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Author Topic: TH White Abarth Swindon  (Read 8205 times)

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TH White Abarth Swindon
« on: September 18, 2013, 07:31:41 pm »
TH White Abarth Swindon
Forest Park Road,Hillmead
Swindon Wiltshire SN5 5PQ
United Kingdom
Phone: 01793 222431

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    TH White Abarth dealership Swindon
    « Reply #1 on: September 28, 2013, 08:26:15 pm »
    Got my AGP SS fitted with the koni suspension kit at the new TH White dealership in Swindon this week.
    Chose them because of the appalling customer service and bad experiences at either the Bristol or Cardiff Wessex dealerships.
    Suspension fitted no worries but they forgot to service the car despite it being booked in for that also.  When I went to get the car to be told this I was amazed as i'd booked it and had it confirmed via email. The attitude from service reception was that they knew nothing about it, great! The lady was copied in on the confirmation email as was the manager.
    So i went home dug out the email and sent them asking why it has been missed and why the courtesy car id booked also didn't materialise.  The manager replied saying that it had been missed as the service engineer had forgotten to add 2 of the 3 booked items and that he had been under stress lately!  Hello dealership is only 2 months old. He then accused me of not mentioning it when i went it which was totally not true.
    Anyway if you can avoid, avoid, avoid cos their customer service response and general accusing attitude is shocking. By no means cheap either this job cost me £205.
    Koni kit is fantastic by the way totally transforms the car ride, body control and composure over broken surfaces giving you so much more confidence driving down unknown B roads. Absolutely get this if you can.

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    Re: TH White Abarth Swindon
    « Reply #2 on: October 10, 2013, 02:28:36 pm »
    I took our 500 to T.H White following abysmal service from Wessex Bristol. T.H White were just about to move to Swindon at the time so cant comment on what, if any, changes have been made since then but I can only hope that their level of customer service has remained refreshingly good.

    The welcome was genuine and my initial inspection visit went without a hitch and on time. The problems were vague steering and an engine warning light. An engineer inspected the car while I waited and politely talked me through what needed to be done under warranty, spares were ordered along with a loan car and the return visit was booked. The receptionist was very pleasant and the engineer appeared very knowledgable.

    Again during the return visit T.H White made me feel welcome and the loan car handover went smoothly. They kept our car for several days and on return the car was completely transformed from a wandering, twitchy shed, into a sharp-shooter again needing no steering correction at all. Additionally the engine light had been fixed too.

    Cause of the problems? Front suspension top mounts (A fault Wessex Bristol denied existed despite an inspection) and a couple of sensors connected with the warning light.

    All in all a pleasant experience that I hope others will get after visiting T.H White and well worth the extra journey time. A big thumbs up from me :thumb:
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    Re: TH White Abarth Swindon
    « Reply #3 on: April 09, 2014, 01:31:23 pm »
    What a shame...I was looking forward to giving these guys a go.

    I have spent the last 2.5 days ringing them in vain attempts to talk to someone and book the car in for a Service.

    Initially rang mid morning Monday and told that no one on the Service desk was avaliable, details left and promised a return call....that didnt materialise. Tried again at 15:30 same story, as well as trying an hour later.

    Three goes Tuesday trying to get through throughout the day, everytime no one avaliable to take the call/booking.

    Tried twice this morning and yet again more promises of a return call...nothing so far and not holding my breath.

    I would understand if this was a small local independant but its anything but...

    Good luck to anyone who has the patience to try!
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    Re: TH White Abarth Swindon
    « Reply #4 on: April 24, 2014, 04:26:29 pm »
    Finally got a response from TH White and gave them a go.

    With a (useless) Wessex dealer located only some 4 miles as the crow flies away in Central Bristol, it was just as easy to drive the 37miles to TH White's Swindon Showroom than it was to try and battle through Bristol rush traffic.  Door to TH Whites door 40mins.

    Arrived all checked in ok no problems, no confusion and were fully aware of my booking.

    Dropped off the car at 0800 for cambelt change all completed by 1215.  Unaware, they had also given the car a quick once over (usual fluids tyres etc) and had picked up two observations - very small windscreen chip (already aware of) and split breather hose which was replaced without any sucking of teeth or quibble.  No charge for Labour, just cost of hose. :thumb:

    Job hand over complete and c£225 all done and home by 1330.

    No fuss, slick, and friendly service.  Defo use again.

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    Re: TH White Abarth Swindon
    « Reply #5 on: June 21, 2014, 09:41:07 pm »
    Went for a first year oil and filter change this morning, all went well, very friendly, offered drinks etc. Seating area with TV, news papers and magazines. Lots of Abarth's to browse round whilst waiting.

    Nice big showroom with Fiat, Alfa, Jeep, and even an Aston Martin in there.

    Recommended for sure.
    Record Grey 595 Trofeo Edition.

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    Re: TH White Abarth Swindon
    « Reply #6 on: January 04, 2015, 01:53:04 pm »
    Have used these guys a couple of times and for the most part been quite happy when compared to the Bristol dealer but my ability to bring out the 'best' in dealers was surpassed in my pre Christmas visit  ::)

    Car had developed a bearing type noise (though not high pitched more electronic motor buzz) when starting up after long periods of inactivity and was generating a lot of heat to the point where there was a smoke coming from the engine bay and a burning smell. I couldn't properly detect the source but it was likely to be a failing bearing and smoke coming from the belt, worst case perhaps alternator.

    Call up TH White with this info and got the car booked in, I wanted some other stuff too like brakes so thought I would kill two birds with one stone.

    Explained issues with the car and asked for brakes to be done, explained that my car is an Evo SS and requires the floating rotors, know that they will be very expensive, I expect that, it's fine, I thought it might take a while to source bits and pieces so left the car with them for as long as they wanted I have spare cars and so they could properly test it.

    They called back with a quote for the brakes, very low price, at which point I told them they likely have the wrong parts, I was assured it was correct. I was told they looked into the smoke/burning and diagnosed new belt and tensioners, at which point I suggested that I don't believe that was the problem, it seemed more likely to be alternator, they were confident it was that but told me they will check the alternator bearing (apparently they could order it in seperately) so I let them continue. ::)

    Got a call a few days later, the brakes arrived and they were wrong, what a surprise, I did tell them that, so they ordered another set, the other issues with burning etc was apparently resolved, the new price for the brakes was still half the price I was expecting, asked them to double check because of prior mistake, yes, yes they told me, all is fine, the new set arrived and of course was wrong  ::) Third time lucky they manage to get the right parts.

    Of I go to the dealership to pick up my motor, drove in car was nicely cleaned and brakes were the correct items (at least the discs are, I am wondering now if I should of checked the pads, at this stage would surprise me if they fitted stock items .... )

    I pay my extortionate fee and leave, as I have such little trust in dealers generally I set about checking their work, start the engine and have a look around the engine bay, oh look, within 20 secs blue smoke out of the engine bay and a strong burning smell  :thatsit: , how the f&^k do you have a car for days that has come in because of visble smoke an burning smell from engine, say you have fixed it, charge a customer a grand and a half (mostly for the brakes admittedly) and manage to leave it with smoke and burning from the engine bay.  :banghead:
    £92 a hour for that :o I wish I could earn £92 an hour for being an utter incompetent  >:( Where is the quality control, does no one check their work.

    They had another look and it was the alternator, much as I had informed them it might be on the phone, diagnosing it in my garden in the cold, no fancy workshop etc.

    My theory at this stage is that Abarth dealers aren't actually this incompetent, they can't really be can they? but they have worked out this is the level expected of them so they can trade on this to up the Average price per customer visit and therefore profits. I like my conspiracy theory......what do you reckon ;D

    Unfortunately this really does turn me away from the brand and pretty much anything under the umbrella, I have been very tolerant and put up with so much dealer BS over the years it can't continue, so it settles a head v heart battle I was having and my 4C will most likely turn in to a Cayman S, it's a hardship I'll struggle to live with I know :D

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    Re: TH White Abarth Swindon
    « Reply #7 on: March 16, 2016, 03:54:21 pm »
    Still not replaced my Punto, I still enjoy driving it and I have also been having too much fun in my RWD training wheels, it has kind of skewed my perspective on what I want and made a lot of new cars feel dull, anyway, thought I would post in this thread as I have been a bit guilty of posting the bad but not actually when a dealer does well, this dealer is close to one of my offices so tend to use them and as mentioned in first paragraph above on the whole do a good job, the post above the exception rather than rule, my mood in that post there enhanced by the amount of Abarth dealership issues I have had in general, mostly not attributed to these guys, over the past year they have handled various service bits and pieces well and the staff in service dept. are nice people to deal with :)

    Last month my clutch started to slip, having replaced the clutch 2yrs/14k ago at a London Italian car ‘specialist’ whilst getting the diff fitted, this came as quite a surprise to me as I mainly use the car for commuting now barely use a clutch on the motorway, the stock one was fine after 40odd k with a bucket load of motorsport but thought it best to do it whilst the box was off, rather than do it again later. I contacted the ‘specialist’  for advice and whilst they seemed happy to help rectify, the car has suffered numerous issues since they touched it which I’ve had to resolve and IMO the clutch was never as good as OE so decided I could be arsed with the trek I'd go local.

    I phoned a few places and the going rate was about £500-600, called TH Whites Abarth and it was ~£940, stiff money but you know what I just want the car back to former glory, so seeing as I have already bought cheap and am paying twice, like that old saying, I thought I would just make sure I get OE parts, as I’m not sure I when will sell my Punto, I’ve been test driving loads of things and just come out after with a ‘meh’ super fast does not always equate to super fun.

    Booked my car in for clutch and MOT which it passed, yay, dealership kept me updated and I picked up my car on Sat, clutch felt good, better than it had for a while but as is the way with my luck 5 mins from my door the clutch failed  :o now I am a relaxed guy and appreciate that mistakes happen and also understand that generally these things aren’t designed to be repaired, so there can be complications, it still doesn’t help the inconvenience of it all, I called up TH Whites, explained the issue, of course it was Saturday, service were off early and only sales guys were there, I was told if I could get the car up there they would give me a loan car whilst they sort it in the week, of course I could not get the car up there, it wasn’t drivable, clutch pedal stuck to the floor.

    The Sales guy Jason said he would make some calls and get back to me, I’ll be honest, it sounded like a fob off as it wasn’t far from closing time but credit where its due TH White popped a loan car on a transporter and sent it to me in Bristol taking my car back to Swindon in the process, you can’t ask for fairer than that  :thumb:

    Would it be better if the whole process went smoother, sure, but how you deal with a problem is a big part of customer service, and to me that was dealt with well, If there was any down side it was that I had to drive a 500 :D I’m a big guy and the 500 for me is less comfortable than my tiny MX5 or the 4C, they should of dropped me a 4C, it might have changed my mind on TCT with an extended drive.

    Car is back in my hands now, fixed and driving well, suns out, car is clean and looks awesome, back to happy Abarth days :D  :lala:
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