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Author Topic: Aviva / Quote Me Happy - stay away from both and Solus their repairers  (Read 2593 times)

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On November 29th 2015 someone stole the two front seats from my Abarth 595. The insurer initially considered my one year old car with next to no miles on it a write off / total loss.

Today almost three months later I am still fighting to get a settlement.

Right after I made the claim Aviva / QuoteMeHappy / Solus provided me with a rather smelly "courtesy car". It seemed that things were off to a good start.

Initially they offered me a cash in lieu settlement based on their gross undervaluation of my car.

Then, when I showed them the evidence of a more accurate valuation they wanted their numpty repairers Solus to repair the car. Due to terrible feedback I'd heard about Solus I wouldn't let them go near my car.

I asked for an improved cash in lieu settlement so that I could arrange the repairs. Now suddenly they wouldn't offer a cash in lieu and cited all sorts of safety concerns - that clearly didn't bother them initially.

In the interim Solus sent my car to a scrapyard for storage.

For the longest period of time Aviva / QuoteMeHappy wouldn't tell me where my car was or when they would return it to my preferred garage. So each time Solus called to ask for the return of their loaner car I asked to know when the claim would be settled and asked for Aviva / QuoteMeHappy to intervene and give a little customer service as Solus were incredibly rude and unpleasant. I told them I would return their car once I had mine or at the very least an agreement on a settlement. Each time I had to hang up on Solus out of frustration that the trio would treat a client like this and to end their unpleasant telephone manner.

Because Aviva / QuoteMeHappy so long to communicate on Wednesday this week, rather underhandedly, without my knowledge and without any respect for due process Solus came to my office and repossessed the car and my personal possessions contained within it. Of course they did not let me know they had done this so I had to report it to the police and police time was wasted as sought to find the culprit. Calling me immediately after removing the car would have been smart - and would have saved police time.

Today Alison Black from Aviva wrote the most appalling letter loaded with inaccuracies - including the very date the theft took place! Aviva you are lamentable.

In addition, at the bottom of her email she claims to have the accreditation of the Institute of Customer Service. I spoke with the ICS earlier this week and today and they are clear that Aviva / QuoteMeCrap are not members and should be using their logo on their emails. As far as I'm concerend Aviva / QuoteMeCrap bring bring shame upon the ICS who has some impeccable goals.

So the saga continues.

In short based on my experience my suggestion would be to stay well away from Aviva / QuoteMeHappy and Solus.  :thumbd: :thumbd:


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