I had to disconnect the bulb holder ( attached by 4 plastic clips ) and waggle the unit some more till eventually the fly's body and an aperture to the outside world coincided, and he was gone ! Replaced everything in reverse order, taking opportunity to clean the bodywork underneath the light unit, connected it all up, job done.
You might want to consider carrying out this exercise in the comfort of your own driveway even if you haven't got a failed bulb. I wouldn't want to attempt it for the first time out on the road in some rainy layby at night !
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