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Title: Rockingham Cars, Corby
Post by: AlexK on February 26, 2010, 01:40:04 pm
Rockingham Cars, Corby
Cockerell Road, Corby, Northants, NN17 5DU
Phone: 01536 268991
Fax: 01536 261457

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Title: Re: Rockingham Cars, Corby
Post by: Graham on January 14, 2009, 02:39:05 pm
Rockingham Cars.

Most of my purchase was done over the phone and by email, I didn’t actually get to see the car until the day that I picked it up!  Which I should say was down to me, and I was invited down on several occasions. I dealt during this time with Kevin Cudby the Abarth Specialist at Rockingham, during the time leading up to me picking the car up (which was in stock) I have to say Kevin and I were in almost daily contact, nothing ever seemed too much trouble for him to find out or indeed sort out, all my questions were answered in a knowledgeable and enthusiastic way.

The day came for me to pick the car up and 100 miles / 3 hours later I arrived at the showroom, and what a fantastic place that was, from what I gather typical Abarth layout, but it did give that instant feeling of you were somewhere a bit special, there was no hurrying along, I had a really nice long chat with Kevin over a cup of coffee, while the paperwork was being sorted out, and was then taken to see the car, which was presented at perfect as I have ever seen in my  30 or so year driving career, there was no sign of wax on any of the trim or in-between the gaps, the interior was spotless with not so much as a speck of dust to be seen. The car had been fitted with carpet mats, but not Abarth ones (normal GP mats) although a promise was made to sent Abarth ones on when they had them in stock (I was told they were on back order) I haven’t seen those yet (will update if / when I do) but from what I have read it seems to be a common problem, I should add I wasn’t going to be charged for the mats, and indeed wasn’t charged for the GP ones.

I then got my first drive in the car (with Kevin) and went to a local garage where I was treated to a full tank of petrol. Plenty of time was taken explaining about the car, and then I left for my 100 mile journey home.

Since having the car I have had a small problem with the ASR / ABS but the car was picked up and returned to me within two days, I should add that on its return the car had been valet and topped up with petrol. The only other issue I have had is with the climate control switch lights (as posted in this forum) this turned out to be me thinking far too logically about a light coming on when something is switched on, and I was given a though explanation by the Abarth technician (by email) so there was actually nothing at all wrong with them at all.

In summery I can honestly say that Rockingham cars are in my mind as near to perfect as you will get, in fact although we have several main Fiat dealers near us in Norfolk my wife is fully intending to get her GP from Rockingham Cars, well worth the 100 miles / 3 hours for the top quality service.   
Thanks Graham.
Title: Re: Rockingham Cars, Corby
Post by: olopboy on April 01, 2009, 12:05:18 am
I just want to give a huge thumbs up to Kevin and the guys at Rockingham Cars who have looked after/put up with me for the nigh on 6 months since I first called about testing a GP. Keeping me as informed as they possibly could before the launch, getting their demo 500 up and running real quick so they could treat their depositees to a drive asap, and always having time for a coffee and a chat.

So good to be treated like a human being rather than a cash dispenser and making me genuinely feel that my custom as well as their other customers is important to them (I saw evidence of this happening in the Fiat section as well). They are also genuinely enthusiastic about the marque and to this end Kevin gave up a Sunday, to come to the Gaydon meet in the A500 demo, cheers chap  :thumb:

When the car finally arrived it was turned around in less than 24 hours and yet they still did a great job of making it look stunning, couldn't fault the condition of the car. All the paperwork was gone through carefully over yet more coffee (its not bad stuff for machine) before Kevin took me out side to go through the controls and the B&M pairing process (granted that didn't work but that more than likely my phone).

To top it off Kevin e-mailed today to firstly check on the car and secondly to say they found a CD in my PX, most dealers would have chucked it specially as the car was being moved on. That's proper customer service for you. So take a bow Kevin 10/10 for customer service, and the first dealership sticker I've ever kept in my back window.  :thumb:

But I did forget to give you a hug like the lady A500 owner gave you   :P
Title: Re: Rockingham Cars, Corby
Post by: kradcliffe on April 01, 2009, 01:07:20 pm
I suppose Grahams first post sums things up for me.

Kevin has at all times been extremely helpful in all communication, and as promised he gave me a follow up call to check we had got home from Corby and the car was OK. Being collected from Peterborough station by Rockingham was superb and really helped on the day.

As I said to Kevin in an email afterwards, I was quite surprised that no mats were included with the car at all as I never noticed at the time of collection. Having spent £15,400 on the A500 (especially with no part exchange) and paying cash on the day I thought that it was quite poor but maybe that's standard these days. I will have to get a set ordered at some point.

Otherways, fantastic service and highly recommended!


Title: Re: Rockingham Cars, Corby
Post by: iain500 on April 01, 2009, 07:01:17 pm
I've bought a few cars from Rockingham over the years and have always found them to be very helpful and good people to deal with. I first met Kevin early last year just before the official launch of the 500 and he took me out for a spin in their demo 500 sport before launch day  :thumb: He couldn't have been more helpful or enthusiastic about the car and the brand which was very encouraging. I was too far down the line with another dealer to take the 500 from Kevin but resolved that if I bought a second one I'd go to him for it. I was therefore pleasantly surprised when the Abarth dealers were named and got in touch with Kevin straight away to get a deposit down on an Abarth. David Hall who owns the business is also an extremely nice guy who enjoys chatting about cars. To top it off one of the workshop apprentices even took the trouble to get in touch with me on another forum to say he had worked on my car during the PDI and was glad I had posted how pleased I was with it.
Title: Re: Rockingham Cars, Corby
Post by: Graham on April 12, 2009, 07:13:37 am
The car had been fitted with carpet mats, but not Abarth ones (normal GP mats) although a promise was made to sent Abarth ones on when they had them in stock (I was told they were on back order) I haven’t seen those yet (will update if / when I do) but from what I have read it seems to be a common problem, I should add I wasn’t going to be charged for the mats, and indeed wasn’t charged for the GP ones.

I should have really updated this a few weeks ago (sorry Kevin) I got an email saying that they had the Abarth mats in stock and a set were sent out to me .... So a big thank you to Kevin for that!
After reading the other post though I'm a bit gutted I didnt get a hug  :whistle: Still back in September for the first service, maybe then  ;D
Title: Re: Rockingham Cars, Corby
Post by: rich500 on June 06, 2009, 03:11:49 pm
As you will notice I'm as new as a new thing on here so please bear with me!!
Firstly I wanted to say a big thank you to Kevin at Rockingham, I know he'll be pleased to hear it because he's had to work hard to get it!!
To be honest, despite having 5 other Fiat group vehicles in the family, it was only since finding Rockingham recently that I found another Fiat dealer to restore my faith in the brand. My last "friendly" defected away from Fiat a couple of years ago leaving me a little high and dry.
But before anyone takes offence, it sounds like Fiat are working on improving things so I hope it continues, I read far more positive thing in here than negative, so thats very encouraging!!
Anyway, we are due to pick our Campovolo Grey Abarth 500 next saturday, and through everything from test drive to delivery Kevin has always been helpful, friendly and accommodating, and has a sense of humour to boot!!
So I'm not saying go here over somewhere else, but I am saying if you do go there you wont be sorry!!
The second thank you goes to Paintshield, I know this is the dealer feedback section, but Paintshield is an option now being offered through Rockingham, so if you wanted it done before you collect your car it can be done.
But as for Paintshield I'd just like to say a big thank you to Ann & Tom, who are Paintshield, and to Gary who was our Paintshield installer. It was such a pleasure when speaking with Ann and Tom to hear people who are genuinely enthusiastic about the service they provide. There's no pressure, just help and information. If you have a look on for example you'll find praise upon praise on there for them!
As for Gary, it was a pleasure to watch him doing his stuff! It was a surprising thing to watch! and for all the time I was there peering over his shoulder he answered all my queries and questions with no hesitation, and without breaking stride on what he was doing! As for the finished article? If you didn't know it was there you wouldn't notice it!! Its the best thing you can buy for your car that that you'll almost never know is there!!
So if you only want people who care working on your Abarth, here's a great place to start!!
Many thanks to Kevin at Rockingham, and Ann, Tom and Gary at Paintshield.
So if some of you haven't done anything to protect the front of your Abarth, maybe you should, especially if you've gone Funk White!!
So that's my small thank you to all involved!!
Title: Re: Rockingham Cars, Corby
Post by: Delaney on November 05, 2009, 06:23:10 pm
I picked my car up finally on 31st and have already in a couple of posts mentioned my very good experience so i will give a bit more detail here.

I could have taken the easy route ordered my car from the groups own dealer Fiat Marylebone but i though let me give one of the FGA networks more commited dealers an opportunity to have some business without geographically going to far afield from where i live. I made calls etc and even had a test drive in one of the dealer cars. It was though Kevin Cudby who's name appears on Rockinghams web site which surely is a very good thing as a customer it gives you a name of someone to ask for to deal with what you are enquiring about rather than getting passed around from person to person, who i delt with.

Everyone i spoke to at Rockingham was very polite and helpful and Kevin responded to emails very quickly returned phone calls within the day and provided the information i required. I had considered GH at CH but when i am talking about an Abarth to be offered a deal on a 500 1.2 Pop wasn't what i was interested in so it made up my mind to go with Rockingham and i am so very pleased by my experience.

The pick up was as described by Graham and olopboy and like olopboy my cheap and old phone wouldn't B&M properlly but my wifes Sony E did and it works very well. Kevin even emailed me to check if i had any more joy in trying to get my phone to work. When kevin went through the FSA stuff in the showroom he did  it all correctly (i do have a great deal of knowledge in this area) he gave the correct information on servicing and warranty work.

In fact a week or so prior to pick up i had a requirement for an other FGA product for someone and Kevin responded fantastically on this matter although in the end the order went to Research but there was a geographical reason for that.

In summary very very professional. If all FGA dealers were like this one then the brand would benefit substantially.
Title: Re: Rockingham Cars, Corby
Post by: Sye Roberts on November 09, 2009, 02:07:45 pm
Matt and Alec are excellent at this place........

Saw Matt on the first occasion and took me out in both the standard and the SS versions.

Then took my Mrs and we dealt with Alec Pun who was extremely helpful.

Car arrived in 2 weeks, excellent service. Recommended to all!
Title: Re: Rockingham Cars, Corby
Post by: DevilAndGod on February 26, 2010, 04:48:45 pm
I've had my car for 15 months now and everything with Rockingham has been great. I went in and test drove the AGP when it first came out. Kevin was extremely helpful and made my first new car purchase a very pleasurable one. I have been back several times for a service, modifications and warranty work- which was all sorted and done to a high standard. Will continue to head there for any work I need doing on the car. Great, friendly and knowledgeable service all round  :thumb:
Title: Re: Rockingham Cars, Corby
Post by: olopboy on March 09, 2010, 11:06:27 pm
Had my first year service done today, I was orignally quoted 1-1.5 hours for the job but it took 2.5 which is my only 'complaint'. Had a good long chat with the Matt about, Abarth in general, their AC, the 695 and the Punto Evo. He's obviously been keeping a very close ear to the ground which is a good sign for future car buyers (they have a few years to wait again for me). As Kevin the main sales guy was off I was allowed to relax in the luxury of the Abarth chairs and read my book next to the AC, never has someone been so chilled out next to such a ball of fury  before ;D

Car came back clean, and a little perkier after some love, the service manager was very polite and talked me through all the items on the service. Yes I would have had the service cheaper at an independant but keeping a FSH with Abarth is important to me and I also feel looked after by Rockingham which is also important, something that a number of main dealers overlook. The other thing I always note when I'm there is that they look after all their customers wheter Fiat, Abarth or Mazda, conversations you over hear demonstrate they do actually care that the experince with them is as smooth as possible.

 :thumb: guys keep up the good work.
Title: Re: Rockingham Cars, Corby
Post by: SteveB on March 26, 2010, 02:12:25 am
I had a very good experience at Rockingham Cars yesterday.

They charged very reasonable 98 GBP to do the 6000 mile oil/filter change and pollen filter change, inc parts and vat. They confirmed that was all that was required on an A500 SS to meet the warrranty terms.

Whilst the car was there there took some extra time (they hadn't counted on) to run through my warranty issues. They addressed one (windscreen washer jet) on the day and agreed that all the other items I'd identified were genuine faults that would be covered by the warranty, so the car is booked to go back there to have them rectified.

I was very pleased that they gave the car a good look over and altered me to the fact that my front damper top mount/bushes both needed replacing too, which will also be covered by the warranty.
Title: Re: Rockingham Cars, Corby
Post by: noddyrocket on July 10, 2010, 08:11:39 pm
I think one word sums up my A500 purchasing experience with Rockingham Cars - Smooth :)

Kevin was great, took his time to explain everything clearly and obviously has great enthusiasm for the brand.

Alec deserves mention too for his friendly welcomes!


Title: Re: Rockingham Cars, Corby
Post by: F150pickup on September 01, 2010, 04:15:16 pm
Good dealership and they put up with Tania (My O/H) who was buying the 500c so well done Kevin
Title: Re: Rockingham Cars, Corby
Post by: RacingSarah on October 15, 2010, 12:22:19 pm
Luigi (my Abarth 500 Esseesse) is the fifth car I've purchased from Rockingham Cars over the years.  Kevin was great and sorted out everything quickly as efficiently.  I'm just waiting for the crate now with all the extra bits and pieces to turn up!  :thumb:
Title: Re: Rockingham Cars, Corby
Post by: flat6_3.6 on November 04, 2010, 08:03:54 am
Picked up my A500 SS last night - fantastic service. Alec was a joy to deal with. A breath of fresh air to to deal with an enthusiast, he was as excited as me. Many thx for everything. Cheers G
Title: Re: Rockingham Cars, Corby
Post by: Delaney on March 14, 2011, 08:21:10 pm
Well an other very good experience with Rockingham my first major service @ just over 17k complimentry car no problem easy to book the warranty work for OSR caliper delt with no problem with the Product Report being put in to FGA as i requested. Another issue was delt with which i reported also so everything i wanted doing was done = a very happy customer well done Rockingham.
Title: Re: Rockingham Cars, Corby
Post by: Joey on March 16, 2011, 01:52:25 pm
I would like to say a big thank you to Kevin and Alec at Rockingham for making my new car buying experience an absoulte pleasure!
The whole process was made so easy and nothing seemed like to much trouble for them.

As I was downsizing from a larger car, Kevin let me test drive both the 500 and the Punto on my 1st visit, and didn't pressurize me into buying on the spot.
I have been to other garges (different manufacturers), where you feel like you have to buy there and then and that they are doing you the favour.
This was definatelty not the case here.

On my 2nd visit I took the plunge and ordered  ;D

Prior to delivery, Kevin was in contact a number of times to let me know what was happening and that everything was on track. And on one phoncall, I couldn't believe that I was even given a choice of registration for my plate instead of them just allocating it one from their list  :thumb:

To top the experience off I recieved a letter last week thanking me for chosing to buy a new Abarth from them. It really did put the icing on the cake, and made me very pleased I decided to go to them for my purchase.

So a big thank you, and here's to many happy miles of motoring

Title: Re: Rockingham Cars, Corby
Post by: DTPnorfolk on March 30, 2011, 05:39:01 pm
Picked up my car Yesterday from Rockingham Cars so I guess it's time for some feedback. I don't wan't to re-post stuff other people have talked about but I probably will.

I went to RC to look at an APE but wasn't sure if I was going to buy one. After one little drive and a chat I'd paid the deposit and ordered my car. Kevin was helpful but not pushy and left the buying up to me. I had plenty of communication from Kevin and the only downside was the car took longer than expected to get there from Abarth.

The handover was simple, easy and quick. Kevin talked me through the car's features and set up my phone. The car had half a tank of fuel so I was able to drive home.

All in all very happy.
Title: Re: Rockingham Cars, Corby
Post by: noddyrocket on April 02, 2011, 03:03:58 pm
Popped over to get my exhaust sorted this morning (the chrome was peeling off the tailpipe).

The guys at Rockingham sorted the problem under warranty and even replaced a snapped exhaust rubber in under an hour :thumb:
Title: Re: Rockingham Cars, Corby
Post by: kradcliffe on May 08, 2011, 07:14:45 pm
Recently had a couple of small warranty issues and as I don't have a dealer anywhere close I gave Kevin a call. He put me in touch with Harry the service manager and he took all the details and sent me the bits in the post.

First class service once again. Thank you Rockingham.

Title: Re: Rockingham Cars, Corby
Post by: Delaney on June 28, 2011, 09:58:13 pm
I have recently had an issue that Rockingham have been absolutely superb in attending to with complete customer care that one might expect to receive had you owned a Ferrari. Through out dealing with the matter all of the staff that I delt with have been excellent.

When I first rang them on a Friday morning they had no hesitation to offer to have the car in straight away and give me a car (which was a brand new Fiat Punto Evo) I took the car in the following day. They contacted me on the Monday and informed me of what action was being done and a timescale for the work. They then contacted me again to inform me as soon as they were aware of a revision to that timescale as some additional parts were required from FGA . The day they had given was the day the work was completed and understood that I might not be able to pick it up that day and to do so when it was convenient to me. This was the following day and I duly picked up my valeted car (it was dirty when I delivered it to them) and drove away very happy,

Subsequently I did have to return it as I felt something was not quite right and again they had no issue in dealing with it. Whilst I was in the chap from parts printed the details of Panda roof rails part numbers and prices for a friend who was after some.

I would like to thank everyone at Rockingham Kevin – Abarth Specialist,  Rachel – Service,  Russell – Mechanic/Technician to name a few. 
Title: Re: Rockingham Cars, Corby
Post by: paulos on August 07, 2011, 08:54:41 pm
I just wanted to report back on a good service experience from Rachel and co at Rockingham Cars at the weekend. There were a few bits and bobs that needed sorting since buying my used A500 a couple of months ago, including the rear calliper problem. All dealt with. They also put on new bump stops and sourced the sort the parts last minute after my supplier fell through. A top job, recommended.
Title: Re: Rockingham Cars, Corby
Post by: Gav007 on March 03, 2012, 03:10:45 pm
I went ONLY to see what was 'on offer' as i loved my 2007 Panda 100HP and left having signed on the dotted line for my now pride & joy  :DKevin Cudby was cool, calm & collective and wasn't like the stereotypical car saleman that we all know. It was a real pleasure to do business with Kevin and would recommend him to anybody thinking of buying an Abarth. Ten out of ten to that man !!!!!!
Title: Re: Rockingham Cars, Corby
Post by: paulos on March 28, 2012, 11:01:59 pm
Very happy with the service from Rockingham after they investigated an odd droning sound that turned out to be a failed rear wheel bearing  :o . Got my 36k mile service done (a bit early) at the same time for £430, lots off the listed price after phoning around other garages, like Research, that were offering a lower price. Plus new rear pads, rear shocks replaced under warranty, and a new 12 month warranty after a previous admin slip up.  Couldn’t fault the excellent customer service.
Title: Re: Rockingham Cars, Corby
Post by: Toocs on April 13, 2012, 10:36:28 pm
I've waited 41 years to get my hands on a true Abarth and boy it was worth the wait!
My first contact with rockingham was with Alec by email and it was superb from that point on.
A true enthusiast like myself and very knowledgable about the product/brand.
From the moment I walked into the dealership I was greeted with a smile and given a nice cuppa and encouraged to browse the showroom.
As for the test drive, Wow! I was actually given a real chance to drive the car on some beautiful B roads which showed it's true potential. From that Point I was sold.
I was given a fair trade in and the job was done. One week later and I picked up my Abarth with the biggest smile ever.
What can I say about this dealership? simply the best service I have ever recieved as a consumer. Thanks to Alec and the team for a truly fantastic experience.
Title: Re: Rockingham Cars, Corby
Post by: Joey on April 29, 2012, 04:15:43 pm
What can I say, booked my A500 in for its 1st year check at Rockingham yesterday and the service was exceptional.
It went in for it's oil and filter change and while it was there I thought I would mention a few warranty things that needed looking at. I was fully expecting to have to take it back for these, but to the service department's credit all were sorted while they had the car.

A big thank you to the service team, great service and reasonable price  :thumb:

Title: Re: Rockingham Cars, Corby
Post by: chasmundo on May 11, 2012, 09:50:18 pm

just a quick hello and to share my recent experience of Rockingham cars.

I finally went and did the deed...I bought an Abarth SS over the phone and up until that point all my dealings were with Kevin. He was very helpful getting me the itemised full spec, SS certificate of conversion and road tax so i could just enjoy the car.  On the BIG day of collection Kevin was on holiday but I was left in the very capable hands of Alec. I arrived at Corby station and was collected by Alec in his Punto Abarth.  On arriving at he dealership, he let me have a good look round the car in my own time and took me through all the settings that were configurable. He set up my bluetooth connection with my iPhone, central display, radio etc etc...who knew there were so many options available on such a small car.  I was not hurried and was made to feel like the most important person of the day.

I cannot recommend this dealership enough and that is 100% down to these two individuals.

Keep up the fantastic work
Title: Re: Rockingham Cars, Corby
Post by: Jayster1988 on May 21, 2012, 09:53:43 pm
Well what can a say garage was excellent I dealt with Alec and he was superb especially as I wasn't sure about part ex my r32 for an abarth esseesse but my mind was so put to ease a travelled down from Newcastle well worth the journey the service and everything was great compared to the abarth dealer in Newcastle would highly recommend rocking ham cars I may be back again perhaps for the Ferrari edition sometime in the future.
Title: Re: Rockingham Cars, Corby
Post by: Peptalk on July 26, 2012, 10:13:19 pm
This has been a long time coming (almost three years as my local dealer) but praise is due to the service team headed by Harry. I've been back on several occasions with two A500s and the service from these guys is always first class.

They go the extra mile and more importantly they don't treat your car like a piece of metal. You need to understand Abarth owners are passionate about their cars and extremely particular about detail - these guys understand. The team take time to talk to the customer and treat the car as if it were their own.

It's a pleasure visiting this dealership and I will continue to take my car there for servicing and maintenance even after the three-year warranty lapses. Keep up the good work  :thumb:
Title: Re: Rockingham Cars, Corby
Post by: Potenza on November 15, 2012, 10:49:33 pm
Hello. Finally getting round to leaving feedback about Rockingham Cars Corby.
I have used Rockingham Cars for about 12 years and can honestly say they have always provided the very best in customer service and quality of work with everything they have done for me. This has been my third new car purchase from them and as with all the previous purchases was a very smooth experience with all the time, space and information I needed to make the right decision on the car.
Kevin was extremely helpful with all the detail and figures and Alec was even available late in the day on the Sunday before my purchase to go though the finance again and look at the figures and also allowed another test drive in the car to make sure I was happy.
Unusually for me the car I wanted with the spec I wanted was actually sat in the showroom as if to say here I am come buy me :) I made the decision to buy on the 3rd September and the team at Rockingham cars pulled out all the stops to have the car prepared and ready and even fit a rear parking system to allow me to collect the car the following day in the afternoon and true to form the car was collected with all the jobs actioned by 5pm on the 4th September. A truly great service and really shows the great work that the team provide at the dealership.
Its this level of service that has meant I keep going back to Rockingham cars and added to this the friendly atmosphere from everyone there makes it all worth while.
Car has been fantastic and is great fun, only niggle was with a warning light with a fault with the brake system electronincs however the fault was found very quickly as a faulty switch by the service team and fixed while I waited.
Great service all round as always, highly recomended dealership.
Title: Re: Rockingham Cars, Corby
Post by: nyssa7 on November 28, 2012, 04:20:05 pm
More plaudits for Rockingham. Booked my car in for yesterday to have top mounts looked at as they were showing signs of wear (too much play when on 4 post lift) and last year of warranty runs out in Jan

All fixed nicely, and they even swapped my digustingly dirty car for a clean and shiny one with clean white wheels replacing my dark grey ones ::)

They also did full health check on it - lots of passes - and identified that my front konis have "gone soft", something I hadn't noticed

Now to see if I can get them replaced under warranty - bought through this forum so not down to Rockingham
Title: Re: Rockingham Cars, Corby
Post by: hebbs11 on January 24, 2013, 08:44:18 pm
Nothing but praise for Kevin and the team at Rockingham Cars.  When my wife and I went for a test drive, we were treated in a pleasant and unhurried manner.  We ordered a new car from the factory and we were regularly kept unto date on the progress of the car by phone.  When we picked up our beautiful red 595 Tourismo, Kevin took us through the paperwork and the car control etc again in an unhurried manner. 

We highly recommend Rockingham Cars.
Title: Re: Rockingham Cars, Corby
Post by: Gary Miles on January 25, 2013, 07:50:51 am
I can only agree with the last comment, i have brought several cars from Rocky cars, the lastest being the Abarth, my son brought a new car from there last year and being a young guy there was always the chance to use his lack of knowledge but no they were superb. all the guys in there are great and i am lucky enough to live a couple of miles away and often pop in and im always treated really well! i will always go back there and i am always promoting the dealer to every one i know! thanks again to all at Rocky cars, espically Jack who has been a star!!!
Title: Re: Rockingham Cars, Corby
Post by: subdvr on March 09, 2013, 01:44:06 pm
Great process from Rockingham Abarth!  :)
As most of the above comments suggest, a great sales team and great customer service, particularly from Kevin. We ordered our 595 Turismo in late November and picked her up first week of Feb, throughout the wait Kevin kept us updated on build and expected delivery. On pick up day, there was no hurry, Kevin took us through the paperwork, ran through the details of the car and controls, set up the stereo, and let me drive off.
It has been a great experience purchasing through Rockingham Abarth, probably the best ive had when buying a new car.
kev has since followed up with a courtesy email to see if all is okay with the car, another nice touch!
Title: Re: Rockingham Cars, Corby
Post by: Alex on June 14, 2013, 10:24:12 am
Picked up my new 595 turismo from Rockingham last Wednesday and have been out enjoying it but feel the need to write a review.

Alec and Kev from Rockingham were a delight to deal with from the offset. You normally have an inherent distrust of car salesmen but they were absolutely lovely chaps to deal with, not pushy at all and very knowledgable - just the experience you want to have when purchasing a new car.

On collection day Kevin picked me up from the train station, went through all the details and explained the car controls to me as well as pairing my iPhone to blue and me - I even received half a tank of petrol to get me home!

I really cannot recommend them enough and if you're looking to buy an abarth make sure you pay them a visit.
Title: Re: Rockingham Cars, Corby
Post by: Nethers66 on July 02, 2013, 08:41:44 pm
I'd been looking for a 500 Abarth for my wife to replace her Alfa Spider, anyway found a red 500 with the 695 Koni, Brembo & Monza Exhaust fitted, dealt with Alec who i have to say was excellent, nothing was too much trouble, a true bastion of customer service, he's called twice since we collected the car last Friday just to make sure everything is ok, top bloke, top dealership i'll certainly be recommending them.
Title: Re: Rockingham Cars, Corby
Post by: Gary Miles on July 16, 2013, 07:36:39 am
Another great experience at Rockingham Cars yesterday, cars first MOT and a interim service. no issues and great advice and a few favours carried out as well, thanks service dept!
Title: Re: Rockingham Cars, Corby
Post by: M1KAL on September 23, 2013, 02:12:22 pm
Took Alberto up for his 18K/4 year service. Excellent service and communication by the service dept, and got to have a look around RomeoFerrari's Cinquone 500. Despite the 120 mile round trip, I'll definitely be going back.  :)
Title: Re: Rockingham Cars, Corby
Post by: heliharris on September 30, 2013, 09:07:57 am
Took my Abarth 500 in to accessed for a possible goodwill (a month out of warranty) replacement of the nearside lower front wishbone (premature wear in ball joint at 11000mls).

They pointed out, that the top mount requires attention also.

Very pleasant service manager, sounded positive, should hear by the end of the week.

On a less positive note, might have picked up a speeding ticket on the dual carriageway between Welden and the showroom, stealth camera van spotted when doing 45 in a 40 zone!!! the joys of owning a pocket rocket.

Title: Re: Rockingham Cars, Corby
Post by: heliharris on October 04, 2013, 02:20:44 pm
Update on the above..... they are prepared to cover the cost of the parts required, but i have to pay the labour charge!!!

This amounts to £241, which seems to be a little excessive, but apparently the front bumper has to be removed to reach one of the lower wishbone bolts!!!!!!. Hmmmmmm, will have a look under the vehicle at the weekend, looked easy enough to get to when it was pointed out to me on the MOT ramp two weeks ago.....

Title: Re: Rockingham Cars, Corby
Post by: heliharris on October 16, 2013, 03:15:06 pm
The above work carried out this morning. One small issue apparent within quarter of a mile of leaving the premises, necessitating my immediate  return, steering wheel annoyingly out of alignment when driving in a straight line.

This was corrected on my return, with due apologies from the service manager, with the offer of a 25% discount on my next service requirements, a nice touch and appreciated. :thumb:

Car felt fine on my eventual drive home, so i`m a happy bunny, albeit a slightly poorer one.

Hoping these new parts last longer than the original!!!.

Title: Re: Rockingham Cars, Corby
Post by: heliharris on October 28, 2013, 11:42:12 am
Seeming like an empty gesture, as to date no letter confirming my 25% discount has been received as promised.

No real surprise to be honest.

Title: Re: Rockingham Cars, Corby
Post by: heliharris on December 05, 2013, 10:46:33 am
Had a follow up call from the service manager Mr Babraha last week, asking if i was happy with the above work that had been carried out.

He also asked if i had the received the discount letter for my next service.

I hadn`t, so apologies were accepted, followed a few days later by my discount letter.

Happy bunny.

Title: Re: Rockingham Cars, Corby
Post by: Red Hot Chilli on December 29, 2013, 07:45:08 pm
My evo abarth is the second car I've purchased from Rockingham Cars in Corby. I initially went to see a standard Punto but bought the Abarth instead!  :thumb: I can honestly say that Alec and Jack are two of the nicest guys you will ever meet. They were both very professional and there was no pressure to buy, very friendly and welcoming.  What buying a car should be like!!  Highly recommended.

Title: Re: Rockingham Cars, Corby
Post by: hfdelta78 on January 16, 2014, 10:59:08 pm
Not wanting to reiterate what has already been said about Rockingham Cars in Corby, but I do feel I should add my two pennies worth!

Purchased my first Abarth (note I say first, as I'm sure there will be more!), from Kevin and the team, back in December 2013. Went along to look at the 500 esseesse, and a Punto Evo, drove both, although my mind was already made up on the esseesse anyway!

Found all the team there to be extremely helpful and accommodating - yes, I know they are in the business of selling cars - but there is something different about a family run business, that doesn't have to answer to big corporate sales budgets. They have a passion for the marque, and I can honestly say, this was the best experience I've had in purchasing a car from a dealer.

Well done to all the guys at Rockingham, most impressed, and thoroughly recommended!
Title: Re: Rockingham Cars, Corby
Post by: jewelsnjae on July 13, 2014, 10:50:29 am
Me and Jewels bought a brand new 500 Abarth from Rockingham picked it up yesterday.
The service has been excellent Kevin is a top chap very professional in his approach, jewels asked about tyre pressures Kevin found it in the book and showed her it, jewels asked him to fold the page for her so she could find it if she needed, Kevin could not bring himself to fold the page of the brand spanking new Abarth handbook and put a post it note in there for her!! great guy talked us through everything the new speedo set up etc.
Kevin made us feel very, very welcome on every visit kept us informed via phone calls an e mails at every stage nothing was a problem. Changed our private plate for us so it was on when we picked her up with the all important 'Rockingham Cars' on there, sorted Jewels a new hat an t shirt for when we picked up the car.
I WILL without a shadow a doubt be driving the 140 miles round trip to get the car serviced there and have a coffee with Kevin maybe even lunch if he has time for the spicy wings!!
Thanks Kevin for making buying the Abarth a trouble free pleasant experience.
Title: Re: Rockingham Cars, Corby
Post by: Robert on July 18, 2014, 07:01:53 pm
Just had my car come back from it's full service, including timing belt and water pump. Despite me being quite a tricky customer, the guys at Rockingham cars got me in at short notice and did a fantastic job.

A few things left to sort with the car but the Technician - Tom I think his name was. He was a massive help and showed me the process of changing over a bracket. Friendly people and I would recommend.
Title: Re: Rockingham Cars, Corby
Post by: jewelsnjae on July 04, 2015, 07:08:59 pm
Just had the fist service on the abarth 500 service £80 ish give a few pound Gurbiner was fantastic great team great visit many thanks. And Gurbiner let me use his car to go for breakfast ... Now I have got to get me a Monza exhaust