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Author Topic: Bluespark unit fitted to 2018 145  (Read 2670 times)

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Bluespark unit fitted to 2018 145
« on: August 08, 2020, 08:33:11 pm »
Hi Guys

Just wanted to let you know I recently purchased a Bluespark unit for my entry level 145 hp 18 reg 595.

Edd was very helpful and answered all my dumb questions, the fitting instructions are very comprehensive and easy to follow, just read through a few times to get the gist of things and you should have no bother.

I've left my unit on the 'C' setting for the time being and it's already noticeably pulling better, I can always go to 'E' if I want 172 hp performance but don't forget the IHI unit is a small turbo, those of you with Garretts have more scope for improvement.

All in all it's removable at the end of the day so doesn't infringe your warranty should you sell back to the dealer.

With the 20% discount I'd say it's a win win.


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    Re: Bluespark unit fitted to 2018 145
    « Reply #1 on: July 20, 2021, 10:43:58 am »
    Was thinking of the same mods for my 145, Did you bother telling the old insurance ????? or just take the chance and whip the mod off if something happens lalalalalalal