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Author Topic: Blue & Me USB  (Read 2242 times)

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Blue & Me USB
« on: April 08, 2017, 05:01:30 pm »
Hi, I've just bought a 2015 595. 

I've paired my phone to Blue and Me and I can plug my phone in with the AUX cable to play music.
Am I correct in thinking that I can't play music from my phone via bluetooth?

I'm having problems with the USB port, it wont recognise my USB drives, they're flashing red so they are connected.  They are Sandisk cruzer 64gb/32gb, formatted to FAT32 and with only mp3 files on them.  I read that the system might not recognize them because they are USB 3.0? 
What USB sticks are other people successfully using?

Also, when I connect my ipod via the USB port it doesn't work?  Just says 'attached to accessory' and charges but wont play music?  Obviously I can plug it in via the Aux port instead but I'm confused about what's happening (or, in my case, not happening) with the USB port?

Help ???


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