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Title: Arnold Clark, Edinburgh
Post by: AlexK on February 26, 2010, 01:32:23 pm
Arnold Clark, Edinburgh
553 Gorgie Road, Edinburgh, EH11 3XU
Phone: 0131 4441673
Fax: 0131 4438919

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Title: Re: Arnold Clark, Edinburgh
Post by: Abarth G.P. on April 19, 2010, 09:25:45 pm
1st service done here .

1.squeeky clutch pedal not attended to.

2 exterior temp not working,so replace the mirror,still not working,so they lose the exterior cover.

3 service manager tells me not to worry its only a bit of plastic !

4 and its just a fiat.

won't be back.
Title: Re: Arnold Clark, Edinburgh
Post by: ecosse500 on April 21, 2010, 11:12:28 pm
My experience with abarth Edinburgh isn't so bad.
To say I was impressed with the service from the abarth specialist at the time andy dickens is a massive understatement such a knowledgable down to earth bloke and like most abarth owners is a petrol head. His advice was always spot on and nothing was to much effort.

There was a bit of lack of communication from the dealership during the waiting period for the car to arrive but with all the staff movements that was going on I guess that's fairly understandable but yet a bit disappointing. I eventually got hold of kevin who was not the abarth specialist but one of the sales managers who was helpful, knowledgable  and always returned calls when he said he would.

Collection was smooth possibly a bit rushed (partly my fault for running late) I dealt with stevie the new abarth specialist who was very laid back and friendly but didn't quite have the passion or knowledge andy had I'm sure this will come over time with more time in his role.

I had two small problems which I got sorted by service who were fantastic. One was a cracked wheel centre cap the other was a scored brake disk (which fixed itself). For the centre cap the part was ordered took about 72 hours and was in the dealership. Recieved a call to say it was in and advised to pop down and get it fitted. The whole process was very well handled.

Overall I was fairly happy with the overall experience although I feel communication lacked slightly and there could have been a bit more of a personal touch but I'll give them the benefit of doubt with the changes which were taking place within the dealership. The experience started brilliantly and ended reasonably but I'm fairly sure this was due to staff inexperience which I'm sure will improve with time.

Title: Re: Arnold Clark, Edinburgh
Post by: gorrie on June 04, 2010, 11:59:36 am
I unfortunately have to balance the good review of ACG, with a not so good one of ACE.

ACE is my nearest Abarth dealer, only 10miles from my home... so naturally was my first port of call when looking to buy a 500.
I need to set the scene that initially we thought about an F500 1.2 Sport, although I had my concerns that it would just be too weak for anything out of town... so was also considering an A500 (along with some other cars in the A500 bracket).
On 1st visit we had a look around the showroom & arranged a test-drive for the following evening.
Next evening we were taken out in a 1.2 Pop.  For 5 minutes.  Shared between my wife & I driving.  Around the immediate industrial estate only.
The reason I was given for not being allowed to have a proper test drive was that there was not enough fuel.  Maybe it's just me, but I don't find this a suitable excuse for a test drive which has been arranged 24hrs in advance, and shows lack of preparation and suggests that we were not valued as customers.
Anyway, we made it clear after that test drive that a 1.2 sport was not for us & that we would be looking to buy an Abarth500 instead.  There was no offer of a test drive in an A500 (in fact, the salesman said that they didn't like taking their one outside because they need to get it all cleaned up again afterwards).

When we mentioned that we were now looking for an A500, the salesman advised that he didn't know much about them, he was used to just selling the cars off the lot & that the specialist was busy.  So, my wife & I had to guide him through the spec/options (lucky I'd done some research).  When the Abarth specialist became available, we were not offered the opportunity deal with him... so had to plough on with the original sales guy.

We discussed finance & were given a headline % figure... which on a number of occassions I tried to clarify whether that was APR or Flat rate (so I could work out how it compared to the market & other manufacturers offers).  We were told it was APR, which I felt must have been just wrong.  I later worked out that their figures were about 3% off what they were advising us for the APR (compared to loans available on the market).. so I reckon it WAS a Flat Rate I was being told as the headline %.  Had I believed them & not done my own digging I would have been mistaken in to thinking they were offering a competitive APR... when in fact it was not even close to what personal loans were available.  That's not on.

Anyway, we declined any finance but put a deposit down against a car which was apparantly already ordered by ACE, and were told it would be ready "beginning of June, but possibly end of May".  That worked out as 4 weeks wait which was fine, as it would be before our holiday.  After about a week or 2, I tried calling ACE on a number of different days to try and get a status code/update to make sure the car was progressing... but each time I hit a brick wall.  Either getting no call back, being told I needed to speak with my salesman who was on a day off, next day I was told I needed to speak with the Abarth specialist who was on his day off, then I went down in person & was told the systems were down...
I finally got told that it had slipped a couple of weeks (still no status code though), however I recon that the initial date given may have been fudged... which was undoubtedly a factor for us placing the order there & then (had we known it was going to be delivered near our holiday time, I would have likely held off & ordered one for the new reg#'s later this year).  The date given at time of ordering may have been an honest mistake, or a tactic to get an order, I can't honestly say.

Once it was clear the date was getting very close to our holiday, I asked if they had any others coming earlier, or in stock that weren't necessarily the same colour or spec, that we could consider changing to.  I was told catagorically 'No, there are none, you will just need to wait but we are sure it will arrive before your holiday'.  Now, for a salespeson, a request like that from a customer is an open invitation to upsell... getting them in to a higher spec more expensive car... so naturally I thought that answer must have been correct.
Imagine my surprise when I found out a day later that there were at least 6 brand new A500's of varying spec just 40 miles away at another dealership... which was part of the same dealership group !!

That was pretty much the nail in the coffin for ACE as far as I was concerned.  From test drive, to status queries through to alternative car sourcing we just did not feel valued at this dealership.  There is no fuzzy feeling that you normally get when buying a new car.  It's more than a transaction, it should be an experience (memorable for the right reasons).  My wife & I are were left with the impression that they do the bare minimum to get a sale, and once it's in the bag.. job done, move on.  I won't even go in to the reaction from the Sales Manager when we cancelled & requested our deposit back.. we got it in the end though.

Baring in mind this dealership is on the old AC-Motorstore site, I don't think they have really moved their mindset on from that kind of bang 'em out customer transaction.
I am really gutted to be writing that, because it would have been so much easier to have an Abarth dealership within 10miles of my house that I felt valued at.  

Thankfully, ACG is only about 30-40miles away and operate in such a different manner.  ACE need to take lessons from them.

Title: Re: Arnold Clark, Edinburgh
Post by: Mouse on July 18, 2010, 09:37:08 pm
3 month since taking delivery of my Abarth I'm still awaiting for my bodywork issues to be fixed. I've rarely had phone calls back and done 95% of the chasing. As I'm in Aberdeen, I've visited the same bodyshop here twice to get a quote so I can get it booked in. Edinburgh said just to go ahead with the quote, but Aberdeen said they need authorisation and a reference. Once again Edinburgh didn't phone when I chased. Took a call from Aberdeen body shop in Friday who said it should be going through the regular Fiat garage in Aberdeen and that Edinburgh would probably not pay the full amount.

Really disappointed as just been passed from pillar to post. I'm busy at my work and shouldn't be chasing dealers over something that never should of been an issue (i.e. the car should of been perfect). Pretty disappointed.  :thumbd:
Title: Re: Arnold Clark, Edinburgh
Post by: Skelly on September 13, 2010, 10:52:52 pm
Finally thought I'd better post my dealer feedback.

We did go on there on a few occasions to look at regular Fiat 500s, mostly to check the boot size and whether the car seat would fit in the back (I was downgrading from a Honda CRV). At this point I was a just a small car wannabe, looking wistfully across at the Abarths. We always chatted to Stevie and found him knowledgeable and passionate about Abarth.

Anyway, I started looking at specs and affordability and realised I could get an Abarth. That was it, on the day I sold my previous car I popped in, saw a brand new A500 to the exact spec I wanted and signed up there and then. Unlike some forum members I only had to wait 5 days, but still can't quite believe I signed up for the car before I had a test drive. Stevie took me out for a spin and I knew I had made the best decision. I realise how mad it sounds and dealers get criticised for being stingy with test drives but like everyone says on here; popping in + test drive = ownership. 

There were some negative points on the day of collection, the car wasn't ready so I had to go shopping and come back that afternoon. It only had an egg cupful of petrol in it, just enough to get me home.

I received a customer satisfaction email from Arnold Clark after a couple of weeks. I filled it in with feedback as per above and said they could have at least offered me some car mats and perhaps a full tank of petrol and that would have changed my experience from average to impressed. The following morning the Dealership Manager called to apologise and offered free car mats. Not needed as I had already got some from ebay. He invited me in to choose an alternative. I went in and got a remote controlled Assetto Corse racing car and kids t-shirst (it's all about the kids - the racing car has gone to Santa!!)

It was a nice touch and has made up for the disappointment on the day (to quote SJH 'he's here, he's here' - oh no he's not, come back in 4 hrs!!) 4 hours is not too bad in the scheme of things I could have been waiting for a ship to come in from Italy.

Had it in for a blue and me fault last week (static) and it was fixed no problems and washed and cleaned.

Title: Re: Arnold Clark, Edinburgh
Post by: Doolahrock on September 14, 2010, 03:24:35 pm
Have to post an unexpected but very good experience from AC Edinburgh.  I'd had previous cars worked on when they were based Gorgie way and they had done some ridiculously bad things to those cars.  So, against my better judgement I decided to take the 500 here for it's first service and some warranty issues rather than taking it to Glasgow as I had originally intended.  Here's a run down -

Clicky drivers side window - fixed with replacement regulator.  Refitting of door handle not 100% perfect but I can live with that.

Clicky air con - fixed with new motor.  When they called me about the work originally they said they couldn't hear anything wrong with it.  It was coming and going so I understood that.  To my surprise, when I picked up the car today the motor had been replaced which has cured the clicking sound and the 'once a minute' clunk when the air con is on.  Very impressed.

Clicking seatbelt - fixed.

creaking/clunky sunroof - Not perfect but hugely better than before to the extent I doubt I would have brought it up if it ha been like it is now

wind whistle from passenger window - fixed with new window seal (although it looks as though they got through a fair bit of fuel to pinpoint the problem  ;D

All this and managed not to break anything else.  Only minor downside is that they didn't fix the popped washer jet.  At least it sprays in the right direction at the moment so not too fussed about that.

So, all in all, a positive experience. I bought my car in Glasgow so can't comment on the purchasing side of things as people have obviously had problems in this regard.  But, if you want something fixed seems like a good bet.

A massive improvement from AC Edinburgh.  Customer service was good in terms of keeping me up to date about progress as well.

Title: Re: Arnold Clark, Edinburgh
Post by: fourhero on March 01, 2011, 11:13:53 pm
Just dealt with them getting my A500. Overall a pretty nice experience. Didn't take out any of their service cover thingy's, so won't have to deal with them for a while (unless of warranty issue). Ryan (salesman) was decent though, quite a friendly chap.

Happy customer so far though, well done ACE!
Title: Re: Arnold Clark, Edinburgh
Post by: Louweezy on March 17, 2011, 12:54:56 pm
Arnold Clark Edinburgh have moved to their Motorstore at Sighthill.

I picked up my new wheels on Monday past and I love it!
Anyway, the service I got was fantastic.  The dealership has a new Abarth Specialist who loves his fast cars.  He guided me through all the options, specs etc before I finally made my mind up (he must have the patience of a saint as I kept changing my mind!).

All in all the finance etc was all sorted and I picked the car up within 3days.  It is absolutely spotless and shiney new :) it is exactly how I wanted it, there was no trouble to change her wheels as I didn't like the plain ones and she was delivered to me in pristine condition.

A big thumbs up to ACE, I can't recommend Gordon enough- he isn't your usual pushy salesman and is very knowledgable.   :thumb:
Title: Re: Arnold Clark, Edinburgh
Post by: Ladyjockey on May 07, 2011, 02:49:02 pm
I had my first visit to this service area. This was for my 36,000 service. I received very good attention from John at the desk and I asked prrior to work being done if I can use the oil I brought with me (the correct oil for my esseesse). They said I could use it and when I received the bill I was quite pleased at the reduction due to this. I paid some 3276 when I expected over £400. :thumb:
I will visit again as I felt I was provided with good information and kept up to date with what was happening. I also enjoyed the surroundings and a with a tea or coffee. :thumb:
Title: Re: Arnold Clark, Edinburgh
Post by: CShock_ on June 06, 2011, 10:39:11 pm
I just purchased an APE, from Arnold Clark in Sighthill. Stevie knows his stuff having taken tours of the factory in Italy and has driven a selection of cars around the track over there. I had scoured the web for info prior to purchasing so I was already pretty up to speed so it must of been the easiest sale in the world for him. Absolutely no complaints regarding the garage, will update here after first service!


Title: Re: Arnold Clark, Edinburgh
Post by: SixDegrees on March 26, 2012, 07:50:06 pm
A500, 281 miles on clock.
- In for warranty work - tracking was out, steering wheel not straight and slight pull to the right and new rear badge to be fitted (part of the purchase deal as one on car was scratched)

Booking in - all very swift, a week and a bit after I called, nice, polite, took down the issue details, no concerns here.

Drop Off - 8am, a bit rushed but they were busy, explained my issue.  Wanted to talk it through / talk a bit tech but the lady wasn't up for it, eg she didn't know what I was on about.  I did advise 'No wash/valet'.

The call -  got the call around 1:30pm to advise car was ready.  I wanted to discuss the outcome but could tell it was just a quick call and they weren't really up for any discussion... not good IMO, bit hey-ho everyone's busy these days!!

The Pick up - they close at 5:30pm, and I arrived at 5:25pm (damn trains, I stop, 5 mins, can't even do that), no queue, polite lady (same as before), brief discussion about the work done, advised complimentary check was carried out, fluids topped up, no wash carried out as per instructions.  Taken out to the car, handed keys, lady left and I checked the car thoroughly for any marks, etc....  all looking good.

Drive Home - was expecting to find that the tracking wasn't sorted or still not right, but to my surprise - did I judge too quickly - it was bang on.  I'm anal when it comes to things like tracking, knocks, squeaks, etc and this was a good job.  You expect a good job but over the years I've come to expect to return the car and get into a bit of a 'chat' about my expectations v's the service provided, but in this case I'm one happy A500 camper.

So, Arnold Clark, this time you get 7.5/10.


Title: Re: Arnold Clark, Edinburgh
Post by: SixDegrees on April 06, 2012, 05:26:50 pm
Well, NIL points for AC Edinburgh today.  Was booked in for a replacement leather seat cover as some stitches have come away, nothing major but as car has only done 400 miles its pretty easy to see its nothing more than a manufacturing fault.

Anyways, turned up at 9am, guys takes the details pops through the back to get the paper work and comes back and says, "err, the cover hasn't arrived, we'll need to take a look at it and then call Abarth Warranty"  Err, what?  Last I was told was the cover was on order, its would take about 2.5 hours to change over and had a booking date of 06/04!

Anyway, long story short, the tech guy was great, he took a look, went on the phone and came and said sorry for the mix up, he'll call me when the cover turns up and get me booked in again.

I'm pretty sure that AC could've checked a day or so before and seen the cover hadn't arrived, and given me a call.  I mean, its Good Friday, I'm off work and I was up early and through to drop the car off and for what, I could've had a lie in my bed!

Title: Re: Arnold Clark, Edinburgh
Post by: Wakeup73 on July 26, 2012, 05:02:54 pm
ok, 1st service done, 12 months in.   Here is the review:

A good 2-3 unanswered calls to get through to service dept.
When booking car in, asked for price based on car, milage, 1st service etc etc.  Quoted full service needed and £350 price.  Had to challenge and tell them what the service needs are (milage based, 18k is full service, oil & filter between etc etc).    Lots of checking, finally got ok to book in as low milage service for £141. Told could only have this once in the first 3 years !!   W!!  ::)

Turned up on day at 10.30 as agreed.  Hand over all ok.  Asked for car back by 1pm if possible.  Advised all ok, will be ready for me at 1pm.

Back at 1pm.  Car all ready, washed and hoovered.  Paid and off I went.  Sorted.

Got a feedback form online from the garage post service so completed and highlighted all the service type issues and that they needed to better understand the intervals.  Follow up call received from service manager with apology and they have full checked service needs for Abarth 500 and I was right.  So if I dont get to 18k by next year, only need another oil and filter service with possibly a polin filter.  Fab.

So, over all, not bad at all once over the initial mis-information.   7 out of 10.   :thumb:
Title: Re: Arnold Clark, Edinburgh
Post by: Wakeup73 on January 08, 2013, 09:20:59 am
Zero out of 10 today.

Car booked in for warranty check.  Confirmed they would give me a courtesy car.
45 min drive in and was a total waste of time.

They could not give me a car without the 'paper' copy of my license.  The new part was not enough.  Essentially my fault for not bringing and so I had to essentially go home!!

Not once did they confirm this when booking the car and when I double checked the booking yesterday.  They service guy had the cheek to say he "always" tells customers.  So "F" off to me then.

Not happy.  If it wasnt the fact that there are no other warranty garages near by, they would not be getting the car in again.
Title: Re: Arnold Clark, Edinburgh
Post by: frogeyes on June 16, 2013, 09:05:33 pm
got my number plate transfer finally done by AC Edinburgh

easy enough, swap number plates and chuck the tax disc in. they almost forgot to swap the tax discs, luckily id decided to sit in the carpark and phone my insurance about the plate transfer.
by the time i got home the rear plate was hanging off. it doesnt bother me but it would others im sure.

personal service is barely 1/10th of what it was before i bought the car.
Title: Re: Arnold Clark, Edinburgh
Post by: C4KFC on August 26, 2013, 10:44:21 pm
Thought I would leave bit of feedback on my visit to ACE today. I left feeling that the marque was being let down badly by the garage. I feel sorry for anybody visiting with the thought of spending their hard earned money on a much wanted new Abarth to fulfill a dream that they have. I entered the showroom to find that there were two cars on display, helped to support the idea of exclusiveness. There was a black Abarth Punto and a white Abarth 500. Looking closer at the 500, i found that the display info beside it related to a 1.2 pop, bit different from the car on display! Having a good look at the car, I was bit dismayed to notice that the 500 model was damaged, scraped at the rear quarter with a slight dent. I couldnt understand how a company trying to sell high quality cars at a high cost to passionate customers, could allow a car like this be a representation of how they view their product...showing a damaged car as an example of what they have to offer.I also felt that this attitude of allowing it to still be on display says something about their atttitude towards the service and attention that you would expect from them...which I feel is a poor example to demonstrate to potential customers. I have previoulsy visited ACG, finding the set-up there a totally different experience, with a sharp display and making you want to trust them to provide good service and care throughout the ownership process, before and after sale.I hope that ACE can improve on the impression that I was given, to wow potential customers and make visiting them a memorable experienced for the right reasons.
Title: Re: Arnold Clark, Edinburgh
Post by: NorthWest500 on October 11, 2014, 04:45:02 pm
Recently we purchased a new A500, we dealt with John initially (Sales Manager) and then Joe, the deal was agreed in a reasonable manner and after approx 12 weeks, and a couple of courtesy progress calls in between, we were advised the car had arrived at the showroom. The whole process was  handled professionally and with very little fuss. Based on our experience I would recommend the branch to others interested in the Abarth range.