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Author Topic: Check out Chris Knott's new Top 20 clubs  (Read 941 times)

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Check out Chris Knott's new Top 20 clubs
« on: July 25, 2016, 12:24:39 pm »
Well, the figures can't lie - as promised here's the Chris Knott Top 20 car club forum rankings for the first half of 2016.

As you know, Chris Knott Insurance specialises in looking after the insurance needs of car enthusiasts, working to help the members of around 200 car clubs/forums across the UK.

To feature in our Top 20, a club/forum will be producing a high number of quote enquiries and we're converting a strong percentage into policies. It hints at the makes and models we're best at but not entirely as one club for the marque might be doing better than another club for the same marque that is not featured.

Our average conversion rate is 42% at the moment (v. good for a single provider), so you've a strong chance of saving money by calling us for a quote.

And if your club features it means you're more likely to save money on your standard/modified/multicar insurance when you ask Chris Knott to quote, based on past performance.

If your forum doesn't feature or it did before but has dropped out of our Top 20, get calling us and help us get you up there. It's all about picking up the phone (0800 917 2274) or completing our online quote request form to see how much you could save on your car insurance.

Remember that we're happy to share our earnings with your club for every policy that goes ahead or renews so you'll benefit the club/forum too.


1.  Volvo Owners Club (up from #2 in 2015 :))
2.  Alfa Romeo Owners Club
3.  Saab Owners Club
4.  Briskoda
5.  Mercedes Owner
6.  BabyBMW.net (up from #13 in 2015 :))
7.  CivInfo
8.  Audi-Sport.net
9.  Z4 Forum
10. BMW 5 Series Owners Club

11. MPS Owners Club
12. VectraC/Signum Owners Club (up from #19 in 2015 :))
13. GT86/BRZ Owners Club
14. Fiesta ST Owners Club
15. TT Forum
16. AlfaOwner.com (new in :))
17. 350Z-uk.com
18. BimmerForums (new in :))
19. DS3Club.co.uk (new in :))
20. Celica Club UK (new in :))

As I said in my last post, thanks very much if you've already asked us for a quote under the scheme. If you haven't yet, please do call us when your renewal falls due and include us in the mix of companies you get your quotes from. The enthusiasts below did and they were glad they'd called.

QUOTELINE: 0800 917 2274 - please mention this club/forum to receive the full benefit.


If you needed more proof that Chris Knott offers a great scheme for club members, here's what some have said about us recently:

"My renewal came up at £440 with my usual insurance company this year, found a cheaper quote online with AF but CK beat them. Policy amount this year with CK is £280...massive difference. Cheers CK and specifically Ian who works for you." ScoobyGT, UK Legacy forum

"All paid up Nick, just have to print off and sign, top marks to all at Chris Knott." Mick.M, Focus ST Owners Club

"I've just renewed with CK. Their price was around £400 cheaper than elsewhere." ChrisSB, Jaginfo

"My insurance with Chris Knott started today. Thanks guys for best price!" M015T, Hyundai Coupe Owners Club

"According to my phone log, it took me 5mins and 34 seconds to: Dial, Connect, Navigate the menus, Talk to Emma about changing insurance from one car to another, and take my money (a very very reasonable £15 admin fee), then get a "how much" on changing again to another car later next week, And then a bit of "social", End the call.....in the same amount of time, I have been on hold with various other companies, listening to rather awful music that's so loud it's distorted. My thanks to Emma @ Chris Knott for making the whole process, quick, easy and painless. This is how it should be done! Once again 10/10." RainbowFire, Briskoda

“New policy is now with you starting 12 June - very helpful and very competitive! Thanks” Mr Tidy, Z4 Forum

“Well I've accepted my quote today. Happy with how I was quoted and beat my renewal quote by nearly £300. Most comparison websites were a little over £100 more on how I was getting my quotes done, but Ian talked me through it all and got it down to just a little bit under £500 on my THP165 Ultra Prestige. Very happy with that! Thanks very much.” Mjogreen, DS3 Owners Club

"I've just joined CK, great quote and all confirmed by email this morning." Nyx1962, Hyundai Coupe Owners Club


A reminder of the MAIN CHRIS KNOTT PRODUCTS available to members:

Standard/Modified Car Insurance/Multi-car Insurance (extra discounts for more than one car) - phone for a quote
Breakdown Cover - by phone or quote and buy online
GAP Insurance - by phone or quote and buy online

CHRIS KNOTT QUOTELINE: 0800 917 2274 - Please mention this forum's unique code to receive the full benefit.
CHRIS KNOTT INSURANCE - the right choice for Abarthisti members :: EXTRA DISCOUNTS for MULTI-CAR, LOYALTY and REFERRALS
QUOTELINE: 0800 917 2274 (or 01424 200477 for mobiles) :: DISCOUNT CODE: ABA-178


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