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Title: Switches to radio or 1 certain track on USB stick
Post by: simmouk on June 10, 2013, 04:44:58 pm
Hi all,

Bit of a weird one this, not a major problem but it still niggles away at me. I had the same issue when I had my Fiat 500 too - it *is* the same USB stick that I'm using...coincidence?! Anyway, Bluetooth connection works fine with my Samsung Galaxy S3 for calls etc, and playing MP3s from my USB stick is fine most of the time...

However, if I get back in to the car of a morning etc or at work, the B&M doesn't always resume where it stopped on the MP3 track. It sometimes reverts to the last radio station I listened too. Other times it will start playing what I assume is track 01 in it's own media library (I don't know the mechanics of how the B&M system builds up the library but for some reason, Tenacious D - Kickapoo is it's go-to track!)

I have checked that the auto resume feature is enabled, which it is - and for example this morning I resumed listening to Bastille from where it stopped when everything was turned off last night.

I'll try and use the assisted Blue&Me upgrade software to determine what software version of the Blue&Me I have, as I don't know - all I can do is assume it's more recent than what I've used previously in my Fiat 500 as that only used to display "Media Player" on the centre console display, now it shows "Blue&Me Media Player".

Has anyone else experienced this? Is it just a general behavioural existence of the software? I've search and manually looked through all 20 B&M pages and couldn't see anything exactly as what's happening with me.

I guess I should try a different USB stick. Only problem is I love this particular USB stick as it's in homage to my old classic Mini - it's a Classic Mini USB stick with light-up headlights when data is being read/written!