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Author Topic: Tyre Pressures for Evo (Handbook discrepancy perhaps?)  (Read 3896 times)

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Tyre Pressures for Evo (Handbook discrepancy perhaps?)
« on: April 05, 2011, 11:58:26 pm »
Ok so I have been looking at tyre pressures in the manual which seemed a bit odd and didn't make sense until I came across the errata document but even now I am a little confused

205/45/17 normal load states

front 2.4 (~35psi) rear 2.2 (~32psi)

215/45/17 normal load states

front 2.3 (~34psi) rear 2.1 (~30psi)

Seems reasonable due to the profile change and different contact patch but the full load numbers have me confused

205/45/17 full load states

front 2.7 (~40psi) rear 2.4 (~35psi)

215/45/17 full load states

front 2.3 (~34psi) rear 2.3 (~34psi)

surely the car is not going to distribute its load in a different way because your tyres are a little wider, this suggests theto me that the numbers are off, I'd expect lowish numbers due to the weight of the car but I would of expected the fronts pressure to increase for load.

Any one got any thoughts on whether the numbers are correct even though they have been updated or can explain why they are correct and help me understand?

regarding weight is the Mass in service on v5 correct, mine is 1272kg, not very near the 1185kg suggested


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