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Title: Research Garage, Nuneaton
Post by: AlexK on February 26, 2010, 01:38:28 pm
Research Garage, Nuneaton
Eliot Park, Nuneaton, Warwickshire, CV10 7RF
Phone: 02476 377170
Fax: 02476 383806

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Title: Re: Research Garage, Nuneaton
Post by: 1mmortal on December 22, 2008, 02:06:49 pm
Been to Research a few times to their Fiat Garage, and their Abarth one just next door has not long been open.

Overall the staff were very friendly when I bought the car, and I was with a chap called Martin, who extremely helpful, was completely honest about everything. I wasn't pressurised into a sale, and I had a good survey of the car beforehand. They had nothing to hide, the showroom was immaculate, everyone had a smile on their faces. I even got introduced to the mechanic who fitted my SS kit.

I've got to take my car into the garage on teh 29th of December for a problem with squeeky brakes. Phoned them up to book it in and they were polite, friendly.

Will keep you updated how they handle the problem, but to date (i've had a lot of cars) they are certainly the friendliest and most honest dealership i've ever been to.  ;D Well done Research Abarth.
Title: Re: Research Garage, Nuneaton
Post by: 1mmortal on January 03, 2009, 07:38:52 pm
OK i had an edge on my pads which has now gone, and while the brakes still squeak in the cold i'm told this is due to the temperature of the compound - they aren't built to go at slower speeds so need "a good thrashing" to keep them up to temp.

Still, the technician explained everything about the brakes to me, and more - i was very satisfied with the information he gave me and the testing they carried out. Top marks.
Title: Re: Research Garage, Nuneaton
Post by: JamesGPA on February 16, 2009, 08:21:15 pm
I'll back this up from the sales experience, initially I went in just pondering the possiblities and finance figures, they did everything to help me out, sorted some figures, gave me a card, didn't attempt to pressure me. Second time I went back I ended up buying the car, and was asked numerous times whether I was ok with the whole thing. Even better, I put a deposit on the car last tuesday, and I could have been in it friday (cheque didn't clear though)  ;D

Found the sales people very easy to talk to and very down to earth, only hope the service is the same  :thumb:
Title: Re: Research Garage, Nuneaton
Post by: fiona on February 16, 2009, 08:29:58 pm
Old Boy and I are also happy with our experience at Research.  Part ex'd a Fiat Punto Sporting for our GPA and been back since to get the SS kit fitted.

Ian, Martin, Steve and Mark (I think that is the technician's name) are courteous and knowledgable.   :thumb:
Title: Re: Research Garage, Nuneaton
Post by: dave_r on February 19, 2009, 03:08:59 pm
Can't fault the service I got from Ian at Research - deal done in no time at all,  I was happily driving off in the Abarth a week after signing on the dotted line.
It doesn't get better than that....

Title: Re: Research Garage, Nuneaton
Post by: george38 on February 25, 2009, 12:05:49 pm
had a good test drive there, wasnt rushed, ian took me on a varied route  (was offered a solo drive which was nice, but not knowing the area at all it would not have made sense!)

the showroom is pretty impressive. offered drinks, a play around with the big screen configurator etc so no complaints there.

and i bought in the end, with a fair p/x to boot - so they cant have done too bad!! 

as ever with fiat (sorry, abarth) dealers, time will tell if the aftersales matches the sale  ;)
Title: Re: Research Garage, Nuneaton
Post by: george38 on March 08, 2009, 07:45:25 pm
just a further update - got a courtesy call yesterday to check everything was ok with the car and i was happy with it (naturally, answer was yes to both!)....but still nice of them to get in touch, first time thats happened after ive bought a new car.

so far 10/10 for research.
Title: Re: Research Garage, Nuneaton
Post by: libebcnof23 on May 03, 2009, 10:47:39 pm
Great all round experience, nice people,so far everything I would expect of a car dealer
Title: Re: Research Garage, Nuneaton
Post by: Andrewfuzzy on May 06, 2009, 02:55:06 pm
went in wasnt pressured, had a test drive (privately) which is always nicer than being babysat (which i hate), discussed part ex, made order  :thumb:

So all in all so far 10/10, just a pity i have to drive 30 miles to see them, id like a closer dealer .

Title: Re: Research Garage, Nuneaton
Post by: Filthypig on June 03, 2009, 05:32:55 pm
So now I have my new A500 I suppose I had best leave some constructive feedback, and I am not doing this because Ian threatened me  :whistle:

In short.....

I have nothing but positive comments to say about the experience of dealing with both Ian (mainly) and Ben (whilst Ian was on holiday) during the purchase, wait and delivery of my car.

Both were fantastic to deal with (i hate the word deal as it sounds so crass).  The service I received was excellent and I look forward to putting more business their way in the future. :)
Title: Re: Research Garage, Nuneaton
Post by: JamesGPA on June 07, 2009, 09:10:27 pm
I'm into the 3rd week of waiting for a return call regarding getting the AGP in for the brake mod, not a great first impression service wise, but I'll ring them in the week :-\
Title: Re: Research Garage, Nuneaton
Post by: JamesGPA on July 09, 2009, 04:13:09 pm
Right I think I'd better give a quick update now the car has been looked at.

I was called by Kevin after a member of staff read this thread, the car was booked in for two days later, I was given a courtesy car for the day, the garage did well to do the brakes and suspension in a day as I was due to leave for the Isle of Wight the following morning, upon getting the car home I realised there were greasy hand prints all over the front wings and paint chipped off on the lip of the nearside front wing, presumably from tools? So wasn't best pleased but decided not to call as I'd be in a bad mood for the holiday. The brakes are still quiet so can't fault that, although the suspension knocking is still there so need to get the car in again when I'm a bit less busy and will mention the damage to the wing in hope they cover it and any other car's worked on in future  :)
Title: Re: Research Garage, Nuneaton
Post by: JamesGPA on July 17, 2009, 08:47:19 pm
Popped in tonight after phonecall, paint touched up :)
Title: Re: Research Garage, Nuneaton
Post by: stevey293 on July 22, 2009, 04:15:46 pm
Im all with james there on the phone call side of things they never call you when you want something done but if its regarding some good news for them for once (when I was daft enough to think the squeeking had stopped) I got a phone call back only 15 mins after I left the garage. As for damage to the car I seen that Damage on his car with my own eyes and it Clearly wasn't a stone chip like they tryed passing it off as.

As for the staff though I cant fault any of them Briliant when I bought the car and still briliant now when it comes to me trying to get my brakes fixed once and for all (still waiting on that one though, think I will be for a while seems like they have given up on the AGP brakes). They are only shocking at returning phone calls. but over all I'll give them 8 out of 10.
Title: Re: Research Garage, Nuneaton
Post by: Filthypig on July 31, 2009, 02:20:48 pm
Just a further bit of positive feedback for the guys at Research Nuneaton.

Popped in yesterday to pick up some oil for the A500 and also get them to have a look at my exhaust as one exhaust tip stuck out further than the other (very strange).

Oil purchase was simple enough. Steve then popped out to the car with me and checked what I was on about re:exhaust.  Noted that it was sitting differently, took some pictures so it was all captured and emailed it off to Abarth HQ for further comment.

I had also noticed whilst paying for my oil that they had an offer on for the aluminium petrol caps, however I was winning the one that they were advertising on Ebay and it still had a couple of days to go!!  I mentioned this to Steve and he said he would speak with the parts guy (Alan) and see what he could do.

3 hours later and I'm driving home from work and my phone goes.  It's Steve telling me that the petrol cap is mine if I want it and they'll end the ebay ad (that I was winning) early  :thumb:
So I popped back to the garage to pick up my shiny new addition.

Whilst there Steve steals my keys and takes the car round back and gets it up on the ramps.  10 minutes later and I have a perfect fitting exhaust.

So far I have nothing but praise for the guys at this dealership.

And it looks like I'll be heading back pretty soon as I ticked over 3000 miles in 7 weeks of ownership yesterday  :whistle:
Title: Re: Research Garage, Nuneaton
Post by: Marcus_B on August 12, 2009, 11:50:07 pm
Mentioned in my newbie welcome thread how great the guys had been.

Wierd thing is that Ben fron research bought a sofa fron me a few months back ( I work for DFS) and when i was looking around at cars i remembered him. Funny how people buy people!!!

Anyway, Ben was Captain Awesome, wife had a drive and was sorely tempted too!! Funds led her to a 1.4 T-Jet GP Sporting. (secretly think she'll end up in an AGP!!)

If you're thinking of a drive, give Ben a call, Top Lad!!!

Title: Re: Research Garage, Nuneaton
Post by: wampa on September 08, 2009, 04:44:30 pm
Right, I have finally managed to get some time to write a bit about my experience with Research.
I dealt with Ben Thorpe who was always professional and honest about everything, and more importantly answered all the questions I could throw at him, if there was something he didnt know then he would find out and come back to me in good time.
Research offered me a very fair price on my motor to p/x, I know this has not been done for others (Mikey?) but Research worked for me.
The order process was straight forward, partly because I knew exactly what I wanted anyway without having to go through any optional extras list...I had been waiting long enough to order so it was etched into my brain anyway.
The wait did not seem too bad to be honest, there was always plenty to read on here to while away the hours, the car arrived early and Research honoured the part ex price until September 1st as agreed, its great to have a 59 plate.
I was the second handover of the day on the 1st (Ian was handing over a 500 to his customer before mine with Ben, anyone on here?) and this was very smooth, spent about 1/2 hr on that as I knew next to nothing about blue and me, plus the fact I bought the excellent Ipod adaptor which we needed to set up, and I was away.
So, if you're reading this Ben thank you very much.  :thumb:
Title: Re: Research Garage, Nuneaton
Post by: Biano44 on October 09, 2009, 03:57:23 pm
Hi all,

It's our first post on here, but I have been reading since the day we ordered our A500 back in June.
We ordered through Ian, and he has been Great :thumb:! We picked her up on Tuesday, and we are very pleased.
The service was/is really good and the car has so far been fantastic.
Highly recommended.

Title: Re: Research Garage, Nuneaton
Post by: matrix neil on October 16, 2009, 03:34:25 pm
Just want to say what a great dealership Research garage is in Nuneaton.The man who sold me my car is Ben Thorpe,and i must say what a great bloke he is.He answered all my questions and his knowlege impressed me greatly.He also gave me a cracking deal on my old punto sporting against a brand new abarth.So thanks to ben im now the pround owner of an abarth. ::)The car drives like a dream and looks fantastic,people have been commenting how nice the car is,and i must admit i do like it when people comment on how nice the car is.Anyway keep up the good work ben and stay in touch and you were right i do feel special owning one of these fantastic cars,so if anyones looking for a great deal bens your man. :wave:
Title: Re: Research Garage, Nuneaton
Post by: Paula on November 04, 2009, 12:28:33 pm
Positive experience from me as well. Arrived and collected in under two months, well prepared and easy pickup. After market rear sensors neatly fitted.

Title: Re: Research Garage, Nuneaton
Post by: irishpete on November 14, 2009, 11:08:24 pm
I'd just like to add a wee note here to thank Ben, Ian and the rest of the team at Research for all the help they gave us during the mad week between deciding we were going to buy the car and actually picking it up - luckily they had the perfect spec car in stock when I first called.

Both Ben and Ian were incredibly helpful over the phone - somehow they still sounded happy to hear my voice on the 8th or 9th occassion I would ring on any given day to ask yet another peculiar question!

From the first phone call to shaking Ian's hand before driving away in our car the whole experience put us in a positive frame of mind as far as the ongoing ownership experience is concerned.

And a special thanks for returning the Bob Marley CD we stupidly left in the car we traded for scrappage!

Title: Re: Research Garage, Nuneaton
Post by: Paula on November 17, 2009, 06:47:39 pm
A big thumbs up for Research today. I phoned yesterday to say that I wasn't sure my microphone was working on Blue&Me. I spoke to Steve, one of the mechanics, who offered to pick it up last night as he lives locally, the fitted a new microphone today, and he dropped it back this evening. Very happy.

Voice control can now hear me - not sure it will ever understand me that well. Haven't tested handsfree calling yet though.

Update: just tested it and I can use handsfree calls now as well.

Title: Re: Research Garage, Nuneaton
Post by: libebcnof23 on December 10, 2009, 01:47:18 am
Had the annoying squeeky brakes done and as usual the people there make it a pleasure every time I deal with them I have nothing but praise for the Research staff who are always so professional  and willing to go the extra mile.:thumb: :thumb:
Title: Re: Research Garage, Nuneaton
Post by: Ricey155 on December 14, 2009, 07:30:27 pm
turned mine around in 2 weeks always good to know somebody who can sort a deal for ya

Ben sorted my A500 as well cant complain did his job perfectly even with a scrapper and 2 plates transfers nothing went wrong and no complains from me

544 miles DONE except for the odd squeaky brake noise car is fine - i hate none sports mode tho rubbish  :thumbd:

top service  :thumb:
Title: Re: Research Garage, Nuneaton
Post by: cul8tr on December 19, 2009, 11:39:40 am
Picked up my new car yesterday - can't thank the guys at Research enough (in particular Ian) during the sales process, no pressure to buy any extras - knowledgeable, accommodating considering I was always turning up late afternoon just as the dealer was about to close. 

Handover was great even in -3 degrees (poor Ian) - helped me set up the iphone....overall I've had a good experience with Research more so than other dealers I have bought cars from (Audi/BMW etc).  They will definately get my trade in future as long as the car lives up to my expectations  ;D

I think they gave me a fair part-ex on my old car.....half a tank of all in all a happy person.

Would recommend them - hope pre-sales is just as good

 :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
Title: Re: Research Garage, Nuneaton
Post by: robbie67 on February 06, 2010, 07:03:13 pm
Would just like to say from going to look at the 500 Abarth and being introduced to Guy I've had the best experience ever at a car Showroom. I Part-Ex my Mini Cooper S (got a fair price) and the following week I was back at the showroom to pick up my new car with the Esseesse Kit fitted and all other options completed. On handover I had a excellent full review of of all the working parts in and outside the car was very impressed ! Guy had great knowledge and an obvious love for the car and at no point from me first going their did he ever try to force me into buying the car(if anything I was forcing the issues). Overall brilliant service from Guy and also Ian who I saw the one occassion and I actualy look forward to going back to the showroom to get my private plates on and maybe one of the wing mirrors painted Italy green ? 1st Class !
Title: Re: Research Garage, Nuneaton
Post by: Cagliostro on March 16, 2010, 09:26:25 am
Got my Campovolo Grey A500 SS from Ian a just over a week ago and I love it!

Great service from Research. Thanks Ian.

Title: Re: Research Garage, Nuneaton
Post by: libebcnof23 on March 25, 2010, 09:43:46 pm
Took my car for it's first service and once again no complaints at all just perfect from drop off to pick up,always a 1st class experience :thumb:
Title: Re: Research Garage, Nuneaton
Post by: Pootle on April 02, 2010, 01:47:28 pm
Just wanted to say thanks to all the guys at Research for sorting out all my problems, and fitting my zoom zoom kit
Title: Re: Research Garage, Nuneaton
Post by: xsmartie on April 12, 2010, 11:02:04 pm
I bought a 500SS from Guy and the whole experience was excellent. They offered a fair trade in on our CLK and Guy's enthusiasm for the cars was very catching! Ben was very patient while I ummed and ahhed about transfering the private plate from the part exchange. The atmosphere in both the main Fiat part of Research and the Abarth side was very pleasant with staff who actually seemed to want to be there - a nice change from many dealers. I bought a Monza exhaust Research were selling on Ebay and they had it all fitted and ready to go for the 1st April.

Absolutely love the car and no problems so far, so thanks guys.
Title: Re: Research Garage, Nuneaton
Post by: ricker666 on May 04, 2010, 10:45:38 pm
We've been dealing with Ian, and i have to say the service is beyond first rate. He made my partners year when he told her that they had an A500 in stock that she could have, and also offered an excellent deal on taking our current vehicle from us. Very pleasant to deal with, and he is even coming in on his day off tomorrow to hand over the car to us. I've never been to a dealer that has made buying a car such a pleasant experience and the enthusiasm for the brand is very apparent. First rate all round and i can't recommend them highly enough!
Title: Re: Research Garage, Nuneaton
Post by: AbarthAlison on May 05, 2010, 08:27:16 am
have to give them a negative - i was promised a phone call within a couple of weeks regarding some warranty work they had to get approval to do.

never heard again, so they wont be hearing from me again either now. seems phoning/returning phone calls or emails is their achilles, as i was let down previously on a similar issue.

big minus for their communication skills (<sarcasm> unless you're a pre-sale customer, of course /sarcasm)
Title: Re: Research Garage, Nuneaton
Post by: Ali.Green on May 07, 2010, 05:02:12 pm
I have only nice words to say about Research Garage in Nuneaton.  From the first time I went there all the way from Oxford to test drive to the time I picked my beautiful car up to the after sales team. FANTASTIC!!

I would highly recommend them to anyone.

So I'd like to take this oppotunity to say a big THANK YOU to you all at Research Garage!

Ali from Oxford
Title: Re: Research Garage, Nuneaton
Post by: crazykez on June 09, 2010, 03:11:02 pm
nothing but praise for these guys and receptionist, ian let me sign sold on the window of my new a500 the black one in the main show room within a week the stripes and mirrors were red,scorpian on the bonnet and 17 inch 10 spokes were put on.this car already had red leather,climate control and alloy gear knob fitted exactly what i wanted picked it up bank holiday monday.
the cars called tigger he is fun,bouncy (coventry roads) and has a nice growl
a pinstripe has been added round the front air intake (family tradition) just to add a personal touch.
flash your lights or wave if you see tigger we will do the same (abarth or standard)
oh sorry back to research,very helpfull and know all about blue and me tuned my phone in in seconds
all in all a realy nice bunch or people
ps hi to ian.
Title: Re: Research Garage, Nuneaton
Post by: FlyGirl7 on June 30, 2010, 08:30:55 pm
Research are a great garage to deal with, Ian is really helpful, and even though I've only been in a couple of times (looking around, test driving, research on cheapest prices and some warranty work), he's remembered all the nice little facts about me and my work etc!

Research were also brilliant with sorting out my squeaky brakes, even though I didnt buy from them in the end. Thought it was going to cost a bomb but all under warranty, and had my car back within 2 hours, amazing.

Oh, and Ian will tell disapprove if you let your car get as dirty as mine :)
Title: Re: Research Garage, Nuneaton
Post by: robbie67 on July 25, 2010, 07:25:52 pm
I have to totally agree with "AbarthAllison" regarding there returning of phone calls.

Many times I have contacted Research, the sales team, service and parts and not once have they called back, always me chasing after them.....not good at all it seems once they have got the sale then thats it !  :thumbd: :thumbd:

Must add though that Ben is probably the only one who will call me and will always come and chat when I am over there  :thumb: :thumb:

Come on Research after sales and costumer raport is just as important as getting the sale !
Title: Re: Research Garage, Nuneaton
Post by: ricker666 on July 25, 2010, 08:10:48 pm
Research aren't the closest dealer to us (that falls to Autoworld in Chesterfield) but we went back there for some investigation work on squeaky seat and they were superb once again. Told us to go back again if it starts doing it again and they'll take the whole thing to bits and sort it. Also did us a good price on having a scorpion graphic added  :thumb:

They did try and sell us a Monza though by letting us have a play with their car that has one fitted. Very naughty of them indeed!
Title: Re: Research Garage, Nuneaton
Post by: Exoticaholic on October 20, 2010, 05:42:58 pm
A week has passed, having had the A500c. It is time I provided feedback on the dealer, having recovered from the excitement of collecting the car!

The handover on 12th October at Research Garage was a total pleasure and very exciting.

I made a conscientious decision to do the handover on a weekday rather than weekend as it meant more quality time. I also booked three straight days leave for the same reason.

When I arrived at the showroom having reseminated (?) the good times I had in the Fiat 500 over the last 30 months, there was no sign of my car. I met Ben and he looked after me very well, taking me through every page of every document to make sure I haven’t missed anything. I can tell you they were not itching for the funds but made it as if it was a pleasure dealing with them. Cue a number of crossing the 't's and dotting the 'i's and putting my signature on some papers.

Once this was done, he took me through to the workshop where my A500c was waiting. It stood there gleaming and with my reg no on it. I admit I was overwhelmed thinking ‘is it REALLY my car?’ but succeeded in not shedding tears. I inspected the car and everything met expectations. They had fitted the chrome door mirror cappings – a special Exoticaholic request – and branded valve caps. I sat in it and felt at home. The leather seats (£800 extra and linked to the bi-colour paintwork at £900 extra) were very comfortable and the thickly rimmed steering wheel a revelation to grip in my hands. As I was used to the gear shift knob in my outgoing Fiat 500, I forgot there wasn’t one in the A500c, having fumbled in mid air for the non-existent knob.

We returned to Ben’s office and it was time to do the transaction. Being deaf, I used my text phone to communicate with my bank on their dedicated text phone number to let them know of a large transaction about to be processed, using my debit card. It was fun running between two desks because the card reader was on the other desk at the service dept and I was in Ben’s office literally typing the conversation. Ben was on the phone next to the card reader to take questions firsthand from my bankers for additional security measures. I wrote my answers down for Ben to relay back to them. The ‘hum’ came through meaning my transaction has been authorised. Bingo!

The car was driven out of the workshop by Ben and parked next to my black and white Fiat 500. It was quite a sight to say the least. I took photographs for posterity and to record this particularly unique occasion.

Why am I saying unique? It is because in my nearly 25 years of holding a full driving licence, I have never owned a car over the 100hp threshold until this Abarth 500c. The nearest was the Streetka with 95hp between 2005 and 2008.

Just when I was about to get in, Peter Robinson, Abarth UK’s sales manager turned up! In his Campo grey A500. I found it a sheer coincidence, having had dealings with him at the Moving Motor Show.  He came over and complimented me on my specification.

Nearly two hours had lapsed, and it was time for me to hit the open road. In my own Abarth 500c. We said our goodbyes and I turned the key which brought the 1.4 turbocharged engine into life and there was a nice burble, just feeling the dashboard and that was when a new chapter was about to unfold.

That is another story to write.

I would like to convey my thanks to Ben and his team for what was an enjoyable journey from enquiry in March 2010 to collection in October 2010.

Anyone considering an Abarth should go to Research Abarth and they will be pleasantly surprised!
Title: Re: Research Garage, Nuneaton
Post by: Exoticaholic on October 23, 2010, 09:14:39 pm
I have to write again, to add to my previous post about Research Abarth.....

I was so excited when picking up the A500c, I missed some details and upon admiring the car again (well who wouldn't)....I noticed the colour of the fixing plugs for the number plates matched the area where the holes were drilled. In other words, one white plug for the white background and the other being black, to match the lettering at the front. At the back, two blue plugs to match the EU flag area, and the other two in yellow to match the yellow background.

Now that is STERLING attention to detail.  :thumb:

I take my (Abarth) cap off to Research Abarth  :thumb:
Title: Re: Research Garage, Nuneaton
Post by: Ricey155 on November 05, 2010, 05:11:41 pm
Cars back home after a mini problem with the ESP, hill holder ttc disconnecting problem

ups: the car is fixed after my mate got the car into fiat not abarth over the road

fault fixed: as above but there was another thats been kicking about, the car was braking while i accelarated (well the ecu told them that) so this explains my mystery lag/having to slip the throttle to gain response back

downs: Abarth had a 2.5 week waiting list, not happy mainly as they never called me back !! but my mate got me in good job he's 2nd in charge  :thumb:

cars back jd
Title: Re: Research Garage, Nuneaton
Post by: Eddie Beefburger on November 27, 2010, 06:24:38 pm
Hi guys

I just had to write to say how good these guys are. If you're thinking of getting an Abarth I'd recommend these guys to you. I dealt with Ian Shipley and he couldn't have been more helpful. I just turned up for a test drive on the off-chance and it was granted there and then and within half an hour the car I'd driven was mine. But this wasn't a reflection of salesmen's tactics - nothing can be further from the truth: it was the car alone!. These guys put no pressure on you, get you drinks, pick you up from the station if like me you travel 140 odd miles to pick up, etc. The only thing I'd say is that I'd have appreciated more than fumes in the tank when I picked it up, but then they had done everything I'd asked of them before then, including changing a scuffed wheel centre cap. :thumb:
Title: Re: Research Garage, Nuneaton
Post by: gingerjust on December 06, 2010, 10:09:23 pm
Picked up my white A500ss yesterday a sunday, All through my initial enquiry some months back then a test drive and finally doing the deal Ian was very freindly and nothing was trouble. The day i did the deal I had my wife and two children with me on a saturday morning, It was quite busy and Ian was dealing with a customer before myself. We sat at the abarth table in them lovely chairs and proceeded to do the kids homework while Ian was dealing with another customer, we sat and did the homework with the kids for a while and in this time the staff asked us if we were ok and offered drinks.

When signing some papers a few weeks later I went with my wife and had my puppy with us who luckily is very good. Again no problems, staff and customers talking to us about the dog.

On the day of pick up we were alll there wife kids and dog and Ian and the staff were happy for all of us to be there and it was a sunday morning!!

I would highly recommend Research and Ian who i dealt with to anybody.
I also had dealings with Kevin at Rockingham and again nice to deal with and no problems with any test drives or questions. In the end it fell down to location and a couple of quid.



Title: Re: Research Garage, Nuneaton
Post by: Filthypig on December 30, 2010, 01:56:01 pm
Just a quick thumbs up on the service from the guys at Research from me.

Window washing jet had popped it's barrel, so gave the guys at the Service centre a call (Alan I think I spoke with) and they fitted me in later that afternoon and replaced it under warranty for me.  Didn't even mind that it was my brother who popped the car in to them, just needed to show my log book to show that the car had been serviced correctly.

Title: Re: Research Garage, Nuneaton
Post by: cul8tr on January 20, 2011, 09:23:25 pm
A big thumbs up to Research, recently I had some warranty work completed, required parts ordering and a second visit - both occasions, car was washed/cleaned - I will definitely recommend the team at Research both sales and service department.  Great staff, friendly and helpful.

Title: Re: Research Garage, Nuneaton
Post by: 500abarthman on February 16, 2011, 08:58:41 am
Had my 2nd year oil/filter & brake fluid change done at Research last week. took a couple of hours and total came to £166 inc. No complaints about the work, and they washed and valeted the car at the finish too.

Assuming I get no problems in the final year of the warranty it'll be the last time I visit them (distance, cost reasons) but have to say I have been impressed on the whole.
Title: Re: Research Garage, Nuneaton
Post by: Larcona on March 10, 2011, 09:30:55 pm
Picked up my brand new A500 from Ian @ research today.

We'd arranged everything over the phone so this was my first time at the garage, I came up from West London because I could get the car I wanted from Research and they seemed the most agreeable to deal with.

We went through the paperwork without any problems, Ian was personable and explained everything well. Then of course I got my car! The car was in brilliant condition (as it.should be with a new car) 

Overall Ian @ research is a great person to buy from. Couldn't fault the service and the car is of course amazing!

I'll take some pics and post them tomorrow!
Title: Re: Research Garage, Nuneaton
Post by: Paula on March 11, 2011, 03:08:20 pm
Not hugely impressed. They were good when I phoned in with the fault and let me take it in straight away, but the 2-3 days for the part and a quote for new front tyres has been 9 days and no quote for tyres. Also the person I spoke to didn't seem to understand that I can't just pop in for an hour of a day as taking 2 hours out if work at less than a couple of weeks notice isn't possible. I don't want to drive around for 2-3 more weeks with a fault in a year old car to get it done at a weekend.

It probably wasn't sensible to buy a car with limited dealers and an unproven reliability as an essential work use vehicle I guess.

Hopefully Chris will be able to arrange something to get it done.


Title: Re: Research Garage, Nuneaton
Post by: Paula on March 16, 2011, 06:18:37 pm
Do not even get me started about how angry I am with Research at the moment - my beautiful car that I spent all my savings on came back yesterday with the engine problem not fixed and my rims scuffed all the way round from the tyre fitting.

I didn't notice until I got back from clinic today - Chris took the car in and picked it up. When I phoned up to complain the guy said that my husband said that I'd done it.  There were small scuffs on 3 of the wheels I was going to get fixed, but this is all the way round and much deeper.

They are having it in next week but honestly I can't see that it's fixable.

The worst thing is that there is no choice of where to take the car for service etc and I really have neither the time and energy for a big fight. I bough a brand new car precisely to be low hassle.
Title: Re: Research Garage, Nuneaton
Post by: Paula on March 28, 2011, 06:57:54 pm
Just an update to say that Research have sorted the problem mostly to my satisfaction.

Title: Re: Research Garage, Nuneaton
Post by: chunkstar on March 28, 2011, 09:59:23 pm
well we bought from Ian he was a pleasure to deal with and the overall buying process was great as good as audi /bmw

Dont know about service as not been yet
Title: Re: Research Garage, Nuneaton
Post by: Trooper on May 04, 2011, 07:24:32 pm
Car went to research today for its first oil and filter change due to work commitments the wife had to take it (thanks  :-*)

This was our fist visit to Research as we usually use Platts but they wanted an extra £50 for the oil and filter

Oil and filter changed with no problems = £144

There were also a number of warranty issues to look at

B+M not working inc flashing odometer = New B+M unit on order

Squeaky climate fan = done  :thumb:

Rattle from drivers door = will be looked at on next visit

Steering feeling odd = tracking checked and fine, inside edge of tyres quite worn so il swap wheels around this weekend and see if this cures it

Monza valve seized  and whole exhaust rusty = Valve seized tight so photos taken waiting on Permission from Abarth for replacement box

Scratched leather where seat tilts forward = Photos taken waiting on Permission from Abarth for replacement

From what the Mrs has told me they were very friendly and professional and took time to make sure she was happy with everything that was done  :thumb:

They also picked up that the rear pads were low  :( after only 9000mls ,car has been back to the dealers to have the squeaking rear brakes looked at before (Platts) so im guessing this is a result of the rears poor calliper design?

We asked Research to be careful of the side skirts (no probs) and not to wash or valet the car (that my job)  ;D

All in all really pleased with the staff and the service there and i hope to taking the car on its next visit  :thumb:

Title: Re: Research Garage, Nuneaton
Post by: nicebiscuit on May 17, 2011, 08:55:38 pm
Bought a used A500 from Ben at Research today.   Nice chap, good deal, nice car etc. etc.

The reason for posting though is to note that I had to travel a fair distance to view the car and I had also had a part-ex.   Ben was prepared to discuss part-ex remotely once I'd explained the situation (with caveats of course), but I half expected to find a deal difficult to do having made the effort to go down (not a strong negotiating position...).   I needn't have worried.   I'd honestly described the car, and agreement was reached very easily with none of the unpleasant teeth-sucking and tyre kicking that can accompany a trade-in appraisal  ;).   

So I post this in case others wonder whether it's worth the  trek to Research if they have something in that tempts you.  You might find it is - I found them very straight and pleasant to deal with and am considering using them for the servicing despite the distance...
Title: Re: Research Garage, Nuneaton
Post by: Trooper on May 20, 2011, 03:29:42 pm
Had another trip to research today to get the B+M fixed

B+M fixed with no problems  :thumb:

Had the use of a courtesy car  :thumb:

Only a standard fiat punto  :thumbd:

Work done quick and they were friendly and professional  :thumb:

Even vacuumed  the mats  :thumb:

I liked the visit there and will try my best to use them in the future  :thumb:
Title: Re: Research Garage, Nuneaton
Post by: JohnnyR on May 29, 2011, 12:51:26 am
Interesting reading through all the posts. In general most people have picked up that Ian is a friendly and reasonable guy which was definitely my experience. No messing about, he offerred me pretty well top book for my part - ex Evo sporting. And as mentioned in my welcome post, when I had a problem with the Stop+Start gave me 100% back up including offering a courtesy car. It turned out to be the battery monitor 'learning' the battery and I was told it would be fine in a few days which it was. So all in all a good experience. (Better I might say than....ahem, our local Alfa dealer!!) (am I allowed to say that? :))
Title: Re: Research Garage, Nuneaton
Post by: thecatman on June 28, 2011, 02:40:01 pm
£250 for a set of brake discs/pads for the front...and that was with a discount from their regular price of £320 as they were taken off a new, ss-bound a500. as if that wasnt enough for their pound of flesh, they whacked on another £50 just to strip and clean out the back brakes. crazily steep pricing, not good.  :(

only paid as they were going to charge me a £45 'diagnosis fee' if i took the car away. great way to put you between a rock and a hard place eh?

after 2 years of on the whole decent after-sales service (of course they're great pre-sales...all car dealers are) - research just went down in my estimation big time and its one place i wont be visiting again.
Title: Re: Research Garage, Nuneaton
Post by: smilesoffun on July 16, 2011, 10:21:53 am

 Just to reiterate I picked my 500 Abarth up a couple of weeks ago
 Really love it (not used the Elise since  :o)

 Ian was and is a top bloke, very friendly and no pressure.

 Will defo take back for service.

 Thanks Ian  :thumb: :thumb:
Title: Re: Research Garage, Nuneaton
Post by: Paula on August 04, 2011, 08:07:10 am
We've had more problems with the wheels they damaged. They were repaired but the finish used discoloured badly. For some reason we were sent to the Abarth body shop who said they didn't do it (we knew that) and they wouldn't have done a shoddy job like that. So Research sent the wheels back to the guy who did do it and they've not really fixed the problem.

Chris picked it up and there seemed to be a new service manager who basically said - "well we're not doing any more". So poor Chris has been back and forth to Nuneaton half a dozen times and now we've had to put a load of time into a formal complaint letter to the garage and Abarth - so buying a brand new car to reduce hassle was pointless.

As I said to Fiat when they called - they spend all that money on the flashy dealership, but then can't get the basics right. I know I'm pretty laid back about these things as to be honest no one died - but now I feel like they took advantage of this and did a cheap shoddy repair and are saying "what are you going to do about it?".
Title: Re: Research Garage, Nuneaton
Post by: Paula on August 11, 2011, 06:06:36 pm
Update on the wheels. Fiat have intervened and they are being replaced - but honestly I think I feel even more irritated now. We've been back and forth for months and no one cared less about doing the right thing until we made a formal complaint. Demoralising and dispiriting.
Title: Re: Research Garage, Nuneaton
Post by: Ruxpin on November 04, 2011, 09:01:38 am
Good service from Research over the last week or so. I notified them of a couple of minor warranty issues by email including photos.

They acted on my email and obtained consent from abarth to complete the warranty work without me having to make a specific trip to the garage  :thumb:

The work was completed within 30mins yesterday whilst i waited  :thumb:

Title: Re: Research Garage, Nuneaton
Post by: JohnnyR on November 15, 2011, 04:22:57 pm
Like most on this post I am very happy with Research after taking my APE in for first oil / filter change plus warrenty work. Mark the service manager couldn't have been more helpful. I had a non-opening dash 'loose change' box fixed, no air from LH dash vents fixed plus a strange problem with gears which is under reveiew. Once or twice on a 20 / 30 mile journey whilst changing down from 5th to 4th there is no resistance and the gear engages too quickly with a crunch. Mark test drove but of course it didn't do it! Also stop / start erratic which is now spot on. They valeted the car beautifully so all in all I'm well pleased :)
Title: Re: Research Garage, Nuneaton
Post by: nickhead on November 27, 2011, 07:49:13 pm
Hi all, on tuesday 22.11.11  I ordered my new A500 esseesse Koni (from dealer stock) in red with Anthracite wheels over the phone from Ian at Research. He called me Thursday to give me an update, car was all built, waiting to tax it then call Italy to re map ECU. Called me again Saturday to say ALL done cars ready. Went over today (Sunday) to collect it. Put my new Abarth wooden crate and bits in my old car, had a coffee with Ian, paid for the Abarth, drove home, massive smile all the way back to Birmingham. What a great experience, no probs, everthing done like its supposed to be done. Cant fault the place. Well done to Research Garage......
Title: Re: Research Garage, Nuneaton
Post by: barwell1992 on December 09, 2011, 08:01:30 am
i should have done this ages ago but forgot :p

brought my second hand AGP from ian and ben about 2 months ago, got great service, car wash checked over and found to have rusted exhaust and the two front tyres were shreded, both were fixed under warranty car was serviced and valeted ect.

The had sold the car to its first owner so was good to know full history.

Also were great and let me test drive it (Im 19) so that was cool.

the only down side was that the car had to go back in the day after i had picked it up as it wasn't boosting and the engine management light came on, and had use of the awfull 1.2 punto evo i do about 70 miles a day on mway and a roads used loads of fuel ect
Turned out it was the dump valve all was fixed but was a bit annoyed as i though the car would have been tested before i had brought it. And when i got it back they had used about 1/4 of a tank, and it had cost me to get to the garage both ways (the evo was empty) about a 40 mile round trip

but other than that the service was 1st class
Title: Re: Research Garage, Nuneaton
Post by: gingerjust on December 15, 2011, 08:05:17 pm

Just had first service done on friday. dropped the car off and then walked into nuneaton town, only 15mins down the road then headed back. all good one headlight to high all done and courtesy call Monday.
Also just had a nice email of Ian who sold me a car last year.

Excellent  :)
Title: Re: Research Garage, Nuneaton
Post by: DavidU on December 23, 2011, 11:01:40 pm
Excellent, attentive and personal service from all at Research, when buying new 500 esseesse, which was delivered today  ;D. All staff seem to be genuine Abarth enthusiasts  :thumb:. Will definately return for service and maintenance. This was one of my best car buying experiences - thanks.
Title: Re: Research Garage, Nuneaton
Post by: w18bla on January 15, 2012, 11:43:21 am
Thought i had posted but i haven't so here goes...

Research have been top notch for me so far with Ben in sales dealing with everything from start to finish with detail. I am always made welcome when i am there even if it is just passing or as with my Koni problem i have now all has been delt with proffesionally and with great communication within.

Also Ian for the first test drive i did in my SS which was the day i decided it was a must.. Thanks Ian :thumb:

The only thing i would say which would make it a better place would be a nice Tassimo coffee machine in the corner where them lovely leather Abarth office chairs are...  :thumb: and then i would live there hahaha...

Great service so far and great friendly people...

Title: Re: Research Garage, Nuneaton
Post by: AustinR on January 19, 2012, 12:37:48 pm
Just taken my AGP to Research Garage for 36,000 mile service and MOT. It's the first time I've used them as I have a nearer garage in North Staffordshire, but Research undercut them on price so I thought I'd give them a go. Very pleased with the service I received. All staff pleasant and helpful. Offered to drop me off in Nuneaton while the work was carried out, but I said I'd walk, thanks. Left car with them at about 9.00- they called me at 2.30 to say was ready. All the work carried out was explained to me and they gave me a customer loyalty card with 10% off everything. They'd even washed the car ! From my experience I would recommend this garage to anyone. Very well done, Research. Only downside is the drive down from Stafford which was a little fraught and took about twice as long as AA Routefinder said it would. Mainly in the dark and with lots of big lorries, traffic queues and general congestion. I'll work on a different route next time.
Title: Re: Research Garage, Nuneaton
Post by: Ricey155 on February 17, 2012, 12:14:30 pm
2nd service 11750 miles - £154 for oil & filter  :o
Title: Re: Research Garage, Nuneaton
Post by: Juggler on March 06, 2012, 12:15:22 am
Purchased "Norman" from Ben @ Research. Yes the Misses has fallen for it. Topnotch service all round. An absolute pleasure
Title: Re: Research Garage, Nuneaton
Post by: barwell1992 on March 06, 2012, 07:54:43 am
Car had a moment the other week so had to take it it for diagnostic as engine managment light was on, very good service as usual but didn't realise that 3rd year warranty dose not cover diagnostic so that cost £85 then had the tracking done at £60 ... Expensive but atleast car seems ok and was just the rain causing water to get into air box
Title: Re: Research Garage, Nuneaton
Post by: will-w on March 06, 2012, 01:47:37 pm

Would just like to say a big thanks to Dean in the parts department.

I approached my local dealer for a price for some parts and was shocked when they quoted me £173 ex VAT.

Contacted Dean and was quoted a happy £168 inc VAT and shipping..

£40 saving on parts ;D ;D ;D
Title: Re: Research Garage, Nuneaton
Post by: borderman on April 02, 2012, 08:57:54 pm
Picked up A500 from Research Garage saturday afternoon (31/3/12)great car.Very happy with car buying experience with Thanks to Ian for sorting everything out.
Title: Re: Research Garage, Nuneaton
Post by: akg1974 on April 19, 2012, 05:39:02 pm
Took the car to Research this week for a 18k mile service and MOT (car has only done 14k miles but warranty runs out in May so paid for a full service now).
The service cost was £350 and the MOT was free as I had a voucher for an MOT when buying the car from them from new.

No hidden costs. Really happy. :)


Title: Re: Research Garage, Nuneaton
Post by: smilesoffun on May 01, 2012, 07:08:11 pm

 Just picked my A500 up from its first service, and for them to look at a few issues

 Service was done and all was fine £155  8) oil and filter + pollen filter

 They also changes the gearbox oil which seems to have cured (for now) the chattering gearbox issue
 I also took the chap out to listen to the banging from the rear but as normal it would not make the noise???

 They did put a patch on the ECU which has bade the car feel much more lively especially in non-sport mode
 Have also noticed it is getting more boost in standard mode now

 Very happy so many thanks to all the guys at Research  :thumb:

  And thanks for the valet inside and out  ;D
Title: Re: Research Garage, Nuneaton
Post by: w18bla on October 13, 2012, 10:05:32 am
Just another praise for Research Garage, new service manager Gary has been great with my Koni problem and after chasing abarth etc' Ben and others have also been amazing as always, and Simon as usal doing a great job on my car, I am worried they all know me now to well now, but what a great team..  :thumb:
Title: Re: Research Garage, Nuneaton
Post by: mickym on November 11, 2012, 11:18:02 pm
Ok guys here goes.......

Took my car into Abarth for a knocking noise front end, due to the mileage I drive on a weekly basis was advised to have the car taken of the road. Lower link arm not in a healthy condition (due to speed bumps and pot holes we think) anyway dropped the car off one Saturday and Ian took it from me. I then had many of telephone conversations as there was no hire car available for me. Anyway cut a long long story short ended up getting in contact with Abarth UK in Italy I must add phone calls not cheap. ABARTH Italy sorted me a courtesy car out 4 days later.

I then proceeded to wait nearly 5 weeks for this new part to be delivered to Research. (Not research's fault). Finally get the call to pick my car up :-) and on arrival at the garage was given a handover of my car to be told that a dent was in my rear quarter panel which was NOT there when I dropped the car off!!!!

As you can imagine I was absolutely distraught to which Gary was absolutely great and after a bit of you pay 50% and we will pay 50% argument that I didn't even damage the car so I wasn't paying for nothing. They decided to honour the fact that it may have been done on site.

Anyway Abarth UK gave me a FOC service for my wait on the part and research were going to use a paintless dent removal on my car so I would only lose my car for 1 day. Well this turned into 2 weeks due to the fact the dent was worse than initially thought. Finally get the call to collect my car to have really bad masking marks down the crease of the door up the window screen and along the rain rail where their body shop hadn't sprayed it back or even tidied it up properly, the mats and seats were full of dust. We returned to research to find out that Gary had been made redundant and was no longer there and that Joe was dealing with it from here onwards. So lost my car for a further 2 days in which it was again meant to be sorted. The car was immaculatly clean on collection but still not impressed with the paint job.

And so tomorrow is another call to Research to see how the hell we get this resolved !

I have never ever had a problem with Research to this point and they are a great dealership with great people I just want my car put back to the way it was when I brought it :-/
Title: Re: Research Garage, Nuneaton
Post by: owen460 on November 13, 2012, 08:07:13 pm
Well, where do I start, bought my '11 APE in October '12 from an independent dealer. I got a very tidy car with 18000 miles, light grey, black stripes, apart from dual climate a standard car. £10300 paid, which I was very happy with. The car needed 2 new tyres and the £350 service.

I picked the car up from Kent but had it serviced at my local garage, Nuneaton. I was initially impressed with the service dept (Gary) and the job the technicians did, but it did go downhill from there a bit.

A couple of days after the service I noticed that one of the passenger door hinge pin bolts was missing, so I rang Gary. He immediately responded with "well your the second owner so the warranty isn't as comprehensive" which was rubbish. He then agreed to photo the hinge and see what Fiat said, so I popped straight in, he took a pic and I went off expecting a phone call back.

Nearly 3 weeks passed and no call back. During this time I started to hear a faint creak from the back left suspension and occasionally struggled to get the car to engage 1st gear, with a good push needed to get 2nd. I started to worry about what I had bought, and if the garage couldn't even sort out a hinge pin how far was I going to get with major faults.

So I popped back and tried to speak with Gary, to find out he had left, one of the reasons was that apparently he didn't call anyone back. The man covering his absence was Joe Chesney, the service manager for the Fiat garage next door. I explained my issues, he was very apologetic and booked my car in for the hinge pin (which it turns out Gary had done nothing about other than to write it down on a piece of paper and recorded it as the O/S instead of the N/S in spite of him actually seeing it) and for the other issues to be checked, with a courtesy car provided. My car went in 4 days later. After having the car for 2 days (as they warned me) I had a phone call. The hinge pin was done, shock replaced and a new gearbox ordered, to be here in 5 days and it would take 2 days to fit.

Needless to say I am very happy, Gary did not meet my expectations, but Joe was great and I hope he stays looking after the Abarth servicing for the future. If anyone has received poor service from the Nuneaton garage at the hands of Gary, then don't be put off it seems to be sorted. My gearbox hasn't been fitted yet, but if the rest of the work is anything to go by there should be no issues.

I can go back to thinking I got a bargain again, instead of buying a lemon  :)
Title: Re: Research Garage, Nuneaton
Post by: simmouk on June 01, 2013, 03:25:26 pm
Just want to say a public thank you to Ian and his team at Research this afternoon. Was in Nuneaton when I closed my door with the window 1/4 down and the glass falls in to the door. I Research was on my way home to Cov anyway I thought I'd pop in on the off chance someone could help! Didn't really fancy driving it any further and didn't want to leave my car with the window down with obvious reasons! I tried holding the glass up myself and seeing if it would re-sit it's self but it didn't.

Popped in and spoke to the receptionist and Ian who went looking for a mechanic - they normally finish at 12 (it was about half 12 I think) and luckily there was one still on site finishing off another job. He agreed to stay and take a look, which is above and beyond! He showed me what part had broken, the little cupping plastic that holds the glass in place, one side had snapped off and was in the bottom of the door. I was there for another hour or so whilst they fixed it (again above and beyond and technically the service centre was closed) and I managed to drive away with a fully working window!

Excellent service again from Research Abarth and I have felt very looked after!
Title: Re: Research Garage, Nuneaton
Post by: ricardohollisio on June 21, 2013, 01:42:40 pm
Research were great. picked up new grey APE Supersport on 11th June. Great car, beautiful colour with no horrible go faster stripes or stickers. Sold by Jane, from the Fiat side, who was fantastic. Used Research Fiat a lot in the past who have always been brilliant and this was my first dealings with the 'dark side'. Very pleased.  :)
Title: Re: Research Garage, Nuneaton
Post by: simmouk on September 12, 2013, 01:43:15 pm
Got my OS wheel bearing sorted this week, after having it inspected last Friday. Parts covered under warranty, just a shame the inspection fee wasn't!

Quick and polite service as per usual over e-mail with Ian and over the phone / in person with John.

Valeted the car when I picked it up as well which was a nice surprise, and was there or there abouts with the estimated time it would take to complete the job so all smiles from me :)
Title: Re: Research Garage, Nuneaton
Post by: mickym on November 05, 2013, 12:13:57 pm
It's a shame that Research can't manage to give the same service to all their customers!

Once again I have issues with them, before i go into my rant, i have to say this is not aimed at the Ian, Carol or Simon (the mechanic for the cars)

My Abarth was due its first MOT this month, as I live a good half hour or more away from the dealer I took it to my local garge. Charging half the price of Reasearch.

The car failed on a 42% brake imbalance on the front end, as it was still under warranty my husband took the car to Research to be told they would charge us to do anything to the car, even to just look at it. The obnoxious guy on reception was awful, his customer service was appalling.

Anyway, after a few discussions were held between my husband and this guy on reception, my husband walked out and told them we won't be going back.

Not only did Research dent my car whilst it was in waiting for parts! I then wrote a letter of complaint to which we had a phone call from a guy offering us everything under the sun to make up for it, now they refuse to look at a car under warranty, because I took the car to another garge for the MOT and not to them.

My only warning to you all is the following:-

If you leave your car at Research take loads of photos from every angle of the car and make sure you get a car check done with them to agree any marks on the car. (Including alloys!)

Don't believe them if they say they will look after you, it's a load of rubbish. There after service is appalling !

Title: Re: Research Garage, Nuneaton
Post by: Salvos_White_Abarth on May 19, 2014, 06:16:46 pm
Well where do i start...
what a breath of fresh air research garage is.

Issue: i was unsure if my monza valve was sticking.

I Had a phone conversation with john i explained i didn't have much confidence with taking it to platts for them to check it so i wanted to try research and over the phone john seemed very knowledgable but suggested popping in so they could have a look. Obviously i couldn't just pop in as its not local but he said they would get it on the ramps and have a look at to see if the monza valve was faulty and wouldn't charge me for the inspection. I was advised by john to go in at 830 so we could be seen quick before the mechanics started to work on other jobs reducing the chance of me waiting ages which was a fair comment but i said i would pop in later when i could and i would be happy to wait.I got there for just after 10 expecting to wait but when i got there i was promptly seen by Gavin. John was there but i didn't get much of a chance to speak to him for long.As soon as i said my name to Gavin he knew what i was in for which was great.He explained what they would do and told me they would keep me up to date.I was expecting to wait in a que but no that wasnt the case, within 5 minutes or so gavin took the keys, spoke to simon the mechanic, went for a test drive and then took it on the ramps.

They Result was the Monza valve was moving fine
(they showed me how freely it should move and i can confirm it did seeze shut after 4 days before it got unstuck) but so far its fine.

Gavin introduced me to simon.
Simon the mechanic was very knowledgeble,friendly and down to earth and more importantly seemed to know what he was talking about aswell as enthusiastic.They got me to have a look under the car which was great and at no point did i feel rushed.They answered all the questions and clearly too.Gavin stood on the side listening in instead of running off which was nice and i felt like a valued customer.I wasn't expecting much because at the end of the day i got the monza from platts. Research inspected it and took their own time and expense to help me at no charge.Even from the phone john seemed to want to help me and want my business returning my phone calls and trying  very hard to find out information and tried to explain things over the phone.

The overall experience was smooth, full of knowledgable people and a very good vibe and i felt like a valued customer and i came out walking happy.

I really thought i would just go in and then get told "ye thats ok"cya sort of attidude but no.Simon showed me how the monza worked and gave me tips on how to know if its stopped working etc.

Simon, Gavin and john are a credit to the company.I have decided i will take the car in for future servcing to research.I think they are maby more expensive but based on today's experience i would be more than happy to pay the extra but the difference between research and Platts are night and day.

I was going to buy some new  wipers from halfords at some point but i was that impressed i bought the wipers from research today even though they was around £10 more but i felt it was worth it as i was that impressed with the overall experience today.I look forward to taking the car in next year for its service.

A1 research :) keep up the excellent work guys.

Title: Re: Research Garage, Nuneaton
Post by: alans abs on September 03, 2015, 06:54:13 pm
Picked up my new 180 comp on sept 1 with no problems at all. Its been a pleasure to use them for the 3rd time and cannot fault them at all from start to finish. Brian if you read this, safe journey and have fun driving home.
Title: Re: Research Garage, Nuneaton
Post by: Brian1612 on September 07, 2015, 01:11:31 pm
So having placed my order for a new 595 Competzione back in May, I finally got to pick the little beast up on Friday there. The drive down to the dealership wasn't a bad one and easy enough to find, my satnav took me right to the doorstep of Research. Parked the Punto up, emptied the car out and had a little look around, without spotting my car I headed into the dealership which was shared by Alfa Romeo, not Fiat which was a nice touch ;)

Before anyone could get near me to help, I clocked a Biposto sitting proudly in the showroom and made a route straight to it. This was the first I had actually seen in the flesh and boy did it look menacing. Upon observation I realised this was a new Biposto, fully spec'd and not the standard one I had first inquired about purchasing. The thing was stunning... Was thinking I wouldn't have minded one of these after all!  ::)

( (

( (

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While looking at the Biposto Phillip was the first to come introduce himself, he dealt with the final part of my car delivery and was in on his day off just to greet me and handover the keys which was a nice gesture!AI drink was sorted out for myself and we dealt with all the documents etc, this gave me a chance to have a look around the showroom also which I have to say is very nice (take note AC) It had all the Abarth photo's and signs plastered around the dealership, along with the fancy abarth racing computer seats, it wasn't mixed with a Fiat dealership like I am used to and really had a touch of class to it, adding to the occasion. Oliver also came over and introduced himself who sold me my car, we chatted for a bit before the 3 of us went back outside to view my 595.

The car was waiting at the exit for me and looked stunning. Everything about the car was perfect, I checked the paintwork etc thoroughly which I think Oliver and Phillip expected and prepared for, hence the car being immaculate haha! They also managed to source and fit the yellow center caps I requested to my car to match my yellow brembo's instead of the red that came with my wheels, a very nice touch from them.

While Phillip showed me all the added touches and how the buttons and dash worked within the 595, I was also invited back by Oliver and offered a hotel room on the 27th of Sept for a track day at Rockingham in the 2 Biposto's they have in stock, that was the icing on the cake for me and now look forward to heading back down for that  ;D

Overall, the experience was about as good as I could have expected, if not better! Having dealt with AC previously for all my car purchases, this was on a different level to how I was dealt by with AC (Which wasn't bad on the sales side). I was regularly updated via email about the status of my car, sent photos of it when it was delivered to the dealership and just dealt with really well, everything was smooth and efficient and the guys at Research seemed to always go that extra bit for you at every possibility. I am over the moon with the whole experience and look forward to dealing with them in the future no doubt with the future release of the 124 Spyder  :D

So here is the car as picked up at the dealership and also a few of it when I stopped off at a service station on the way home, I have photo's to go up next of its first detail which was done on Saturday ;)

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So again, a massive thank you to Oliver and Phillip for making the Abarth purchase a very nice experience and also going that extra mile with regards to my p/x and the overall deal I got, the center caps I asked for, discounts on Gap insurance and also the added track day and hotel for the night (Really looking forward to this one ;)) I really can't recommend the guys at Research enough as they were genuinely fantastic, they clearly had an enthusiasm for the Abarth cars themselves and that's the main thing.

ps. I got home safe and sound Alan thank you :) The M6 was a bit of a nightmare on the way home mind ;)
When did you pick your car up from Research?