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Author Topic: Glyn Hopkin St. Albans  (Read 6127 times)

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Glyn Hopkin St. Albans
« on: September 11, 2014, 01:32:06 pm »
Glyn Hopkin St. Albans
Lyon Way, Hayfield Road,
St. Albans, Herts. AL4 0QU
00727 811 811

Website : http://www.glynhopkin.com/abarth

Guidelines for members: Comments should be self-contained feedback on your overall experience following the purchase of a car or completion of service/warranty work.  Leaving feedback purely on the basis of a test drive or phone call is of no use to anyone.  Please do not comment on other people's feedback - instead, take all conversations into PMs.  All feedback must be constructive and factual.  Emotional ranting, retaliatory or libellous comments will be removed.  In all cases of dispute, your dealer must be given the opportunity to resolve the situation first.

Guidelines for dealers: Dealer staff may not post in their own threads except to exercise their right-to-reply on specific points of criticism.  Clarification, where required, should be sought privately.  Attempts to bump a thread will be dealt with harshly.


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    Offline Richard H

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    Re: Glyn Hopkin St. Albans
    « Reply #1 on: December 13, 2014, 12:18:26 pm »
    Used Glyn Hopkin for service, ok, you pay dealer prices, but the service was good and the car was washed.

    Courtesy car was clean.

    They've also replaced the boot handle, which hadn't worked for ages.

    Anyway, got offered a good deal, so have ordered another Abarth for March 2015

    The only critism is that the coffe facilities could be better, but at least there are some.

    overall very happy, friendly staff

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    Re: Glyn Hopkin St. Albans
    « Reply #2 on: February 24, 2015, 11:00:36 pm »
    I went to Glyn Hokins in St Albans, They were (to be polite and not get kicked off the site by the moderators!) TERRIBLE, the guy in there tried to scupper my agreed deal I had done with the Chelmsford branch by calling the sales manager there and telling him it was his deal at a higher price, I had a better deal from Ajay at Thames motors in Slough in writing on the table and in the words of the guy from Glyn Hopkins (his words) "the deal he offered can't be done, and if you get it, don't bother coming back" he even tried to charge me for the mats that are supplied as standard with the car. The deal I got from Ajay was over £1000 better. And the service so far from Thames has been outstanding and I collect the car this Sunday @ 9:30. I won't even use them for servicing now, and I buy a few cars for work, Nissan & Suzuki's and I have banned my guys from buying through them  or have them serviced.
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    Offline Richard H

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    Re: Glyn Hopkin St. Albans
    « Reply #3 on: March 13, 2015, 07:19:40 am »
    Picked up the car a week a go.

    Decided to pick up after the 1st when less rushed.

    Had regualr emails while waiting for the factory order, which is all we wanted.

    When we picked up the new car everything was ready and waiting.

    Very happy, good overall experiance, all the staff we spoke to where friendly

    Already had emails checking we're happy, and we are!

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    Re: Glyn Hopkin St. Albans
    « Reply #4 on: March 20, 2015, 08:04:10 pm »
    Probably my best car buying experience....

    About a month ago I called in to look at clouds of 500's as I was set on buying a twin air, I was approached by the Abarth specialist and despite me not being overly keen to speak I ended up test driving an Abarth, he then let me drive the twin air as a comparison.  Undecided I went back the next day, he gave me the keys to both and invited me to take them on a decent run to help me decide, the Abarth won. 

    Having been into Mini, Honda, Smart, Toyota, and Mazda dealers, this dealer really was a cut above.  Now I appreciate that sometimes after the 'sale' the gloss can fade, but, I was given regular updates by e-mail and phone call, always with the same enthusiasm. 

    The handover was slick, the car was gleaming and I was surprised to find a full tank of juice and a pair of key covers, which was a really nice touch.

    Over the last few years I have changed cars a few times, but this buying experience was great.

    shameless plug of my flickr account....aviation, wildlife, and maybe a few cars soon...


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    Re: Glyn Hopkin St. Albans
    « Reply #5 on: October 19, 2015, 12:26:30 am »
    Not the best experience overall for me..

    The sale on my Trofeo went through quite easily but initially offered less for my px than I had been offered elsewhere. Sales person went back to manager who subsequently upped the offer.. I also negotiated (or thought I did) a set of Abarth mats to go in my car only to find out later that the car was supplied with them as it was a special edition. They forgot to mention that..

    Cars been back twice with a body work issue and although it has been looked at it still isn't perfect.. They suggested taking out a window and rebonding it to see if this would remedy it but in the next breath said there were no guarantees..  Although appearing helpful I kinda got the impression I was being a pain in the backside..

    I didn't really do my research prior to buying my Abarth and didn't realise there were so many different models.. I would quite happily have been sold up to a 595 comp had I known the differences and would have been more than willing to pay the difference...

    I'll definitely buy another in the future but may look elsewhere