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Title: Platts Garage, Stoke-on-Trent
Post by: AlexK on February 26, 2010, 01:37:44 pm
Platts Garage, Stoke-on-Trent
Lightwood Road, Longton, Stoke-on-trent, ST3 4JG
Phone: 01782 599600
Fax: 01782 599897

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Title: Re: Platts Garage, Stoke-on-Trent
Post by: uk-singh on August 28, 2009, 10:19:25 pm
Hi Everyone,

First time posting on the forum, I would like to give a big thanks to Sean Cosgrove from Platts Abarth for all the service and customer care given to us over the purchase of our Abarth 500. I travelled from Thames Ditton in Surrey, to Stoke on Trent to seal the deal on our car. I found all of the dealers nearer to my location less that accommodating and quite negative when approached. I feel the further north I have been for my cars the better the service.

Sean was a complete professional, and helped with my p/x better than any other dealer, he also kept me up to date with any and all info relating to the delivery of the car. I cannot recommend Platts highly enough. Its amazing what he did for us over the phone, compared to what some dealers nearer to me didn't do upon us visiting them.

God bless the internet!

Sean is the man!


Title: Re: Platts Garage, Stoke-on-Trent
Post by: stokiedazza on September 02, 2009, 09:42:52 pm
id just like to second that.
I picked my punto abarth up from platts yesterday and they were superb. Sean and Andy Ford were spot on. Ive used Platts for over ten years and they have always been brill....its nice to see it has extended to the Abarth side. 10/10 top service and even better that they are only 3 or 4 miles away from where i live    :thumb:
Title: Re: Platts Garage, Stoke-on-Trent
Post by: DraigFlag on September 05, 2009, 07:19:26 pm
Wish there was a closer Abarth dealer to me, Platts is my nearest too at 100 miles away! Think i will leave them a neutral comment, there were a few issues with my car when i went to collect it after it had a new gearbox fitted, but to be fair, they did sort it all out in the end and even delivered it back to me, not bad considering the distance! Ok go on then, i'll give them a  :thumb:
Title: Re: Platts Garage, Stoke-on-Trent
Post by: A84RTH on October 15, 2009, 09:44:37 am
they great at selling you a car and seem really helpful just wait until any work need doin it all changes.
Title: Re: Platts Garage, Stoke-on-Trent
Post by: mad_bar_stud on October 30, 2009, 04:42:58 pm
picked my a500 up yesterday from platts in stoke, excellent service and sales men. tony wilson, and sean platt kept me informed through the whole process right up 2 picking the car up. no complaints what so ever .
Title: Re: Platts Garage, Stoke-on-Trent
Post by: bex698 on March 18, 2010, 05:02:12 pm
platts were very good at keeping me informed when i bought my car and were very helpful but when i needed to take the car back they didnt seem as helpful and kept fobbing me off when i phoned them so not so good there  :thumbd: other than they they were very good
Title: Re: Platts Garage, Stoke-on-Trent
Post by: kwikmattabarth on March 18, 2010, 08:01:12 pm
a big thanks to sean cosgrove at platts just wish they were closer (but then there would be more abarths around here) a white a500 and my red a500 are the only ones that i know of around here. and to all of the other dealers around you could learn a thing or two off them. so professional he was. and didnt belittle you like previous dealers and best of all he got it all done in quick time (christmas eve pick up date) 3 weeks when i put in the order.  no idea on the after care as no probs and plus work in a garage so hoping it wouldnt need to go back
again big thanks to sean cosgrove  :thumb:
Title: Re: Platts Garage, Stoke-on-Trent
Post by: A84RTH on March 18, 2010, 10:11:40 pm
after sales are poor compared to sales  :thumbd:  work is done by the fiat section across the road from the abarth section we had a creek at the back of our car and kept getting excuse after excuse when took it back even said they couldnt hear anything at first after taking it back several times wasting lots of fuel and time they changed the rear shockers and since its been fine  :thumb: been back for few other things and still get excuses so we take a tech out with us when we have problems to point out the problem.
Title: Re: Platts Garage, Stoke-on-Trent
Post by: A84RTH on March 18, 2010, 10:44:02 pm
after changing rear shockers it then became intermittent, finally after almost a year, the creak progressed into a whirring bearing noise, after calling service & being told they doubt its the bearing as they have had no faults with them previously, we took the car out with one of the mechanics & he confirmed it was the bearing. since thats been changed, its been fine  :thumb: we take a tech out with us when we have problems to point out the problem & that seems to work. No other quarrels really, service/repair dept are very helpful to resolve disputes etc & seem to keep us well informed when they have the car.
Title: Re: Platts Garage, Stoke-on-Trent
Post by: Trooper on April 01, 2010, 06:45:55 pm
Phoned Platts today to see when my car was due (this month hopefully) I asked to speak to Sean but i was told he no longer worked there :( they said they would ring back...... a few hours later Tony rang back and said that Sean left suddenly without notice and he had been left with all his outstanding orders so he's in a bit of a mess.
I asked when the car was due ...he didn't know :( i asked about the dealer freebies id negotiated and again he didnt know :( he called back later and told the wife our car had been built and it was due but couldn't say when :(

I don't blame Tony he's been left with a lot to sort out, but this isn't filling me full of confidence :(
Title: Re: Platts Garage, Stoke-on-Trent
Post by: Salvos_White_Abarth on April 08, 2010, 09:24:31 pm
Finaly picked my baby up on saturday ;D

I havent been on here since iv got it as i been driving everywhere in it.absolutely fantastic! anyway il talk about it in the 500 section.

I picked up the car from platts and dealt with tony wilson.

-Nice bloke, when i went there for the test run he handed the keys over and said me,my brother and my dad could go for a spin on our own.this made us feel right at home.however i asked if he could come along as we didnt know the area and didnt want to get lost and get the search party on me.

-test run was fantastic, took me on dual cariage way and bumpy and twisty roads.gave my brother a test run aswell.tony took his time with us and didnt feel rushed at any time.the test run was a good maby 30 minute drive i think.

-tony did us a very good deal, scrappage, mats,10 pounds worth of fuel, mats,scorpion,roof,stripes,mirrors half price, key ring,

- laid back and nice to chat to.
- offered us to pick us up from longton on collection day as we was  getting there by train. i found thi s a very subtle nice offer and touch. it didnt happen because wed missed the train at stoke so we thought just taxi it straight to platts.
- kept me informed,rang me when he said he would. one time he couldn't get through to me and he was finishing his shift so he left me a voice mail with his own personal number asking me to text him when im available and he rang me back. i found this very nice touch as even though he had finished work he took the time out to ring me back from home just to tell me the car is fine :thumb:.

- If anything tony didnt know he would find out for me.

- sean sent me 3 samples of red shades through the post so i could pick which i wanted.(again another nice subtle touch which he didnt have to do but did).

-collection- not rushed at all, car looked fantastic. only niggle was that i found the car slightly dirty with mud on the peddles. My brother found 2 very small bubbles on 1 square which we pointed out and he told me to bring it at any time and theyl sort it out which im confident they will :thumb: .
(il keep an eye on it and do it when i can). The rest of the roof looks fantastic,mirrors painted are spot on and the stickers on the side look immense :thumb:.

A brilliant and careful drive back had 3 miles on the clock and now its on 280 miles after 6 days. absolutely love it.  :thumb: worth every penny! if you go to platts i definetly recommend to go and see tony wilson. oh i managed to get a alfa mito mp3 player on collection too :thumb: . (really nice and compact :thumb:)

I look forward to dealing with platts again and i hope the after sales is as good as the pre sale.
Title: Re: Platts Garage, Stoke-on-Trent
Post by: A500SSBOB on May 10, 2010, 11:51:43 pm
After over 6 months im still waiting for my Abarth SS box and Petal alloys/tires to be delivered to my house as promised when i bought the car new...  After 3 or four calls and one request in person, I keep being assured that the right dpt. has been told to do it, but i never hear anything back, they have all my details on file and the salesman who sold me the car has told me he knows my box is still sitting there.

I have two surveys sent to me by Abarth waiting to be filled in as they are anxious to know what i think about their dealer and why i didnt fill the first one in and return it...
Title: Re: Platts Garage, Stoke-on-Trent
Post by: Robbiec on July 15, 2010, 06:52:46 pm
Just picked up my red agp ss from platts in stoke after it was there 1 week to fit top shock mounts, unbelievable i know!! I was rung the day after it went in by the service advisor and told my drop link was broken and his words 'your shock has broken' no explanation just its broken. After about 5 or 6 attempts to get hold of service manager it came to light that the apparantly trained abarth tech who worked on my car was a bit heavy handed and cross threaded my drop link and also buggered something else on my shock absorber which i still dont know what it was. I was told my part would take one week to arrive by this time i was getting a little fed up of driving round in a bright blue 1.2 500 but stuck it out and waited a week for this part to arrive. The day came for me to pick my car up and on the morning of the collection i got a call saying my part had not arrived and there was no available date of when it would arrive, at this poiont i was fuming and again spoke to the service manager who was very helpful and said he would try and get the part i needed off a new car and fit it to mine which he did, Eventually picked up my car and didnt evan get a single apology off anyone. The service i recived was appauling all apart from ian the service manager who was very helpful, i recived no contact until the day i was supposed to collect and the service advisor who i was dealing with was about as useful as a chocolate tea pot. All in all im shocked at the service i got and wont be using them again!!!
Title: Re: Platts Garage, Stoke-on-Trent
Post by: Tha_Ben on July 15, 2010, 07:02:07 pm
ahhh good old platts!

Im still waiting for a new instrument cluster, car went in 4 weeks! ago for top mounts & instrument cluster, top mounts were done and instrument cluster went onto back-order and they couldn't tell me when it would come in. As I was going on holiday i didn't want to leave my car in there trusty ;) hands, had to speak to someone higher up just to get my car back. Anyway, come back of Holiday, had a voicemail to say part had arrived. Booked in etc.. wrong part! still waiting for the correct part to arrive.

I feel you'r pain, i wish there was somewhere closer because it seems to take 4 trips to the dealer to fix an issue, by that time another rattles/issue has come up and it all starts again... ZZzzz
Title: Re: Platts Garage, Stoke-on-Trent
Post by: Salvos_White_Abarth on December 10, 2010, 12:49:36 pm
Went in for the air bag safety update. heidi on the servicing side who booked me in was very pleasant.

While i waited, i catched up with tony wilson who rememberd me and my brother from 6 months ago when we did the deal. the update was quicker than i thought, about  15 minutes or so lol.

i had 2 small issues.1 the side skirt and 2nd a square on the roof that wasnt aligned right where the ariel is on. i wasnt going to say nothing as i thought they wouldnt go through the trouble for a little niggly thing.however i did mention it and they was fine about it and ordered me a replacement square.

a replacement side skirt was ordered to replace my drivers one, and heidi told me they tend to come in damaged so have to keep going back but all going well they should be in 4 days.i was expecting them to be sent back a few times. however 4 days later the skirts arrive in fine condition and ready to be booked in.

i explained to heidi that i wont be able to come in now til february. she said she  they only normaly keep the parts for a few days or so but told me to speak to debbie on the body shop section.

spoke to deb the following day and she knew my concern and said its fine and theyl keep it til feb and to ring them up a month or so before to book it in. :)

no complaints what soever.

im just hoping they do the square better this time and hope the paint on the sideskirt matches.:)

so far platts have been efficient and not given me any grumbles or excuses and been very fast. :thumb:
Title: Re: Platts Garage, Stoke-on-Trent
Post by: Tha_Ben on January 05, 2011, 04:14:28 pm
Well, im normally very quick to flame Platts when they do something wrong... But.

The service I received yesterday was outstanding I have to say.

My AGP was booked in for warranty work on the suspension.

I had asked Tony in Abarth sales to borrow there APE for the day while mine was in and they agreed, so on arrival they had the car ready for me.  :thumb:

Asked for some other issues to be looked at when I arrived (added to the job card)  :thumb:

Got to work in the APE :D and realised I had forgotten one thing, so e-mailed service and they forwarded the e-mail to workshop control who looked into the issue.  :thumb:

Arrived back from covering a few miles, got an update what was done on the car, keys handed over. Job Done.  :thumb:

Excellent servie from Platts yesterday, Friendly service with a smile!
Title: Re: Platts Garage, Stoke-on-Trent
Post by: Tha_Ben on January 22, 2011, 04:11:46 am
Once again, credit where credit is due.

Car went in as rattle had started again, went out with a tech who heard the noise within 10m of leaving the dealer, they said they would keep the car possibly for 2 days and would let me know.

Fiat service left me a voice mail AND e-mailed me to say they needed to keep the car overnight for parts to arrive (no problems as i had a courtasy car)

Left me a VM and e-mailed me again today to let me know the car was ready - so far... no rattle.
 :thumb: again.

Actually enjoying dealing with Platts at the moment...
Title: Re: Platts Garage, Stoke-on-Trent
Post by: x18pjr on April 12, 2011, 07:50:39 pm
sale guys are brill, but my problem is they dont phone you tell you your cars ready, and the service guy no good, just does not understand the esseesse servicing (tells me i dont need service 6k)

but cant complain on 3miles away
Title: Re: Platts Garage, Stoke-on-Trent
Post by: Salvos_White_Abarth on June 04, 2011, 09:22:53 pm
update on the work carried out and i collected today.

i originaly rang reece at fiat uk explaining work was missed out or damaged and he immediatly sent me £100 worth of vouchers.nice lad and always returned my calls and was very prompt in trying to resolve my complaint.

work done at platts:

1)chequered roof was done by a lad called craig.he was patient with me being picky and reasured me he would improve my wonky square decal. i found he did a fantastic job,i spoke to him and he left me with full faith that he could match the chequerd roof in color and make it look likea full square and make it look even.(see picture below):thumb:  his company is strongly recomend craig if you want any decals or wign writing done as he seems a very enthusiastic chap doing his work.

2)b+m back working and the new update seems to have ironed out all the anoying glitches iv had with it in the past :thumb:

3) side skirt that had paint chipped when i collected it 1st time has been touched up :thumb:

4)Above the side skirt there was two stone chips which they touched up :thumb:

5)Service book was stamped as they missed it the 1st time :thumb:

6)free mats was thrown in as promised by ian carr the service manager because of the inconvinience that i had to take it back to get the jobs re done.

deb on the body work section, really nice lady and kept me uptodate and made sure everything was done properly this time around.

i was left disapointed the 1st time around as i think there was mis comunication on what i wanted done but platts made sure this time around everything was done so thanks guys :thumb: :thumb:

P.S Thanks to  tony for letting me hear the monza on a car outside....oooft i want one now
Title: Re: Platts Garage, Stoke-on-Trent
Post by: Tha_Ben on September 05, 2011, 01:27:50 pm
And we're back to the good old days at platts.

Car has been scratched in 2 places while in platts possession a few weeks ago, they will repair one as a good will geasture ??? Won't repair other due to the broken off part looking old.

Replacement rear window was done under warranty - rubber seal is now showing and looking like a half arsed job. Throwing toys out of the pram when I asked for compensation.

Service manager showing his true colours and basically referring me to fiat customer relations now for the garages c*ck up.

Not good customer service at all!

Techs on the other hand are still friendly.
Title: Re: Platts Garage, Stoke-on-Trent
Post by: AustinR on January 21, 2012, 09:59:32 pm
Top marks to Platts Garage, Stafford. Found my AGP was leaking oil last night after my recent service.
Took it this morning to Platts and they checked it out for me there and then. Even though they hadn't done the service they still sorted out the problem and charged it to FIAT under warranty. I suppose it helps if you know the people you're dealing with, and I've known John on reception for years from when I used to get my FIAT parts from him when he worked at the now defunct Bostons of Milford.
Title: Re: Platts Garage, Stoke-on-Trent
Post by: Salvos_White_Abarth on April 28, 2012, 02:06:45 pm
My 2nd year service this morning.Cutting it very late, if i wouldnt have sorted it today i would of lost my 3rd year warantee ooops.

Excellent work done by platts, friendly staff. i had a look at the new panda ( weird but i like it).Big thanks to steve who managed to get fiat uk to authorise my £100 vouchers which expired 1 week ago.2nd year low mileage oil and filter and checks after my vouchers came to a bargain...£50  ;D .
Title: Re: Platts Garage, Stoke-on-Trent
Post by: scorpione bianco on August 10, 2012, 11:38:13 am
 :thumb: Took car in to Platts two months ago for its 'first' service.  As car had only done 3000 miles they reccommended I had a 'low mileage service' with oil and filter change. 
They also looked at a couple of minor warranty-related items and updated the Blue&me. 
All in all a very pleasant experience.  The Service Department's staff were courteous and friendly.  THe service was a tad expensive; it was a good job I had a £75 voucher to offset the cost.
A benefit of going to Platts is that in Longton town they sell Pikeletts with raisins - I can't get these anywhere else!
Title: Re: Platts Garage, Stoke-on-Trent
Post by: Salvos_White_Abarth on December 19, 2012, 08:00:39 pm
This is Just a suggestion to platts and maby other abarth dealers but,,.

My brother usualy gets magazines come through the post from volvo and he did with renault which im surprised abarth dont do.Magazines based on volvo and renault are not interesting at all but i think if abarth did it would be a interesting read.

Also he usually gets things through the post like vouchers and information on whats happening in the Volvo world. All i ever seem to receive is stuff to entice me to go back and buy a new car e.g adverts and thats it.Platts have been great :thumb: but i just wish they would "keep in touch" abit more with the owners rather than just sending out adverts and prices and letters saying stuff like "your car is almost 3 years old...perfect time to change bla bla bla"(you get my drift).

Besides that il happily go back to platts and look forward to go back in march for my 3rd year service.
Title: Re: Platts Garage, Stoke-on-Trent
Post by: Salvos_White_Abarth on March 11, 2013, 03:11:43 pm
3rd year service time today.Wheres the time gone?

Abi booked in for 1030, I was seen straight away, i got her back for 1230.Deb and new lad adam at the desk was friendly.Adam explained what they did.The service came to £165 which i dont think is too bad :thumb: .I had a browse in one of their garages and i sat in their ferrari mondial and ac cobra.I couldnt squeeze my leg as it was very tight in but they was very special to sit in:).Job done in and out with no hassle watsoever. :thumb: Only thing i was disapointed is i think the abarth section is very small with only two a500 turismos on display.Theyve crammed in the chrysler section which takes up most the space and i think it would be better if they had more variant of the abarths in their rather instead of leaving them outside.Maby have the evo,a500c in theire and unfortunatly i couldnt find a competezione to sit in and i could only see the legends blue  right at the back of the yard which was sold.I praise platts and once again no issues so il be going their again in a years time for the 4th service :thumb: :thumb:
Title: Re: Platts Garage, Stoke-on-Trent
Post by: Sammi on June 27, 2013, 08:24:05 pm glad all of you had no problemss getting a car from here!!..I must be the unlucky one...I have brought 2 cars from them and they messed up both times!!!...needless to say im not going there again...and also wouldnt recommend them!!...When i brought my 11 plate FIAT punto off them, they gave me the wrong number plate, although it was easily sorted...then when i brought my 13 plate ABARTH 500 off then in march, i had to go without a car for 3 days because they told me that my car would be ready for the friday, and wasnt actually ready until the Tuesday...and my insurance on my punto had expired!!!...then after weeks of having all my signatures they decided to tell me that my signatures didnt match on the day i SHOULD if collecting the car...Im not usually a moaner...HONEST :-) x
Title: Re: Platts Garage, Stoke-on-Trent
Post by: DenneJ13 on August 25, 2013, 02:23:34 pm
I phoned them up at the beginning of July interested in purchasing an A500c, spoke to a guy called Mark, gave him my car details for trade in, he said he would get back to me with a price to do the deal. Well I'm still waiting.......

So I phoned Marsons in Keele, got my 500 from them, and asked if they could get me an Abarth, they said yes, gave me a price there and then, deal done within a week. New car arriving 2nd/3rd week Sept  ;D

Title: Re: Platts Garage, Stoke-on-Trent
Post by: Sammi on September 28, 2013, 10:54:18 pm
Another Bad experience...I dont think they like me anymore...Went in to have my rear light (drivers side) repaired as it had condensation, i basically told them from the word go that i have the proof that there has been condensation but there isnt any at the moment, anyway they sorted that problem out fine!!...I waited in there for it to be done...didnt take to long...but the person that drove my car didnt push my wing mirror back out and he WOULD of needed that mirror to get out of the parking space, as it was the spaces that go sideways and not the 'normal' way! So i spoke to somebody about it, he just said he might of looked over his shoulder, i said to him that when learning, you are told to check mirrors! thats what they are there for, he just laughed and said 'yeah' and walked of!!

On the plus side, like i say, drivers side light has no condensation :)
But realised friday night that passenger side now has condensation, so need to make another visit to them :(
Title: Re: Platts Garage, Stoke-on-Trent
Post by: Salvos_White_Abarth on April 23, 2014, 10:49:31 am
Another year another uncertain trip to platts. I've been there every year and every time i feel"whats going to go wrong this time?" .

-Originally wanted to book my car in for a 18k service and monza fit on 17th march
-Ordered my monza 19th feb being told "a few weeks".
In the end it took 7 weeks and causing me to chase up the part and get fiat uk involved with many calls to hurry it up.Never did the dealer do this(there job not mine).I felt if i i hadn't of took it on my own hands they wouldn't have chased anything up.I also had to rearange the date 3 times because of the delay.They then send me a text confirming my booking(thursday not friday)causing me to ring them again to make sure they changed it to the day i wanted.

-Ordered a alluminium fuel cap and during one of the calls with somebody there, the fella said a comment along the lines of "we can sort one out  for you by changing a few things around" which made me think they would take it off a display car. However i didn't question it as the original person who ordered it said it would be new so i trusted that.
(when i had it fitted, guess what? i had no box with it so i can only assume it came off a display car).

-I was told the job would take 3 hours,i was booked in for 1030 and car didn't go in til 11. I was waiting till 3:30 so overall i was there for 5 hours.

-The service man agreed on the phone that they would cover the monza with protective grease.On the day i had to preety much convince the mechanic to put something on as all they kept telling me was "we cant put anything on it".

-This mechanics answer  to a freezing valve was "dont believe  forums, people dont know how to drive and if it seezes get a hammer on it".

-When the car was dropped off, i saw a man washing the car even though i told them NOT to wash the car.I ran up to him to tell him to stop.
me: i dont want it washed
him: you didnt tell us.
me: i did at the desk.(he didnt write it down)
him: moaned about it . He then asked me where my service book was and i told him it was 100% on the chair and he accused me of not having it.In the end it was put on the back.(i panicked thinking they had lost it).

I asked him where my original exhaust was and he didnt have a clue.I searched the dealer to find it left outside. I had to kindly ask somebody else  to help me carry it and i was saying i felt something always goes wrong here and he actually said to me "i've had enough of the people that work here"( so he was in a mood).

I had to run after the person who cleaned my car as he had locked my door and walked off with my keys.He dissapeared and then i had to find somebody else to help me find the chap who had walked off with my keys.

In summary :

Took longer than they said
Ordering was a faff that really didn't have to be.
Instead of relaxing having a coffee i was running around after people to get answers and to try and find where my stuff have been left.
Mechanics dont seem to know what they're talking about.

Overall again i go in that place not confident that it will be a smooth process.Theres some unanswered emails too which i was going to mention but i couldnt be bothered in the end i just wanted to go home.

In the past ive had replaced side skirts damaged and roof stickers not being replaced causing 2 seperate trips, stamp books not being stamped(found out on the way back home).Brake fluids not been advised to change 2 years ago.( i mentioned this year and they said "people dont normally have it done".This annoyed me as i felt like im not being given correct advice and then making me choose if i want it done or not.

Only good thing was i think i got a good deal. i paid £1.135 quid for a monza and 18k service and fuel cap.As i had it done all at once they did a discount on everything which i appreciate but you would think ordering a getting a car service would run smoothly.

Title: Re: Platts Garage, Stoke-on-Trent
Post by: Atlgibson on May 08, 2014, 12:08:52 pm
Bought my Punto Evo Supersport from here at the start of February. The after sales customer service from Platts are terrible. Once you have signed on the dotted line everything else is then put to one side.

On delivery of the car the Polish was all down one side of the car which I wiped down myself before leaving. I also had my private registration transferred as part of the deal, wish I hadn't bothered and done it myself as 3 months later and I still don't have the registration on my car as the documents have been sat in their office for months. I had been fobbed off on the phone multiple times or told that the representative wasn't in that day and would call back. This happened for around 5 weeks or longer rather than the issue actually being resolved to then be told by the person dealing with it "it's not my fault the person who sold you the car has left".

Very very poor customer service! No apology! Need a rocket up their back sides!
Title: Re: Platts Garage, Stoke-on-Trent
Post by: AnjunaCrasher on May 08, 2014, 11:56:37 pm
Took me 6 months to get my wheels repaired, as mine were damaged when I picked the car up...when they eventually got the company out to do the work on my diamond faced 17" 10 spokes, they looked horrific and they swapped the wheels around so that I would look at one of my perfect undamaged wheels instead of the one they repaired!  :thumbd:

Even the sales manager Matt (who I've had 3 cars from) said their work was totally unacceptable (and unlawful) so they ended up having to give me a full set of 4 wheels and brand new tyres for free, plus a few goodwill gestures to make up for the 15+ trips to Longton chasing them up i.e a tank of fuel, new mats and 20% off the 1st service.

Not got a good word to say about the customer service they offer, as many people have said before; once you sign on the dotted line they abandon any duties/responsibilities they have post contract agreement.

They do have a few nice enough guys who work there, but I need them to me fast and efficient, not sluggish and clueless. Furthermore, the sales guy who was meant to be 'sorting out my replacement alloy', simply lied for 4 of the 5 months in the hope that I would forget or give up, so I ended up chasing Matt for some action!

To his credit he got the (shoddy) repair organised within 5 mins of talking to him about the saga, then immediately offered me a full set of wheels from a new off the transporter the very next day. In the end I got brand new rubber and alloys after 6 months free of charge, but this was completely unnecessary as it could have been dealt with there and then when I picked the car up according to Matt.

If you use Platts, just nail down a good deal and look elsewhere for servicing and 'odd jobs'; funnily enough Stafford are much better although it's not a full Abarth dealership they can offer warrany & service work no problem.
Title: Re: Platts Garage, Stoke-on-Trent
Post by: ajg74 on May 12, 2014, 07:14:08 pm
I got my car from Platts as well and I will never take it back to them, on the test drive it had a knackered battery, stiff gear selector, a dent\scratch on the roof, a scratch on the passenger side skirt and a judder between 40 and 60 when accelerating, all would be sorted when  I collected it, was meant to get it in the Thursday afternoon, took a half day, called them in the morning, not ready but will be Saturday morning, ok, get a call Saturday morning, not ready, waiting for a part, will be ready Monday evening! Called Monday morning, yes it's all ready, got there 6pm Monday, car hadn't even been valeted, scratch on side and roof still there and the salesman (!) was desperately trying to wash it, ok well they seemed to have fixed the gear selector and hopefully the judder, was planning on giving it good wash\clay\polish\wax myself anyway so jot fussed about the valet.
Signed everything over, got in it, got to 40 and the judder's still there and after driving for 20 mins is the stiff gear selector, not happy, seems all they had done in the week it took them to prep it was MOT it, stick a new battery on and bodge trying to fix the selector!
Called them the next day, told them I was very unhappy, booked in to get it sorted, went out with their head Alfa tech cos the Fiat one was busy, within a mile he said the juddering was the drive shaft cups and the whole selector needed replacing, said he had seen them lubricating it in the workshop and told them they where wasting their time!

Sent home, back to Manc, got a call the next day, cars ready to be collected, erm is it fixed, no they have ordered the parts, told them I dont want it back until it's fixed but they wanted their 500 pol back, spoke to and argued with the service manager who then agreed to me keeping the loaner, took them other another week and more tense phone calls, I finally got it back fixed, no apology, nothing.........
Title: Re: Platts Garage, Stoke-on-Trent
Post by: captpicard on September 04, 2015, 04:20:40 pm
I wnet to Platts to purchase a abarth 135 c convertible, after purchasing a new 500c the year before . the 500c was horrible, I had a 500c before so when I was offered a brand new one for the same money I jumped at it  - BIG mistake. No one mentioned the engine had being revamped to the new euro settings. the 1.2 engine is terrible and dangerous!,  anyway , went in to swap  this for an abarth,
asked about what colour car and roof I wanted, but not offered any other additions  :'(. At the time I didn't give it a thought , but later after finally collecting the car felt annoyed about it . but left it .

I was tod the car would be ready by the end of the month (july 2015) and would  be contacted when it was ready.

No calls from the garage - so down to me to chase.
Finally, car ready.
Go to collect , then told the "kit" had not yet arrived, and I should ring the garage on Monday to follow up. (the kit was the mats, sills, and pedals). The salesman ,Mark said I thought you would want the car asap, rather than wait, I've ordered the kit, usually they arrive before the car does)

Called the garage on Monday, and told the salesman had left on Friday, and they had no record or knowledge of the "kit", spoke to servicing, who said they would calls me back.
Guess what they didn't.
Asked to speak to the manager - in a meeting , he would call me back.  -  he didn't
I called back and asked again- with a customer would call back  - he didn't
 I called back and asked again- with in a meeting would call back  - he didn't.
I called back and asked again- he had left for the day, and now was on holiday  - spoke to another salesman and asked who was in charge - informed the director was in tomorrow and he would forward the message.
The director DID call back and I expressed my annoyance with the lack of communication and service.  - He said he would personally sort it, and credit to him he did , the parts arrived 1 week later.

Then at the end of august  I checked my finances to find 2 further payments for my old car had gone out, spoke with the finance company , informed they had not recived the settlement form Platts.
Back on he phone to Platts, informed they would sort it out immediately, and send the payment thorough direct.
Next day, spoke to finance, payment received , but it as outside the settlement date, so more , complications.(this left me in overdraft with  daily costs rising)
Back to Platts, Manager surprisingly not available.Managed to speak to the director again,
Director chased, would email me later and call me wether he had an update or not.
Guess what - no call !!!
I did get and email at 7.30 that evening to say no news from finance, , Next day , emailed to say sorted.

My main issue  is -  NO communication, and utterly shocking customer service(non existent).
NO compensation  - nothing .

Never again will I buy a car from this dealership. They take your money , then you are left dangling - alone

Worst customer service I have every received  from ANYWHERE . Disgusted :thumbd: :thumbd: :thumbd: :thumbd:
Title: Re: Platts Garage, Stoke-on-Trent
Post by: Llandudnoboy on August 18, 2017, 03:40:31 pm
I purchased my Abarth from them, simply on their asking price.
It had been preregistered last September, and was for sale at a bargain £10495.
It was in the colour of my choice, had several desirable extras, and had a set of floor mats thrown in.

I paid for the car in cash, by handing over a Building society cheque for the full amount, made out to themselves.

Expecting to be able to drive the car away, that day, i was surprised to learn they wanted to ensure the cheque cleared beforehand.

That took a rather silly two weeks, and when i eventually arrived to collect the car, it had not been prepared, and to add further salt to the wounds, they kept me waiting a further four hours.

They forgot to provide me with the vital Mopar service plan documents i had paid for, and after four promises over the phone, that they would be in the post, i drove the 219miles there and back from my home, to collect them.

The car has been a total dream to own, totally reliable, but have i returned to PLATTS.

I visited Chester instead, where they serviced my car, and duly accepted my Mopar service plan, even though they used a different plan themselves.