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Author Topic: Preston Motor Park, Preston  (Read 5658 times)


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Preston Motor Park, Preston
« on: April 05, 2012, 03:27:58 pm »
Preston Motor Park, Preston
Port Way, Ashton on Ribble, Preston, Lancashire, PR2 2YQ
Phone: 0844 372 3856

Guidelines for members: Comments should be self-contained feedback on your overall experience following the purchase of a car or completion of service/warranty work.  Leaving feedback purely on the basis of a test drive or phone call is of no use to anyone.  Please do not comment on other people's feedback - instead, take all conversations into PMs.  All feedback must be constructive and factual.  Emotional ranting, retaliatory or libellous comments will be removed.  In all cases of dispute, your dealer must be given the opportunity to resolve the situation first.

Guidelines for dealers: Dealer staff may not post in their own threads except to exercise their right-to-reply on specific points of criticism.  Clarification, where required, should be sought privately.  Attempts to bump a thread will be dealt with harshly.


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    Re: Preston Motor Park, Preston
    « Reply #1 on: August 31, 2012, 12:55:41 pm »
    Hi, I recently purchased my Abarth 500 from Preston Motor Park so I thought I tell you about the experience!

    I decided I wanted an Abarth 500 (I had the original 500 which I liked but wanted more power!) and luckily (as I only live down the road)the Abarth section at Preston had opened a couple of months before!

    The whole experience of buying the car was excellent. From my initial enquiry via email to going down to the show room and chatting with Andy was very relaxed and informative. At no point did I feel pressured into making a decision on the spot or made to feel uncomfortable.

    On my second visit I test drove the Abarth 500 and knew from that point that it was the car for me. We talked through the finances and I decided to opt for the 12 plate demonstrator and I think I got a great deal!

    Following signing on the dotted line Andy kept me informed over the next week or so on the progress of my finance etc. until it was the day to collect. The hand-over on collection day went very smoothly and there were no issues what so ever!

    All in all it was an excellent experience (one of the best I have had a car dealerships) and can't fault it at all. I often drop Andy an email regarding questions I have around the car and he always get back to me very quickly.

    I would recommend Abarth @ Preston Motor Park to anyone interested in purchasing an Abarth, I am sure you will have a pleasant experience! :thumb:

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    Re: Preston Motor Park, Preston
    « Reply #2 on: November 21, 2012, 12:10:56 pm »
    I though I would give an update on this, following the shocking after sales service I have received from Preston Motor Park. Absolutely terrible. See the letter that I will be sending to Preston Motor Park later today:

     :thumbd: :thumbd: :thumbd: :thumbd: :thumbd:

    "Dear General Manager

    I contacted Preston Motor Park approximately two months ago regarding a problem I had with my Abarth 500 purchased in May 2012. The problem was regarding the side ‘Abarth’ decals which had begun to peel resulting in one side cracking causing the decal to tear.

    A member of the Preston Motor Park Staff took photographs of the decals and contacted Abarth to discuss a warranty claim. Abarth initially stated they would not replace the decals under warranty. As I had no part in the damage (a manufacturing defect) that occurred to the decals I contacted Abarth directly, they agreed to replace one of the Abarth side stripes. A decision I find ridiculous as after 4 months the decals should not start to lift from the paint work if correctly fitted at the factory.

    I was told by Abarth that they had been in contact with Preston Motor Park and Preston Motor Park would be in touch to arrange a date for replacing the damaged decal in the near future. Over a month passed and without being contacted by Preston Motor Park. I contacted Preston Motor Park on the 8th November to find out the cause of the delay. I was told that nothing had been progressed and they were under the impression that I should have contacted them, at which point they would have ordered the replacement decal. I was told that Abarth would replace one of the decals under warranty and it was my decision which side was replaced. I requested that the driver’s side was to be replaced as this had the most damage. I was told that the order for the decal would be placed that day and I would be contacted when it arrived to arrange fitting.

    I again heard nothing from Preston Motor Park and decided to call on the 20th November to see how things were progressing. I spoke to a member of staff, who had no recollection of the replacement decal. He insisted that he would find out what was going on and get a member of staff to get back in touch that day. At approximately 16:30 I had still not received a phone call. I called again and spoke to the same member of staff who apologised the other member of staff not responding, he informed me that he was currently engaged on another call and would get back to be straight away once he had finished. Again I never received a return phone call, which was very disappointing to say the least.

    Due to Preston Motor Park again failing to return my call I phone again on Wednesday 21st November. I again spoke to the same member of staff who once again apologised for their failure to return my call. He then assured me that a member of staff would return my call within the next hour. To my amazement a member of staff returned my call within the hour. Unfortunately there was no recollection of the phone call and conversion I had on the 8th November in which it was agreed that the driver’s side decal would be replaced under warranty and that an order would be placed on the 8th. Therefore no order had been placed and I was no further closer to having the decal replaced even though almost two months had passed since I originally contacted Preston Motor Park.

    In addition to the replacement decal not being ordered the member of staff I spoke to on the 21st November told me that they would now NOT replace the driver’s side decal. Apparently Abarth would only replace the passenger side decal which totally contradicted what I was told on the 8th November.

    The whole experience of Preston Motor Park’s after sales service has been terrible. The total lack of organisation and constant changing of stories depending upon which member of staff you speak to is totally unacceptable. The failure to return customer calls on numerous occasions is very very poor customer service.

    This experience has been very disappointing and upon purchasing the car (which was a substantial financial investment) I expected far better after sale service. I have been made to feel as a persistent annoyance rather than a valued customer. Following all this described above I am still no nearer to getting the original problem fixed, I can only hope no major mechanical problems are encountered on my car whilst it is under warranty.

    Due to the above I will obviously never purchase another car from Preston Motor Park or return my vehicle to yourselves for annual servicing.  This is not particularly due to the failure to replace both decals under warranty but the terrible service I have received from Preston Motor Park over the last two months.

    I intend to forward a copy of this letter to Abarth and Motor Parks Head Office if this matter is not resolved in the near future."

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    Re: Preston Motor Park, Preston
    « Reply #3 on: May 03, 2015, 08:50:34 pm »
    I have had a simular experience with preston abarth.
    Did everything they could to sell me a car and failed to tell me the new abarth wasnt as fully loaded as my part ex abarth..
    I signed the agreement and it went down hill.
    Car was in showroom but not registered so was told it would be a couple of days..
    It took over a week and wanted me to drive up to hand my car over and us a courtesy car for 3 of them days. Obviously i said no!!!
    When i got car it was that night i realised they had put the wrong number plates on.,when rung they just laughed..my partner had to go from warrington to preston for my new plates with not even a sorry.
    Next were my payments-told before signing that i didnt have to make a payment but fiat fiance contacted me and said i had to..once again they just shurged their shoulders and did nothing.
    Luckily for me my customer review was seen by the top man who did everthing he could to sort it out.. couldnt thank him enough...but i cant recommend them as i think i have been lied too far tok many times.

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    Re: Preston Motor Park, Preston
    « Reply #4 on: May 05, 2015, 03:30:20 pm »
    I've had both my cars from Preston, both times I was happy. Got a great deal from them on my current one when I traded in my 500c for a 14 plate manual. Servicing prices seems a bit steep, but i guess its par for the course when you go back to the dealer.

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    Re: Preston Motor Park, Preston
    « Reply #5 on: May 05, 2015, 04:20:06 pm »
    I recently had a warranty job done there and they were very efficient and helpful,

    595 Turismo, red with interscope and grey leather. armster armrest, rear armrests, Italian flag on rear spoiler, turismo plaque.