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Title: Arnold Clark, Glasgow
Post by: AlexK on February 26, 2010, 01:30:57 pm
Arnold Clark, Glasgow
915 Springburn Road, Eastfield, Glasgow, G21 1LZ
Phone: 0141 557 7200
Fax: 0141 577 7209

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Title: Re: Arnold Clark, Glasgow
Post by: cookie on March 03, 2009, 07:02:14 pm
Well we are not going to slag arnold clark off as we have had years of brilliant service from them at their Fiat branch in Perth. Having purchased our Abarth in september last year from David Murphy who is no longer there (which is a pity as he was a briliant guy and could not do enough to help). We had the squeaky brake syndrome, only to be told that nobody else had mentioned it and it was not a fault that they were aware of. They took the wheels off and said that they had cleaned the brakes due to a build up of dirt and brake dust. However the car had only done 900 miles and they squeaked the minute we left the dealership. The service manager has not been a helpful chap, far from it if I am honest. Being the only Abarth dealer in Scotland the aftersales service could be alot better.   
Title: Re: Arnold Clark, Glasgow
Post by: AGP2009 on April 19, 2009, 03:58:16 pm
Hi Guys,
Just thought I'd share my experience of Arnold Clark Abarth as i'm now working in scotland for 6 months, so  I'd been up here a couple off days so I thought i'd take a trip to these guys with my 3 month old agp as I'm having a few problems with it: selt belt keeps coming disconnected whilst driving, rusting exhuast and ohh the usual screaming breaks, it has done 6k miles now.
Anyway once I eventually found the garage as the post code on the web site took to some housing blocks lol, I walked in and went to the service counter and started speaking to the lady behind the counter which seemed like she was clueless about my car and whether it was in warranty or not? I then proceeded to tell her the problems I had with the car ie the squeeking brakes, she then replied that is'nt covered by the warranty and will have to have a look and charge for this!although they have squueked since new, I certainly did'nt spend almost 15 grand on a car that comes with squeeling brakes on to have what seems the poorest aftercare ever (exeption off all other abarth dealers) all in all they are BY FAR
the WORST car dealers I have ever visited!!!!!! These fools should be stripped off there Abarth Dealership as the can't have Any happy customers as all I seem to read is complaints regarding this so called company!
Title: Re: Arnold Clark, Glasgow
Post by: davidj1888 on April 23, 2009, 06:57:11 pm
When buying my abarth 500 I had a generally good experience at AC although until I  put pen to paper the salesman never returned any of my calls enquiring about the car.
I returned the car three weeks ago for a warranty claim on the side stripes and was told ,"no problem we ll have them in a few days" ..... still no phone call.
My only concern is that iI have paid for three years servicing, so unfortunatly I have no choice other than using AC s service department for the next three years.
I will however be taking a close look at the car before and after servicing making sure everything is as it should be
Title: Re: Arnold Clark, Glasgow
Post by: Munchie on July 17, 2009, 04:41:22 pm
Hi All,

Picked up my A500 from Arnold Clark in Glasgow last friday. On arriving at the dealer back in April I was welcomed with a coffee and a smile from John Smith (Abarth Sales dude). He was very helpful in letting the wife and I look around the abarth cars - not getting that in your face sales crap was a change from the norm.

Test Drive - On that day I also took a test drive in an SS version - very impressed on the day - Had no issues on booking for a drive. Great country roads near the dealer.

Sales - John was very keen about the cars which I think helps as a lot of car sales person's no little on the cars they sell. After the order was placed ( BN with black stripe, 17" 10 spoke wheels, black leather). I was phoned on many occasions regarding the car status. (Talked to John about this, as many Abarthisti crave updates on progress of their cars - It's a personal touch that should show the dealer is proactive and involved with a happy smooth sale - but also remember this is a two way thing.)

Delivery Day - The transaction on the day was very smooth - only to forget my card no. ??? to pay for the car in all the excitement. Lucky my wife was there to rescue the day. Free mats would have been nice but maybe next time hay John?  :whistle:
Took a few photos on the day as posted in member's cars - not very good - but will study from the photo master DraigFlag with the aim to become one's Padawan.

So overall a positive for myself and Abarth Glasgow - Thanks   :wave:

Title: Re: Arnold Clark, Glasgow
Post by: fishbone on July 19, 2009, 11:20:03 am
Gotta say, Ive never had pleasant experiences with AC in the past, but when I got my AGP John Smith was very helpful, and kept me posted etc... so a pleasant change

However Ive had some warranty issues but was too scared to do anything about it... again previous experience! Anyway, took the plunge and the problem was diagnosed, parts ordered and I got a call when the parts were in and booked the car in. So all good there!!

My stripes are also peeling off and Im waiting on getting that sorted out, the stripe guy must be busy!!

Of course, maybe they know Im a moany git, I dont take any crap... so they are probably thinking.. 'theres that moaner get him sorted and shut him up!!!  ;D ;D
Title: Re: Arnold Clark, Glasgow
Post by: black abarth on July 20, 2009, 04:21:31 pm
When I picked up my 500 the car still had delivery sticker marks on it, the inside also only had a quick run over by the valet team.  Arnold Clark have always been the same.  I bought a new citroen years ago and I swore that I would never deal with them again. The usual though they had to be the only abarth dealer in scotland, so I had no choice.
The sales man I dealt with was John Smith, he was great to deal with so no complaints there.
As for the stickers, I luckly noticed the demonstrators stickers were pealing so I decided to leave that option and the car looks great without them.  I think the stickers are a bit of an after thought ???.  I am a little worried about the after care because they are well known to be a bit of a nightmare :-\ fingers crossed
Title: Re: Arnold Clark, Glasgow
Post by: fishbone on July 21, 2009, 05:47:31 pm
Well pleasantly surprised again!

Took the car in this morning to get the strut tops done - was told they could do the stickers as they were expected in later on.

Anyways, got at call a few hours later, car was ready to collect but the stickers hadnt arrived. No problem tbh.

So, there you go! A pleasant change to my previous experiences! So those of you with concerns, at least give it a try. Its like haggis. You say you dont like it but you havent tried it. Hmmm... ok that was a crap analogy.  :-\

Title: Re: Arnold Clark, Glasgow
Post by: danrae on September 14, 2009, 10:54:07 pm
i had my service done last month at arnold clark they were very gd and only took them 2 hrs
Title: Re: Arnold Clark, Glasgow
Post by: cookie on September 20, 2009, 01:56:17 pm
our car went in on tuesday for its first service and a few warranty issues.the service was done under a service package we took out upon purchasing the car very good value i have to say the service was done to abarth spec and  we were happy with all the work our only niggle is the car has lost its induction noise and is now very quiet under throttle (mrs cookie not happy) help .....  we met john for the first time he was a nice guy helpfull and honest  .danielle on the service desk was helpfull and plesant we had no issues there quite a nice experience the garage has new management so maybe its on the up . we had asked them take sticky marks of the door kicks but was not done and it was washed but not great we can live with that . so to sum up a lot better than the last time we went 8/10 .we never saw the service manager which was good we would probably not have scored as high if we had (leopards and spots ) is all we will say bobby.........  well done A C keep it up  :thumb:
Title: Re: Arnold Clark, Glasgow
Post by: davidj1888 on October 01, 2009, 07:44:50 pm
I was going to post this in the Arnold Clark getting better but decided not to....
Took the car in today for replacement side stipes to be fitted at 8 this morning, told them the boot was opening when the door shut and asked them to have a look at it, they said they would also update the b&m,got a courtesy car and left.

Returned to pick the car up, the sidestripes had been replaced and the boot catch had been tightened. The service guy explained there was no b&m update and i had to buy a iphone connector lead to get better conectivity ( i dont want to use the ipod i just want the phone functions to work properly) is there an update for b&m?

Finally and this is why i did not post in the getting better thread, the car had not been washed.... yes you heard correctly the garage had replaced the stripes without washing it!!!!! I assume they
 have just pulled off the old stickers, wiped the panel and stuck on the new ones..... :thumbd:  :thumbd: :thumbd: they seem ok but i ll keep a close eye on the edges peeling!

Is it just me or is that a poor show :thumbd:
Title: Re: Arnold Clark, Glasgow
Post by: davidj1888 on October 07, 2009, 01:18:47 pm
I have just received a call from Arnold Clark after they read this post....
The gentleman explained that the car was not washed because the stripes need 48 hours to cure, when I asked why it wasn't washed before the stripes where fitted, he explained that it's just a courtesy wash and may or may not be done.
Also the replacement stripes are final and are no longer covered by warranty as you only get one replacement. I hope this has cleared it up for you guys and be warned that negative posts may well result in a call from your dealer

Admin: tidied quoting.
Title: Re: Arnold Clark, Glasgow
Post by: fishbone on December 16, 2009, 10:38:56 pm
I know from experience that we are always quick to criticise and slow to praise,  so Credit where credit is due here. Had a couple of occasions to take the car to the dealer, once for some warranty work and the other for my service. For the warranty work I was called o let me know the parts were in and a suitable date agreed, I was kept up to date wth the work and got a call when the car was ready, same for my service.

So... good work and  :thumb: for AC Glasgow...
Title: Re: Arnold Clark, Glasgow
Post by: mickread on January 07, 2010, 04:17:30 pm
Another one of these  :thumb: thingeys for AC Glasgow.
Just had my 18k service...all very slick, quick and no problems....good to see Kev Slattery back at AC too - their Edinburgh service department fell to pieces when he a real asset to see him strengthening the team at ACG...(as well as you John!).

Added 19/8/2010:-

Would just like to add that AC Glasgow always go the extra mile. On Sunday a whole pile of us (8 or 9 cars I counted) pitched up at the Italian Car and Bike fest at Hopetoun House, Edinburgh - all organised by Jak at AC was breakfast...and I can't help thinking that the Edinburgh dealership were nowhere to be seen....even on their 'home turf'.....?

These things make an absolute world of difference - the difference between feeling part of an exclusive 'club' rather than just another 'punter who bought a car'..........

Same applies with next road trip on 31/10........

Nuff said!
Title: Re: Arnold Clark, Glasgow
Post by: irishpete on March 05, 2010, 07:57:33 pm
Now that this section is back I'd like to add my two pence worth.

Booked the car in to AC Glasgow last weekend (at late notice) to get a windscreen washer jet replaced.

When I first called to book the car in, the person I spoke to (Drew?) advised that they were up to their eye-balls getting the '10 plate cars prepared for the Monday and they may not be able to fit me in.

However, when he realised what the job was and that I was coming down from Aberdeen he said they'd take a look at it if I could get the car to them first thing in the morning.

Have to say thanks to the 2 guys working on the service desk that morning, they made me feel very welcome and before I knew it the car was ready to go.

I even got a free Abarth keyring out of the visit, which was a nice touch. Next time I'm going to be a little more obvious in my admiration for the Sabelts they have on display.  :whistle:

It wasn't a big job but I often think that it's how people deal with the little things that really counts.

In the past I've had dealings with AC in Aberdeen and this pretty much swore me off the whole company. However this experience has restored my faith (in the Glasgow branch at least) and I've decided that I'll now have my servicing work done with them as well.

Definite  :thumb: in this case.
Title: Re: Arnold Clark, Glasgow
Post by: Vroom on March 07, 2010, 11:34:36 am

I had my car in the other week for its first service under the AC service plan.
Everything went well, couple of warrent issues:
interior boot light not working
boot open indicator coming on when cold
number plate light out. This was all fixed with no probs.
I forgot to say to the guy about the washer jets spraying all over the place, but this was fixed without prompting, excellent work.  :thumb:

Got a 500 1.3 diesel as a courtesy car, but put too much fuel in it when returning it, it drinks a lot less than an abarth.
The car was washed too as it was badly needing it.

The guys at the service desk were also really helpful, cheers.
Title: Re: Arnold Clark, Glasgow
Post by: Abarth G.P. on May 10, 2010, 10:36:26 pm
a huge big up up from scott and laura ,for jaclyn in sales ,kevin on service and jordan in parts!

mini report to follow soon!
Title: Re: Arnold Clark, Glasgow
Post by: thefamoushoops on May 12, 2010, 01:05:32 pm
A quick post re AC Glasgow.

After reading about my lack of obtaining a test drive of an Abarth 500 at AC Edinburgh Jaclyn sent me a PM offering a test drive at Glasgow whenever I fancied.

Even though I wasn't sure when/if I was going to buy one I really wanted a test drive so arranged one a week or so later.

Jaclyn very kindly offered test drives in both the standard and esseesse versions which I gladly took her up on and even though traffic was quite busy we managed to get a few nice roads to test them out on.

The drive really set my heart on this cracking wee machine and luckily they had one in stock in the spec I wanted and after a bit of negotiation we managed to strike a deal that suited.

Fortunately I only had to wait a week to collect it but unfortunately didn't manage to blag any freebies.

So a :thumb: to AC Glasgow.

Title: Re: Arnold Clark, Glasgow
Post by: gorrie on June 04, 2010, 11:00:04 am
About time I put something in here if this is the official thread.

Similar experience to Mark above.
After reading about my dissatisfaction from Edinburgh (no A500 test drive, 5mins in a 1.2 Pop around the immediate industrial estate, plus some other gripes we had), Jaclyn also PM'd me to offer a proper test drive at Sprinburn... no pressure as she knew that we already had placed an order with Edinburgh (same group), so this was purely to let us experience an A500 so we knew what it was we were waiting for !!

From the moment we arrived, it was clear that she was enthusiastic & helpful.  Since we had the 2 kids with us, she was happy to take my wife out first (so I could watch the sprogs), and then take me out seperately.

As promised, we never once felt pressured in to a sale, but having seen that there were un-registered cars on-site which could be ready for collection within 1-2 days, added to the fact that we actually felt valued, it took only a 5 minute private chat between my wife & I to realise that we should cancel the order through Edinburgh (as we were still struggling to get status updates from them), and buy one from Jaclyn despite it being an extra £1000 due to the higher spec.

I have since been in to have a self-cancelling indicator issue looked at, and again felt very welcome.  Typically for me, the issue would not show it's head when I took the car through, (sat in the car for 10mins in the workshop, doing qtr turn to qtr turn with the indicator going off fine each time).  The technician said he would still change the unit if I wanted to wait, although he couldn't see that there was a fault so didn't think there would be any difference.
Feeling suitably embarassed that I'd wasted their time, I declined the offer & said I'd keep an eye on it & bring it back if it came back/got worse.  Kevin from the Service Dept gave me his card & said that he appreciated we didn't live close to Springburn, so, if we needed to bring it back in just call him & he could try and get someone to pick it up for us & deliver it back.

So far, so good...  keep it up AC-Glasgow :)
Title: Re: Arnold Clark, Glasgow
Post by: tomv1to on June 26, 2010, 10:09:36 pm
Well, what can I say everything went absolutely fine with my purchasing of an Abarth 500. Jaclyn Strang was incredibly helpful each time we spoke even though everytime I went to the garage I was half an hour late  :-[

In fact the first time I rang the garage it was just to get a vague idea of the availability of the cars and pricing. I had pretty much at that point decided that I was going to get a Focus ST and there wasn't going to be anything that could change my mind. However, pretty much at point of contact Jaclyn asked straight away if I'd like a test drive and she was so informative that I thought what the hell and as soon as the test drive was over it was pretty much a case of uhhming and ahing over options (of which there are so many.)

I was kept informed of progress at all times, the hand over was brilliant and I have to give a thank you to everyone who got the huge esseesse box into the back of the car. The car was pristine at the point of collection, Jaclyn had had to clean it due to some bloody errant seagull but she had done such a good job of cleaning the car that if she hadn't told me about the offending bird I'd never have known. I feel that I have also got great value for money on the servicing package as well.

All in all a big thumbs up for AC Glasgow  :thumb:

You never know Jaclyn, I may see you in 18 months time for a trade in on a Tributo 695  ;)
Title: Re: Arnold Clark, Glasgow
Post by: cyberdog on August 16, 2010, 03:11:06 pm
A big thank you to Jaclyn at AC Glasgow.  I came over from Norway on holiday and she offered to take me out in an A500 even when she knew that I couldn't buy my A500 from her when the time comes and I am ready to order.  But still she was very helpful and I really enjoyed my visit to Scotland and Glasgow a whole lot more because of it.

(there is no Abarth dealers in Norway so no way for me to see, smell and get a feel from them, hence the visit to AC Glasgow)

My significant other got to sit in the Sabelts and was convinced so I can order them (puh..) and she liked the Campovolo Grey colour so that with red estetico is now on the menu (together with the red with black estetico).  She even loved the grey on grey bicolor A500C on the lot so we are considering an A500C in that combo as well.

When offered to take one for a spin i considered that it had been 7 years since I last drove on the "wrong" side and because there was a bit of traffic I convinced her to take me for a spin instead and she happily obliged (I regret not taking the wheel myself but at least i didn't crash it into oncoming traffic...).  Even from the passenger seat you could feel the difference from my 1.2 Sport ;) And that was in a non esseesse also.

I also loved sitting in the race prepared celebrity car that had just come in after it's celebrityrace. Wonder who drove it :)

So thank you Jaclyn, both me my GF and my mother felt very welcome at AC Glasgow, and it was nice to meet you. :thumb:
Title: Re: Arnold Clark, Glasgow
Post by: irishpete on December 02, 2010, 12:47:03 pm
Had the 500 in AC Glasgow for the annual service at the weekend and have nothing but praise for the guys in the service department there.

In addition to the actual service they worked through a fairly extensive list of minor faults I have noticed (i.e. squeaky brakes, passenger door mirror not defrosting, wipers not wiping, cold start issues and 'flaky' paint on the leading edge of the roof where it joins the windscreen etc, etc) and sorted all of them.

As it turns out the 'flaky' paint was actually tar so that came off with a bit of degreaser. 

They also brought the worn condition of the front tyres to my attention, though as they had no suitable tyres available we had to settle with swapping the fronts for the rears. I really should have spotted that one myself.  :whistle:

Car was well cleaned inside and out. Given that this was the first day of heavy snow (in Glasgow) and was freezing outside I was amazed that exterior was cleaned - I shudder to think how cold a job that must have been to do.

After the service was complete the Service Manager (whose name escapes me for the second time - apologies) took me through the jobs done to confirm I was happy with the results, which was much appreciated.

All in the cost was a little north of £200 - worth it for the friendliness of the staff alone.

Will definately be entrusting all work on the car to them from now on.
Title: Re: Arnold Clark, Glasgow
Post by: ctsui35 on January 05, 2011, 08:07:08 pm
Had a good pretty good experience with them ,the salesman was Chris mcauley . He was really great and helpful with the purchase of my car and got me a good deal I thought.

When I arrived to pick up the car. The car was nice and clean . I asked for a test drive on another 500c, which he was happy to do so even though I had come to pick up a car and showed me the ferrari edition abarth.

After the usual tea/coffee and signing of documents. Even the manager and general manager introduced themselves to me which was very nice and professional.Chris then showed me around the car ,helped me sync my iPhone to the blue& me .

If I was to buy another Abarth. I would not hesitate to buy from them again especially from Chris  .:thumb::thumb:     
Title: Re: Arnold Clark, Glasgow
Post by: t9l on March 18, 2011, 03:27:05 pm
gouged surrounding paint when TRYING to replace side repeater.

Generally service guys are great.
Title: Re: Arnold Clark, Glasgow
Post by: philthy on July 14, 2011, 01:20:37 pm
Another big thumbs up for Chris McAuley, ordered our new A500 a few weeks back and picked it up yesterday.

Whole team are on the ball, even gave us a new Cooper S courtesy car because the car was delayed 2 days and my girlfriend needed a car to get to work!
The car had chrome mirrors instead of red as ordered but 10mins later they were swapped over.

Highly recommended
Title: Re: Arnold Clark, Glasgow
Post by: Silly Old Hector on August 19, 2011, 08:46:01 pm
 :thumb: to Graeme at the Service Desk.  Knew I was coming a long way, so said he would get the car into the service area as soon as I arrived.

Work all completed (bearing/DRL lenses) under warranty, before I expected, allowing me to get back home in good time.

Graeme was very curteous and showed me out to the car as I was leaving.  Car was spotless  :thumb:

Great team (shame the full Abarth section doesn't seem to be manned anymore - needs some more customers).
Title: Re: Arnold Clark, Glasgow
Post by: Tuddie on November 28, 2011, 07:37:39 am
Had my car in for its 1st service on Friday, must say they were brilliant, i was very pleased by how quick and efficient they were.
Title: Re: Arnold Clark, Glasgow
Post by: K3mpik on March 18, 2012, 11:30:19 pm
In for Interim Service yesterday morning, just actually finished filling in the customer survey Arnold Clark mailed me.

Was in for just over 2 hours nothing major needing done. Had mentioned the console was throwing up an error for the running lights though they came on each time. They thought it was a dodgy earth wire but it came back fine, they advised best just replaced the bulbs so I agreed.

During my visist guy comes in with his Mrs and starts talking to this advisor how unsatifised they were with the work AC had performed on a car, I could not hear it all but already I was starting to fill with dread, I though here we go..

Car was ready before I was shown to the door I asked the advisor if he could price me for the Koni suspension with the Esse Esse springs and fitting, he said that the you can't buy them seperate from the kit and was keen to usher me out the door. For me that was the icing on the cake.

Car was not washed either, had came to expect this based on previous posts, would have been something to make me walk away with perhaps more a positive experience.

I think the Glasgow Branch was perhaps once regarded as  Scotland's flasgship branch when Jaclyn the Abarth Specialist was there but this is no more.

Today driving the car at some speeds there is "squeeking" from the rear so who knows what AC were up to on Saturday.  I will call them tomorrow to arrange a a 50 mile round trip to have this checked out.
Title: Re: Arnold Clark, Glasgow
Post by: scorpione nero on March 24, 2012, 12:17:16 pm
Purchased my APE on friday and drove it home on the sat ;D! Two weeks and 600 miles later  ::) i was back to get my cherished number plate added and had a nice wee surprise........... my old tax disc back :thumb:! A big thanks to Paul Mulvey!
Title: Re: Arnold Clark, Glasgow
Post by: Silly Old Hector on March 24, 2012, 01:46:35 pm
:thumb: to Graeme at the Service Desk.  Knew I was coming a long way, so said he would get the car into the service area as soon as I arrived.

Work all completed (bearing/DRL lenses) under warranty, before I expected, allowing me to get back home in good time.

Graeme was very curteous and showed me out to the car as I was leaving.  Car was spotless  :thumb:

Great team (shame the full Abarth section doesn't seem to be manned anymore - needs some more customers).

2nd Year service last Friday.

New rear boot catch replaced under warranty and all regular stuff attended to earlier than I had anticipated  :thumb:

Car washed and smelling like a massive magic tree had been left inside  :P.  Unfortunately it was manky by the time I got home  ::)

Great service from Graeme again.  Car running smoothly with new oil. 

Abarth section well stocked with different models and specs, with one of the salesmen having time to show me a few alternatives.   :thumb:

Good effort.
Title: Re: Arnold Clark, Glasgow
Post by: Niall Cochran on March 29, 2012, 07:39:28 pm
Had my 9K oil change done yesterday. Everything seems fine, Asked for the car not to be washed and it wasn't  :thumb:

And it was a little cheaper than Edinburgh...
Title: Re: Arnold Clark, Glasgow
Post by: Anm on June 18, 2012, 07:23:34 pm
So took my ape into get checked out under warrente.
We in spoke to the service desk gave them my details
service was perfect said I would have the car back today. Which is good as I work nightshift,
So its now 19:20 and I start at 9pm and I don't have my car back ,
It's not that I dont have it back its they shut a 17:30 and didn't even phone to tell me I wasn't
Going to have it back tonight now, As pritty much my full family is on holiday I have to phone in sick
Or spend £40 on a taxi there and back.
Title: Re: Arnold Clark, Glasgow
Post by: Tuddie on July 03, 2012, 07:46:58 am
Was there on Friday getting mine serviced, as usual very professional and had it back to me in no time at all.
Title: Re: Arnold Clark, Glasgow
Post by: Lorenzo on April 14, 2013, 03:55:06 pm
I had my first experience of AC servicing 2 weekends ago.

After hearing none too promising tales from a few folk (but NOT at this branch!!) I wasn't too optimistic...  :-\

However, they were Excellent! It was my 500's first service. Done right on time. Car cleaned inside, not washed like I asked, and even given a chocolate bunny as it was Easter.  ;D

Such a change to get a car serviced and not have to spend hours cleaning off grubby oily hand-prints inside and out.

I can't remember the guy's name who was in charge on the day, but he was very good. Explained what would happen before, offered me drinks, stuff to read, a run into town and collection, then showed me round the car afterwards at everything they did.  :)

And they did do everything, because I marked parts and took note of levels etc  ;)
Title: Re: Arnold Clark, Glasgow
Post by: smurfette on July 04, 2013, 06:27:24 pm
Well I have to be honest and say I wasn't expecting great service from AC Glasgow as previous experience of another AC branch made me swear I would never buy from them again, but since they are the only Abarth dealer around here I didn't have a lot of choice. I was looking at a new A500 but wasn't able to get an affordable deal so went with a 60 plate with 13k miles. They offered to sort out my plate transfer and we arranged to pick my new car up 2 weeks later as it would take a week to get the paperwork back from DVLA. (Not) surprisingly, my car wasn't ready on the agreed date (I won't go into my theories on this one) so they offered me a courtesy car until my new tax disc arrived and I was pleasantly surprised to be given the keys to a new 595 competizione! So, I had to wait for a phone call every day from them until finally my tax disc arrived and I was able to collect my car. Of course, the day I picked my car up was my salesman's day off so the handover was done by someone else who looked terrified when I asked any questions. Part of my deal was to get a set of mats which weren't in the car so off he went to find me a set. As I was in a hurry, I told him to put them in the boot and I'd sort them out later. I wasn't impressed to find later that the mats were cheap, awful looking things that appeared to have been bought at a supermarket! So, back I went with said mats and after a bit of negotiating, I now have a set of 595 mats. I also noticed that despite having receipts for a previous service there my service book wasn't stamped and so had to get a new service book. Despite these little niggles, I have to say that John O'Hare who dealt with my sale was very good and did everything he could to sort things out for me. Hopefully my first experience with their service dept will be a positive one!
Title: Re: Arnold Clark, Glasgow
Post by: Desmomd on August 10, 2013, 02:49:39 pm
Had my 18k service on an APE carried out here in the last month - done on a Saturday morning. The service itself was decently priced around £170.

They advised that i should get the air con recharged, some fuel additive added as well, plus a few other things - that bumped the price up to £260 ish or something.

I had also mentioned that my gearbox was sticking when i tried to select 1st gear after i was stationary from neutral. They said that i should come back in when a chap a from Fiat was to arrive.  So a week later i dropped the car off for him to inspect it on the Monday morning. The service department assured me that i would be called and updated once he had inspected it.

As par for the course i didn't get a call - and had to call them. The service department said that a new gear box was being fitted but there was a wait for a few of the parts. I only drive the car 1 day a week so it isn't a prob for me if I don't have it as i use a company car the rest of the time. I was offered a courtesy car but i didn't take it as i thought it was pointless as i had another car already and perhaps some other person could benefit from it if they needed it.

I got the car back a week after i dropped it off - gearbox replaced under warranty and so far on the 14 mile drive home there is no prob selecting the gears and seems to be running okay. The guy at the service desk said that if there were any problems to give them a call and they would sort it out.

All things told - i am pretty pleased once again with AC springburn
Title: Re: Arnold Clark, Glasgow
Post by: jontell on August 10, 2013, 05:21:03 pm
Copy of an email I sent to AC Glasgow.

Hi, I would like to say thank you to both Gordon and David in regards to a recent car purchase.

I wanted to purchase an Abarth 500 after the quick sale of my previous car. I called and spoke to Gordon who found one I liked whilst on the phone, although the car was still in transit and not yet at your garage. I needed the car as soon as possible. As I live in Gloucester, Gordon offered to arrange for the car to be transferred to a dealer nearby.

Gordon kept me updated and managed to get the car to me within a week. This was excellent service and is a prime example of good customer service.

It was David's job to drive the 300 mile trip to Oldbury. He started out at 5am on a Saturday morning. Unfortunately there were 2 accidents on the M6. Due to these he did not arrive until about 1am, with a very sunburnt right arm! He also had the same return trip to make.

Could you please pass my thanks onto the both of them please. I am very grateful for all they did.
Title: Re: Arnold Clark, Glasgow
Post by: smurfette on October 29, 2013, 02:38:08 pm
Just had my car at AC Springburn for its first MOT. Got there at 10am, was all finished and out by 12pm. Dealt with Graeme who was very nice. Apparently my only advisory was that the rear bushes are cracked and will need replaced. Typically, my warranty expired yesterday! Sales had told me my warranty expired in Sept so I purchased an extended warranty elsewhere a few weeks ago. If I'd known it was actually October it expired I'd have booked the car in last week and used the original warranty to get them replaced. Oh well, will get my local garage to price me up some poly ones.....
Oh, and if you're hanging around waiting on your car at any point, be aware, they don't have working WiFi.  :-\  I can get WiFi in mcdonalds whilst waiting for a burger but not whilst waiting for my car to be worked on. Come on AC, you'll never get 10/10 from customers if you don't sort that out!
That said, it was a more pleasant experience than I expected.
Title: Re: Arnold Clark, Glasgow
Post by: smurfette on November 12, 2013, 08:01:28 am
Bit of a weird one this. Had a phonecall at 9pm last night from a guy who bought the car I traded in to AC Glasgow. He picked the car up yesterday, in a bit of a state apparently, asking if I still had the owners pack for the car. When I handed that car in to them, it was perfect, had the owners pack, every booklet/manual, spare key etc. Apparently the sales person told him they didn't have any of that and he should get in touch with me to see if I still had it!! So, it is now common practice for them to lose everything then hand out people's home phone numbers??? Should I expect him to turn up at my door tonight?? I don't mind if a new owner wants to get in touch to find out about the car they have just bought but surely AC should ask first before handing out personal info?  >:( Typically, I'm not in my office much today otherwise I'd be phoning them to find out what they're playing at!!
Title: Re: Arnold Clark, Glasgow
Post by: smurfette on March 19, 2014, 04:34:58 pm
Spent almost 3 hours here today whilst my car was being serviced. They really need to sort out the customer waiting area. Sofa covers were filthy, all seats are right in front of huge windows and I felt like I was melting with the sun streaming in through the glass, and no wi-fi! Every time I ask about Wi-Fi they say it's not working just now - it seems to not have been working ever. Came away with a list of advisories including front brake pads/discs, rear bushes and o/s/f lower ball joint. Oh and my can of tyre sealant is out of date. Apparently they could replace this for me for £50! And would it kill the service desk guys to smile once in a while?
Title: Re: Arnold Clark, Glasgow
Post by: P6XLT on March 29, 2014, 12:22:48 am
Hahahaha your having as much fun as me no one has a clue what they are doing in there and the service managers just as bad. A fiat 500 until my car gets fixed when it goes in for an undetermined date for not starting in morning and loss of boost and it's 3 months old with 3800miles. The customer service is the worst iv ever had and after bought a few a500's  in as many weeks I'm raging. John o hare and Daniel were possibly the most clued up and best 2 members of their team.
Title: Re: Arnold Clark, Glasgow
Post by: smurfette on April 01, 2014, 06:00:18 pm
After filling in their customer service survey, Graham from the service dept phoned me to follow up. He had to agree with some of my points and was apologetic for things that weren't done well. Let's hope they actually take note and use the feedback to improve. I have to pop in and see him at some point but just haven't had a chance yet.
Title: Re: Arnold Clark, Glasgow
Post by: itchi on April 05, 2014, 05:37:13 pm
Car was booked into AC Glasgow on Wednesday due to it developing a rather worrying clunking noise from the front passenger wheel area, it started as i was braking for a roundabout and vanished again when i pulled away only to reappear when turning right on full lock.

AC had the car a full 24 hours and when i got the call to pick it back up I was informed that even thought the can hear the clunking the think it may be just a be sticking brake disc and advise me to get them changed at a cost of £550 as this is not covered under warranty. No way was i paying that amount for the front brakes when i can get the full set of front and back standard brembos of ebay for £120ish so i had to pay a £50 investigation charge.

Got home and parked the car up till today (Saturday) when i could get the wheels off to look at the brakes and to my horrer find they have also kerbed one of my alloys, Nexus 5 isn't the best for photos ;D
( (
( (
Not bloody happy about it and as i have taken the car out the garage without noticing (it was hissing it down) they will deny all knowledge of it. Can't wait till my warranty if up so i don't need to deal with them again.
Title: Re: Arnold Clark, Glasgow
Post by: Desmomd on June 07, 2014, 02:19:56 pm
Had another 9k oil + filter change this time at 18k mile mark

Last year on 16k miles it had its first full on service.

This time around was also MOT test time. For the oil + filter and MOT test it came in at £130 - pretty happy with that. Car also hoovered and cleaned too and ready to collect at lunch time. Cant ask for better than again :)

Title: Re: Arnold Clark, Glasgow
Post by: P6XLT on July 06, 2014, 05:16:08 pm
Heading back into AC abarth after went out to check my A500 and caireens 500 to find they have buzzed up all the nuts to the point my massive breaker bar will not move them they have stripped the locking nuts and also te key for them on BOTH cars, called dealer ship to be told call AA and they can get them off, if they damage the wheels I'll need to order new ones from then at my cost not their and when I challenged them being both Jim and Chris manager I was told and I quote "f**k OFF" and the phone hung up! Going onto their head office tomorrow knowing they will more than likely do nothing about it and then onto Abarth direct as abarth clearly need to do some vetting on the company's they allow to represent them at the moment as I'm disgusted at the treatment they think they can get away with.
Title: Re: Arnold Clark, Glasgow
Post by: smurfette on July 08, 2014, 07:21:29 pm
Any updates?
Title: Re: Arnold Clark, Glasgow
Post by: P6XLT on July 08, 2014, 09:18:13 pm
No not yet, they are doing usual denying all knowledge and the kicker card first claimed they don't ever check wheel nuts but then when I said about it being done in PDI and letting dangerous cars out I was putting words in his mouth, I. Gonna go in with both cars this week and make sure it's sorted I actually want to go south to get car dealt with as I have no trust in them now
Title: Re: Arnold Clark, Glasgow
Post by: Brian1612 on October 12, 2014, 05:07:48 pm
Might as well give my own personal experience. My current and last 2 cars have all been dealt with through this dealership. My first, the punto evo gp was purchased from the garage, was delivered on time and nice and clean, only had one problem with the car, it was the storage compartment lid on top of the dash, it wouldn't work everytime and pointed it out, they assured me a replacement part would be ordered and they would give me a phone call, never did but luckily lid loosened up and started working normally.

My second car was a punto evo sporting 135 purchased from an ayr ac garage. Sold to me with a faulty handbrake which almost caused some serious damage, the handbrake failed and it rolled down my street, luckily it managed to not hit anything! After i had my mechanic brother in law have a look it turned out one of rear brake calipers was broken. Booked in to have this repaired along with a new backbox as my chrome exhaust tip had fallen off. All went well, picked it up after the repairs, driving home along the m8 and my car suddenly starts sounding like a boy racers car. Once home i got to see what happened, the exhaust was pointing to the sky. Seemed it was never actually fixed into the old exhaust. Phoned up, booked in the next day and they say they forgot to put a clamp on to hold the exhaust in place and advised me to sit, they would order one in and get it sorted within an hour. I sat for 4 hours because the service team messed the initial job up, no complimentary mats or anything was offered for this complete mess which is just shocking.

Now have my Abarth esseesse and was not long out of the place with a repair on my blue &me, job done quickly and efficiently. Have been in as well as some of you know i purchased the car from ac perth with 3 buckled wheels. They said that they couldn't get the car up on the lift in there workshop as it was too low...  Then they said it would be better if i just took it to perth and show them. An hours drive is a better option? They basically dodged the problem and tried to get me to go elsewhere. They did say they could get it on the mot ramp but couldn't tell me when this would be available. Basically i am driving about in a car sold to me from ac with 3 buckled wheels and the supposed specialists on my car are doing whatever they can to not acknowledge the problem. Started a new job so given up on any hope of getting this sorted now.

It is a mixed bag. I think i am going to phone tomorrow and see if they can get me on the mot ramp as i am not driving away up to perth.
Title: Re: Arnold Clark, Glasgow
Post by: C4KFC on October 13, 2014, 05:38:03 pm
Just contacted AC to arrange for my A500 to be booked in for work under recent recall. I was told that it wasnt possible to take it, as they werent doing any recall work this week! We get letters to inform us of a Risk of our car being unsafe, but AC dont seem to be interested in prioritising recalls. I suppose it more important in AC Glasgow's eyes to make more money from services etc. I cant believe that Abarth are putting so much effort into PR with recent Gumball event and also inclusion of Abarth images in recent tv adverts ( computer games and Car Insurance), yet AC ruin all the good work with their aftersales support.
Title: Re: Arnold Clark, Glasgow
Post by: P6XLT on November 12, 2014, 11:07:43 pm
Just update on my dealing with AC Abarth, after some angry calls and letters of complaint, then putting it on the social media page about how they were treating customers they contacted me back, I did advise spoke to another abarth dealer etc and spoke with John501 (thank you again for your time) I advised them would contact abarth uk,  they took a list of all things the py need to fix, dash they left a 1ft scratch on accross  the middle, the wheel they kerbed somehow, the monks they fitted to the front but left standard on rear plus the other daft bits all being fixed next week, along with free fuel, let's see if they follow through on the promises,
Title: Re: Arnold Clark, Glasgow
Post by: Brian1612 on November 13, 2014, 12:36:38 am
I am waiting on a new set of abarth esseesse wheels being delivered for my evo, after no luck with AC springburn I went to the garage I bought the car from after AC springburn shipped it away from there own garage. Have to say AC perth, kia/jeep have been brilliant. Andy the manager has kept me upto date on delivery of the alloys, which i pointed him too on the italian ebay as springburn eanted 1.5k for a new set, i found them for €900... and giving me £100 as compensation for the bother this has caused. Will be leaving a good review for Perth and andy but AC springburn, I won't be back. Will go to the burgh if my next car is an Abarth.
Title: Re: Arnold Clark, Glasgow
Post by: doods on November 16, 2014, 05:04:24 pm
I can hand on heart say "this is the worst garage for sales, service and customer care. Not one honest or decent person inside that showroom. I can only be glad I got rid of a car I loved because I could take no more of the bs that came out of their mouths. I could have kept car and went elsewhere but once these mugs had touched my car, I had no faith or interest in it...they broke me and I was tired...from day one I tolerated these fools for 15 mths. Stay clear and go to a dealer like Perth or Edinburgh.
Title: Re: Arnold Clark, Glasgow
Post by: Genga on December 01, 2014, 05:50:40 pm
Still waiting for the service manager to call me back. Apparently throwing a bucket of water over the car counts as a "wash and vac" :wave:
Title: Re: Arnold Clark, Glasgow
Post by: P6XLT on December 01, 2014, 09:43:50 pm
Guess you were in today? At least yours for a wash. There's a new service manager mark btw. Don't expect a call either
Title: Re: Arnold Clark, Glasgow
Post by: Brian1612 on December 01, 2014, 10:21:48 pm
When up in Perth my car came back spotless for me, hoovered the inside of it and gave the out a good clean for the drive back to Glasgow, puts springburn to shame! Last 2 times I was in there they didn't even bother to wash the car so count yourself lucky lol.
Title: Re: Arnold Clark, Glasgow
Post by: smurfette on March 18, 2015, 09:55:29 am
I'm currently sitting in AC Springburn - car is in for its last free service. Change of faces at the Service desk, sofa covers are clean, tv is on, and I can't quite believe I'm actually using their wi-fi (it hasn't been working for the past year and a half!). I'm beginning to wonder if I'm in the right place.....
Title: Re: Arnold Clark, Glasgow
Post by: Genga on March 18, 2015, 12:37:04 pm
Under new management? ;D

I'm there next week for a service. Getting to hire a car for 2 days too. Wonder if I'll get an automatic to replace my SA
Title: Re: Arnold Clark, Glasgow
Post by: Brian1612 on March 18, 2015, 01:30:12 pm
Possibly the amount of complaints about the place have finally prompted some change, I opened up an internal investigation into the place by there upper tier management after the way they dealt with me and the buckled wheels they knew about but kidded on they didn't because I was the new owner. What they didn't know is I got in touch with the previous owners and knew every single detail about the car  :thumb:

Hopefully under new management and moved some of the idiots there away to other dealerships, might pop in and see if I can get a test drive in a 180 bhp comp arranged  :whistle:
Title: Re: Arnold Clark, Glasgow
Post by: Brian1612 on October 16, 2015, 05:14:08 pm
Impressed with todays visit. Issue with my brand new 595 comp. Diagnosed as a faulty ecu and a new one is now being ordered from Italy for the car. Also power washed all the car for me and gave it a hoover inside which it badly needed. Had plenty of bad to say about this dealership in the past but excellent service today and quick. Technician phoned and explained the issue and also had a general chat about the brand. Service desk also fantastic,  friendly and again chatted away about the brand and my car for a few minutes.
Title: Re: Arnold Clark, Glasgow
Post by: Brian1612 on November 14, 2015, 03:14:12 pm
Back in for the ECU fitment. Done within 30 minutes and the car feels a bit faster now! Again faultless service, the technician Alan seems to know his stuff and no complaints whatsoever. Whole dealership is also being revamped, had to wait in the kia building so hopefully make the abarth dealership a little bit more special.