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Title: Autoworld, Chesterfield
Post by: AlexK on February 26, 2010, 01:32:54 pm
Autoworld, Chesterfield
Brimington Road North, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, S41 9AJ
Phone: 01246 450450
Fax: 01246 260867

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Title: Re: Autoworld, Chesterfield
Post by: magicmole on March 25, 2009, 06:05:54 pm
It makes a very pleasant change to be able to report some excellent service from a Fiat service department.

After seemingly curing the initial squealing GPA brakes with some CopaSlip, it has recently returned thouigh nowehere as bad as before. However this has been accompanied by intermittent noise from the brakes as though the pads were binding. Some times louder than others.

I booked the car in for service today and sod's law, no noise. I took Nick the tech for a short drive but no noise. Nevertheless he checked the disks and pads but could see nothing. I'd been worried that maybe a disk was chipped or cracked.

The B & M was also playing up (some buttons not working on all functions) so he ran the examiner which showed that the system thought that the mute button was permanently pressed. He reset the system and all seems to be well.

So I decided to take the car home but stopped off on the way. Lo and behold the b noise was back again. Autoworld told me to take the car straight back.From the inside the noise seemed to be from the front, from outside it seemed to come from the back.

To cut a long story short Nick and Alan (the other Abarth tech) stripped and rebuilt both front and rear brakes and found dirt on an ABS sensor. They also noticed that a non-standard wheel spacer fitted behind  one of my front wheels was slightly corroded on the face which meant that perhaps the wheel hadn't seated properly. I thought that the service manager might charge for this work but he seemed more concerned that they may not have completely sorted the problem.

Anyway 5 hours work, a lot of head scratching, problem hopefully cured. Thanks guys, good work.

That spacer was there because, despite an extra 2mm offset over standard, the OZ wheels didn't clear the Brembo calipers.
Title: Re: Autoworld, Chesterfield
Post by: magicmole on May 02, 2009, 08:12:57 pm
Last time I was at Autoworld I mentioned that I could hear a creaking from the front suspension at low speeds. Nick the tech couldn't hear the noise but Martin the service guy said it was a known problem with a certain range of GPA chassis numbers. He checked and said that although my car was outside that range he would try to get the issue resolved by opening a technical case with Abarth.

Since then I have heard a knocking noise at the front so called into Autoworld today to report it. Before I got the chance, Martin told me that the parts for my suspension are on order and should be in this week. Plus brake parts to deal with the squeal problem which has returned. Hopefully the car will get sorted next weekend, plus they are going to strip the back end to try to stop squeaking from that end. I'm going to live with the rest of the rattles from the seats. It's a Fiat, I've fitted aftermarket springs and I don't exactly pussyfoot around.

Top marks yet again to Autoworld for service, friendliness and being proactive.

Title: Re: Autoworld, Chesterfield
Post by: magicmole on September 06, 2009, 08:29:47 pm
I had my first service done at Autoworld yesterday.

As usual, Nick did a great job, not only doing the service but also stripping and bleeding the brakes.

They also fitted new door locks as the rattling had persisted. I never expected that  but I've now got a (relatively) quiet car.

Nick also pointed (quietly) that the car has been over-revved 23 times for a total of 3750 milliseconds. This was probably done whilst downchanging when driving enthusiastically as I can only remember taking it into the red a handful of times. There's not a lot of power up there so it's not worth it. Nick's concern was that if I had any gearbox problems, Fiat tech might frown on those figures should theyn get worse. Handy to know.
Title: Re: Autoworld, Chesterfield
Post by: chuckie4570 on October 26, 2009, 01:44:40 pm
Taken my AGP for service this morning at Autoworld, only word l can use to describe it was a 'cattle market'! What ever happen to good customer service and friendliness. It started friday afternoon when l received a call saying that there was no courtsey car for, not really bothered about that, the wife could pick me up but thats not really the point, l live 30 miles away from the dealer. Lets see when l pick the car up how it measures up :thumbd: :thumbd: :thumbd:
Poor show Autoworld
Title: Re: Autoworld, Chesterfield
Post by: lloyd on October 26, 2009, 04:26:28 pm
the tea, biscuits and a newspaper definitely help, they finished my car before i was ready!

receptionist didn,t know what an abarth was but the job got done and the surroundings were the best i have encountered at a dealer

they don,t return phone calls though
Title: Re: Autoworld, Chesterfield
Post by: chuckie4570 on October 26, 2009, 11:36:11 pm
l dropped the car off at 9 am this morning, at 16.45 l recieved a phone call saying the l had a water leak(to be repaired under warranty), l need two new tyres and the A/C needs cleaning and to top it off, my incorrect stripes are pealing off so they are being replaced....result? don't think so, can't have the car back until wednesday!!!! not bad to say they told the wife 2 hours, try 3 days :thumbd: :thumbd:
Title: Re: Autoworld, Chesterfield
Post by: DevilAndGod on October 27, 2009, 07:28:07 am
l dropped the car off at 9 am this morning, at 16.45 l recieved a phone call saying the l had a water leak(to be repaired under warranty), l need two new tyres and the A/C needs cleaning and to top it off, my incorrect stripes are pealing off so they are being replaced....result? don't think so, can't have the car back until wednesday!!!! not bad to say they told the wife 2 hours, try 3 days :thumbd: :thumbd:

They're only doing their job. If your car has a water leak then it's their job to fix that. Having to order a part will mean it will take an extra day to do it. Your stripes are peeling and they're being replaced. I don't see where the bad service is here  ???
Title: Re: Autoworld, Chesterfield
Post by: 3k5k on March 16, 2010, 11:57:26 pm
Well i am not happy with them at all at the moment, see my side stripe dilemma thread. (a500)
They have lost my business over this. :thumbd:
The  side stripes look like a monkeys chuff and, are the same colour.

A quick update on my side stripe dellemma.

Phoned Autoworld today spoke to Ben who sold me the car, and told him i wasn't happy with the
side stripes, i told him they were not actual Abarth Decals, he told me they were made up by an outside company,
didn't tell me that when we bought the car, i said they are the wrong colour and font, i mentioned the stripes were not on straight and too high, the reply, wait for it i quote "they are not guaranteed to be straight as they are put on by hand" i kid you not.
I asked if the stripes were available as a factory option, yes they were, but they are really expensive, and allot
more expensive than the ones they fitted, i didn't care i just wanted  the correct ones on, and he never gave me the option to purchase these.
Slightly mad by now, and his sales voice had gone from mr nice, to i can't be arsed with this.
Anyway he said he would look into it, and ring me back which he did 10 mins later saying it would take three weeks to get them and would
cost him a small fortune, not true i had already rung baur millets for a price for genuine  Abarth decals price was £82 each side.
He refused to fit them from my home and wont fit them for four weeks blaming his work load of cars going out this month.
Conversation deteriorated and i left it there as i was losing patience by then.
Also offered him some advice and suggested he should talk to his 'sticker" company and at least get them to match the mirror colour to the
side stripes, don't think he like that suggestion.

Very peed of with them, big email going to Abarth uk tomorrow. :thumb:

I will keep you upto date with how it goes.

Goodnight sleep tight.

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Title: Re: Autoworld, Chesterfield
Post by: chuckie4570 on March 22, 2010, 07:44:31 pm
Had the same problems with my AGP stripes. Started peeling off, then found out they weren't the proper Abarth items. They tried fobbing me off at first but kept at em after speaking with a few of the lads at the xmas meet. Wouldn't touch autoworld again with a barge pole!!!  :thumbd: :thumbd: :thumbd:
Title: Re: Autoworld, Chesterfield
Post by: FlyGirl7 on June 30, 2010, 08:35:03 pm
Didn't have a problem with them - were the cheapest and put up with my haggling, got a very good deal from them in the end. Was very helpful in showing me around my new purchase.
Title: Re: Autoworld, Chesterfield
Post by: lloyd on October 01, 2010, 07:26:36 pm
called into Autoworld last tuesday for them to listen to my creaky front suspension. tech came for a ride around the car park and confirmed it was the front strut mounts and he would change both sides under warranty. i mentioned the rubber seal between the drivers door and rear side window had started to split and he said they would fix that as well.

dropped car off this morning, they gave me a lift to station and picked me up again tonight.

all sorted, no hassle, newspaper and coffee whilst waiting.

the tech guy seemed to know his stuff (he remembered my fiat steering wheel) and reception staff were friendly and efficient.

one bit of entertainment, i got a text message on wednesday confiming an appointment for the previous day and another saying my car was ready when i was already driving back, i think there  trying to be too clever ;D

text fun aside though its been really good, just how a warranty problem should be dealt with :thumb:
Title: Re: Autoworld, Chesterfield
Post by: lloyd on October 02, 2010, 09:13:02 pm
need to backtrack on my previous thread, seeing the car in the daylight today i found that the window fitters had left ugly black globs of sealent along the bottom edge of the side window.

we will see how they handle complaints on monday
Title: Re: Autoworld, Chesterfield
Post by: lloyd on October 08, 2010, 07:14:00 pm
situation now resolved. rang autoworld first thing monday and told them the window fitting was really bad and needed to be done again. no arguments, booked me in without seeing it and there text alert system worked this time.

dropped car off this morning and returned at 5 to pick it up. proper job this time and they had also checked the car over, found a split handbrake gaiter which they said they would fix if i wanted  but also suggested it wasn,t the end of the world if it was just greased.

i pointed out that my wheel centres were going scabby so they have ordered me a new set,

had a chat about warranty work in general and they reminded me to report anything untoward before the cars hits 2 years as the 3rd year warranty is less generous.

all the staff involved were friendly and chatted about abarth in general and abarth get-togethers etc

it has actually been quite enjoyable once you ignore the fact that i shouldn't have needed to be there at all, and that was down to a poor job by a glass company

overall they dealt with the issue very efficiently :thumb:
Title: Re: Autoworld, Chesterfield
Post by: lloyd on October 15, 2010, 11:28:13 am
went to autoworld for my regular friday warranty work.

last week i showed them my scabby wheel centre caps and today they fitted a new set while i waited

coffee and biscuits provided. the more i go there the better they seem to get.

they asked if i wanted the car cleaning but i declined, they said they always ask but abarth owners never accept ;D
Title: Re: Autoworld, Chesterfield
Post by: Webster on June 02, 2011, 08:28:48 pm
My A500 had a low mileage annual service at Autoworld today and I have to say it was a really pleasant experience. Everyone was cheerful and courteous, 2 cups of free coffee and even taking time out to road test my car with me due to an unidentified noise which turned out to be the turbo!!! ::)
Title: Re: Autoworld, Chesterfield
Post by: ohara on February 20, 2012, 06:43:11 pm
Had our A500's 1st service today at autoworld. A nice well organized place with plenty of waiting area with magazines, a TV and free wi-fi. Our car was one year old and only on 6000 miles, so after reading all the horror stories about getting the right service for low mileage cars i expected agro. But when I rang them they looked onto it and offered a low milage service for £139. Plus only £10 for the courtesy cay insurance.

Only negative's were that they wanted £50 to strip and re-grease the squeaky rear brakes (I expected it to be done under warranty so I didn't have it done) and I dropped the car off at 9am to be picked up at 5pm but had to wait for the car to be finished. Also we were asked if we wanted it washing but declined since it had been washed at the weekend, but did ask for it to be hovered - this wasn't done.
Title: Re: Autoworld, Chesterfield
Post by: will-w on April 10, 2014, 01:56:15 pm
Just noticed that this thread hasn't been posted in recently, so thought I'd my 2p :)

I collected my new Supersport up from Jonathan last Saturday.  He's a really friendly guy and incredibly helpful.

I originally called around pretty much every dealer in the UK to try and find a Velocity Red or Campovolo Grey Supersport, with a Skydome.  It soon came clear that there were only black or white cars left in stock, with an odd assortment of options thrown on.

Jonathan was the last dealer I was going to call.  I spoke to him for 10 minutes going through what I was looking for before he suggested speaking to Abarth UK and seeing if they had held any stock for their demo fleet.
I got a call 5 minutes later confirming he had bent the arm of Ivan's replacement and nicked his next demo for me, which was a Campovolo Grey Supersport with Skydome.

He even matched a deal I had made with another dealer, on a car that cost less than mine - meaning I got even more of a discount :)
What they probably don't realise is that after all that they forgot to bill me for the Skydome :D
Title: Re: Autoworld, Chesterfield
Post by: FullMetalScorpion on April 10, 2014, 02:20:08 pm
Jonathan is very helpful,decent chap. I dealt with Tom as Jonathan was off the day I went down. They had one white showroom model and a demo model. I had heard they sold the demo model and I spotted it in the body shop 2 weeks later with the wheels off. Glad you are happy with your car and well done in bagging one of the last grey cars. Its something I didnt manage to do unfortunately.
Title: Re: Autoworld, Chesterfield
Post by: misterg on April 11, 2014, 09:34:28 am
I bought my 595 Comp from Jonathan last November (delivered in March 2014) and found him very helpful and not pushy at all (unlike other car dealerships!).  Overall I found the dealership very friendly, bit lacking in communicating the updates on the build/delivery (but that could have been my over enthusiasm  :whistle: ) when leaving messages to get a call back...

There still seems to be a lack of clarity into the oil servicing on the 595 at dealers.  Some said every 6,000 miles, some 18,000 but when I spoke to Abarth at the Autosport Show they clarified that it was 6,000 miles and that was also what it said in the supplement handbook
Title: Re: Autoworld, Chesterfield
Post by: SloppySue on April 26, 2014, 04:44:43 pm
Took my APE for its 2nd service.
Good communication and well organised - massive set up!

No complaints and a good excuse for a weekend break in the Peak District  :thumb:
Title: Re: Autoworld, Chesterfield
Post by: victoriahurn on February 27, 2015, 12:36:57 pm
Review Of Sales Dept Service.

This is based on the recent purchase of my 500c Abarth, 

The initial purchase visit was good, Jonathan dealt with me in a helpful manner and sorted out test drives etc no problem, came to a fair valuation on P/Ex and with some haggling the overall price was saisfactory
The Handover Visit was frankly appaling, had the feeling from entering the showroom, that they really did not care, Jonothan was off and they were short staffed but to honest they need to sort this out.

I waited 15mins before someone could see me to process paperwork etc, I was bounced between 2 different people, the handover basically consisted of

"Well as you already have a 500c you know everything there is to know, heres your keys and bye".. That was it.

Straight away found the Boot would not open, as the Roof Reset had been triggered, luckily having had a 500c before new how to perfom the reset as the salesman had no idea.  Still had plastic film on the interior mirrors and some trim, and sticky residue from the boot and door seals still all over the paintwork, so what sort of PDI it had gone through I have no idea,. Car also had wrong wheels on it, ordered 10 Spoke 17s and it had 8 spoke 16s which turned into a hassle to get swapped over

Was told all the paperwork was in the car, but when got home checked folder there was no Service book, which seems a common problem with autoworld, have called them several times and have promised to send one, but no luck so far.

The whole feeling was "We have your money now go away".  Left a really bitter taste, and certainly will not be using them for anything else going forward.

Title: Re: Autoworld, Chesterfield
Post by: anjinsan on February 27, 2015, 05:52:32 pm
Please read the guidelines
 'Please do not comment on other people's feedback - instead, take all conversations into PMs.'
Title: Re: Autoworld, Chesterfield
Post by: K77NAN on February 27, 2015, 05:56:11 pm
Please read the guidelines
 'Please do not comment on other people's feedback - instead, take all conversations into PMs.'
Title: Re: Autoworld, Chesterfield
Post by: victoriahurn on February 27, 2015, 06:12:29 pm

They kept me waiting to the point where I was late for an appointment, when the car was brought round I was given the keys and found the boot did not open, messing around to get the roof reset to open the boot, just didnt think to check it was only when I got home and looked I realised they were wrong, I know there is a hell of a difference between the 16s and 17s but it really was not something I was taking much notice of at the time, I just assumed thi8ngs would be right, like I assumed they would supply a service book,

Live and learn would never assume anything with them again.
Title: Re: Autoworld, Chesterfield
Post by: K77NAN on May 13, 2015, 06:48:05 pm
So I have just finished dealing with Autoworld for my 9th vehicle purchase from them in 5 years....and it will certainly be my last....

My general dealings with them over the years have never been brilliant, but they are very local to my work, and have a wide range of brands available in house. Indeed, of the 9 purchases, only one has been completely without incident, with issues ranging from missing paperwork to missing tyre inflation kits (twice!) and locking wheel nuts, to the finance being different to what was agreed (they tried to charge us £2k more upon collection of one of our vans than we had agreed!) And i gave up with the service department many years ago.

So, this time, I decided to buy one of the last 160bhp Competizones given the rather good discounts offered. We managed to reach the figures I wanted quite easily, but then there were no cars available that matched the spec I wanted (white or grey with leather). They had a demo car with leather, so I asked if we could get the standard white car that was available, and swap the interior with the demo car. At first they offered it for £1200, which given the business I have given them I found a little disingenuous. After making my point, they agreed to swap for one in a brand new car, at cost price. At this point, the deal was done, and we were told they would give us a call in a couple of days to confirm they had got the car reserved.....a call which never came.

After a couple of weeks I called in and was told that the car was on it's way, and should be there within ten days or so. Another 2 weeks went past, a couple of un-returned calls, and I find out (by another salesman, not the one I am dealing with) that the car is in stock and awaiting PDI. Another couple of un-returned calls, another visit to the showroom, and I get given a date for collection (just over a week away) and expect a call maybe the day before to arrange a time, but once again, no call comes. So once again, I call them, and a time is sorted. This is where it starts to really fall apart.....

So I turn up to collect the car, and find the interior hasn't been changed because 'we ran out of workshop time. I'll get it booked in early next week to be done'. Guess what, next week comes and goes, as does the week after, and yet again un-returned calls, another visit, and I finally get a date for the swap to be done. On the day of the swap, I am working in London, so my dad drops the car off and picks it up again for me, then I pick it up from work when I get back (around 11pm). The morning after I go out all excited to see the new interior in all its glory, and to say I was gutted is a masive understatement. There were so many issues, listed below:

A rip in the leather on the drivers side door card.
A gouge in the silver trim around the buttons on the steering wheel
Gouges in the centre console, and both plastc trims around the cills
A scratch in the paint on the drivers side cill
The back seat isn't even bolted in on one side!!
And it is filthy....what looks like oil on the seat side bolsters, and general dirt on the doors cards and seat backs

Needless to say, I was straight back down, and ready to really kick off! I showed my salesman, and he didn't seem overly concerned but did say he would book it in to get it sorted 'maybe later this week, but more likely early next week'...this was a Wednesday morning - Personally, if anyone who works for me had done such a poor job, they probably wouldn't have had a job any longer! I would have been furious! Anyway, guess what? That's right, no call! Last Saturday (2 and a half weeks later) I went back to the showroom again, and told them in no uncertain terms, that I would be bringing the car in on Tuesday and I expect to collect it that night with all jobs done. When I did collect, all jobs were indeed done, other than the scratch in the cill, but frankly I'm sick to death of wasting my time with them so I'll sort that out myself now. And in case you haven't been following, despite all the issues and all the calls I made, not once did I manage to speak to my salesman on the phone!
Title: Re: Stratstone, Chesterfield
Post by: R12PKY on March 26, 2018, 03:35:08 pm
First post on the forum and not a very good one..

Against my better judgement, I tried to purchase an Abarth from Stoneacre, Chesterfield (previously Autoworld).

Backstory... I had previously bought an Ibiza a few years back which turned out had been dropped off the transporter after 4 months of Autoworld trying to fix the steering issues and lots of lying before finally owning up. They swapped it for a Leon and I got a dealer fitted spoiler, after 2 attempts they were unable to paint it without leaving runs in it - on the second attempt they had opened the door onto what appeared to be a 2 or post ramp and denied all knowledge.

Fast forward a few years, it's now a Stoneacre, but all intent and purpose; it's the same with the same staff etc. I went to look at Abarths.

I agreed a deal on a stock car, one which was sat in a depot waiting to be sold, delivery miles and brand new, unregistered. I was promised the car within the week as I was in a rush and Stoneacre wanted a quick sale before the end of the month too - perfect.
Then the delays started, first Tuesday, then Wednesday, then Friday. Come Thursday nothing had been confirmed so I chased to check the whereabouts of the car, I was told the car won't be in until the following week and I'll get a call on the Monday to discuss. Not a firm date, just a delay. Great.

When I challenged the delivery date explaining I was promised this week, I was then told the car is in stock now and I'll get a call tomorrow (Friday) morning to say the car was registered and ready for me. We arrange for me to come down after work that night and collect the car.

I turn up as agreed to collect the car, on arrival I went straight up to the car to inspect it and it has the tell tale signs of test drives and showroom use (scratches around the handles and sills, few stone chips and marks on the leather - plus about 100 miles on the clock). This is when I was told by the salesman "we have good news and bad news".
Bad news being that they've had system issues all day and the car could not be registered. I couldn't take the car. Good news is I can complete the paperwork, pay in full and they have a loan car ready (poverty spec 500).
This was a cash sale, no way will I be paying best part fo £20k to drive home in a car which was not mine. I explain the fact there was no reason to drag me down here and that I was promised the car this week. They advised I can't collect the car till Monday as the Abarth/DVLA system wasn't working.  I explained, if that's the case, it might work in the morning and they should give me a call. I was offered a free service, but then I explained about another car I had seen which was already £200 cheaper - even before negotiation so there was no incentive to continue the sale and they should re-consider the offer when they call me in the morning.

Come Saturday morning, I missed a call around 8:50am. By 9am when I returned the call, my salesman was already with another customer. I'm getting frustrated by now and I can see all the warning signs so I call up the dealer with the other car, turns out its identical spec. I explain the situation and I negotiate £600 discount.
By 11.30am I finally get hold of my original salesman and ask him what the situation is - he said he was waiting on me!!? I explain about the other car and the price and asked him what he thought about this information and he told me to snap their hand off - then mentioned his customers right now came to look at my car and want to buy it. He asked if he could sell it to them and he'll refund my deposit! I said yes.

I went to look at the other car and bought it.

On Sunday I spoke to the salesman who advised the customer's finance failed and he asked if I was still interested.. "Erm.. no".


TL;DR - Arranged a sale, collection delayed, when I kicked off collected back on only to be told "system issues" when I went to collect. Next morning some other customers were viewing my car and wanted to buy it. I said go for it and the sale was off. Next day the dealer asked if I wanted the car still as the other customers finance declined. Sounds to me like I was gazumped but it backfired on the dealer.