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Title: Wessex Garages, Bristol
Post by: AlexK on February 25, 2011, 03:34:40 pm
Wessex Garages, Bristol
Feeder Road, Bristol, BS2 OSB
Phone: 0117 9165656
Fax: 0117 9165657

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Title: Re: Wessex Garages, Bristol
Post by: simer on February 25, 2011, 06:13:18 pm
Big Chinky was the first Abarth through their doors, in for a low mileage service and to have the squealing rear brake calipers attended to.

Generally the service was excellent with a very comprehensive handover. The car was spotless, the only thing that didn't get hoovered out was the dog crate, but I don't blame them for not going in there. The squealing brakes are now silent, hopefully permanently.

The only downer was that I realised when I got home that the pollen filter hadn't been changed so I've now arranged to go back sometime next week to have it done while I wait.

A bit of a pain but not the end of the world.

So far so good then  :thumb:

Title: Re: Wessex Garages, Bristol
Post by: Trigzzzzzzzzzzz on March 04, 2011, 08:15:01 pm
Went for my 1st major service today, blue&me update and a few warranty issues squeaky calipers, leather wearing and a squeaky rear seat.

Scott was the guy i delt with in the service department, he was very helpfull and pleasent with all my inquiries, i will certainly go back to him again for anything in future.
I was plesently suprised when i dropped my car off to find that they had organised me an Abarth 500c for the day as mine was booked in most of the day.

Dan on the parts was helpfull in looking into the tyre pressure monitors from SS as they are new dealers and still getting use to the "abarth way" even tho all the text for parts where in italian he managed to source them for me.

On returning to pick up my car, i was made coffee then Scott talked me through what they had done on the service and gave me breakdown of it aswell. They also gave the car health check, brakes where cleaned to try resolve the issue with rear calipers and i was not charged, scott took pictures on the wearon the seat and is looking into the squeaky rear seat issue, and will get back to me in due course.
They had also saved the extra selina oil in the tin which i was given to take with me, some complimentry chocolates and some brake cleaner and lubricant, which was very kind.

I was very pleased with the pleasent service i recieved today, staff very polite and welcoming, none of my questions were to much trouble and i was talked through everything with no haste although they were very busy in the afternoon.

Thanks wessex.

Title: Re: Wessex Garages, Bristol
Post by: possum on March 21, 2011, 12:46:50 pm
Took the "Sting" in for a 12 month oil change and rub down with an oily rag, last week and must say that all of the peple at Wessex were great, everyone that I talked to was freiendly and helpful from the Director to the Service Receptionist.

They completed the work on time and even wanted to wash it before I took it away,asked them not to as I prefer to wash my own, (quiet at the back :whistle:) Also very nice to see that they used the corect oil and I was given the remainder in a can without having to ask :thumb:

Whilst there I did get to have a ride in the celebrity car that they have for sale and I must admit to being very very tempted, suggested a good deal as well. SWBO made me see some sense with a little gentle persuasion. Interesting to compare an SS'd car with my TMC'd version. Not a lot in it overall but I think the SS seemed a little more refined in terms of power delivery (not bland but different) THe Monza of course is nice great sound if a little intrusive (this car has no rear seat) The original suspension is not so good (Konis on Sting)

Many thanks to the guys,  I will be back.  :thumb:
Title: Re: Wessex Garages, Bristol
Post by: sandys on March 31, 2011, 11:35:10 am
Picked up my Abarth Punto Evo here as it was local to me. (not really local but near most of my family and friends so where I can often be found)

Its a nice showroom with lots of shiney stuff to drool over Alfas/Abarth and Kia, this made things a little difficult for me at least as I have had a couple of Alfas and my head is easily swayed  ;D probably didn't help that my shopping list was large and the Abarth wasn't actually at the top of it.

Had previously only drove the Grand Punto Abarth Esseesse with Vospers in Plymouth which was great but at the time I was looking Fiat had announced the Evo and as I thought the only problem with the GPA was that the interior was looking pretty dated I decided not to go ahead and take a wait and see approach, and of course there was the price issue, Abarths aren't cheap and there is some stiff competition,  spent the next year or so trying out numerous alternatives but there is always something that put me off, so had a hard time making my mind up, in the end though I decided that I actually like the look of the Punto Evo and while its not ultimately as good as a lot of other in my list it fits in well with a set of compromises I was willing to take and at an OK price.

Went down in March to do the deal on a stock vehicle, staff were decent and helpful, my Salesman was Kevin who took me over the car and setup my test drive.

Being in the centre of Bristol there is not a lot decent driving places you can get too quickly within short dsitance of the dealership but the test drive route I was taken on didn't even attempt to try and find a good road etc. short blat down the Dual carriageway and back to the dealer, not very good, not a patch on Vospers.

Kevin was new so I was mostly dealt with Via the brand manager Paul, process was pretty painless, traded in my old dustbin for a paltry amount as is the way with trade-ins and drove off in my new APE, all done very quick and easy.

For the most part it was very smooth, knowledge of the Brand was not very good though, questions on esseesse kit etc, not really answered I gather this is an Abarth fault more so than dealer and also weren't very clued up on servicing intervals etc. which is a bit poor, you should know the product you are selling, its not like there are 1000 varieties.

Its early days, things are bound to improve, I've yet to see how they handle servicing etc, hopefully I won't have to inform them of whats involved in the same way I had to educate them of the service intervals on an APE.

They are new to Abarth so perhaps I should cut them some Slack, they weren't bad by any means but personally thought I should of bought from Vospers who knew the product inside and out and really did a good job of selling the car to me back then, but I'm far too lazy to travel  ::)
Title: Re: Wessex Garages, Bristol
Post by: TrevorSmith on April 06, 2011, 07:49:40 pm
I had my 500 booked in today for its 6k oil & filter change service and also to fit some lowering springs, The whole process from booking in to picking up was very easy and straight forward.
When I dropped it off I was told it would take 2.5 - 3 hrs and after 3hrs of shopping at Cabbot Circus I got a call to confirm it was ready to collect. 
When  I arrived to collect I was talked through the invoice and was taken out side to make sure I was happy with the car, It had also been washed and vacumed.
As it was an initial 6k oil and filter change and I had provided my own oil they had the left overs ready for me to collect as well.
All the staff I dealt with were very friendly and helpfull so a big thumbs up & a happy customer  :thumb:
Title: Re: Wessex Garages, Bristol
Post by: Trigzzzzzzzzzzz on April 13, 2011, 07:06:02 pm
Took my car in again today for work, rear seat squeaing and replacement of drivers base and leather was wearing, Scott had managed to get abarth to replace under warranty so was happy, left the car all day, when collected it had been valleted inside and out, very happy with service i have reseved on both occassions

Thanks :thumb:
Title: Re: Wessex Garages, Bristol
Post by: colin on May 13, 2011, 05:57:51 pm
Hard to believe, but it is almost exactly a year since I became an Abarth owner, so time for the Bambino to have its first service.

Top marks to Wessex for the customer care here. One phone call was all it took to book the car in, with a choice of date. Although when I turned up, there was no sign of a job card, this was absolutely no problem for Dan, who not only fixed this minor process hiccough, but was unfazed by the need for a courtesy car. Phone call during the afternoon to tell me the car was ready, and then when I arrived, no waiting. Cheryl immediately talked through what had been done, made sure I was happy, that I knew when the next service might be due, and I was taking to a freshly washed car, after a very convivial chat, and the nice touch of being given a little box with a couple of "thank you" chocolates.

Nothing the team could have done better........... and such a contrast to the way I get treated by the people who service "zee German", who struggle to answer the phone, admit they time out in returning calls take for ever to get the car booked in and collected and seem always to have a showroom full of staff busy doing everything other than dealing with customers!

Well done and thank you to Cheryl and Dan........... and Chris/Paul, when you promised us great customer service at the garage's opening event, today's evidence suggests the team really are delivering it.   
Title: Re: Wessex Garages, Bristol
Post by: Bigscreen on June 09, 2011, 03:27:46 pm
We picked up our new Abarth 500 yesterday from Wessex on Feeder Road in Bristol.

Full marks to salesman Richard and all the staff there. We were very pleased with the way we were treated.
Title: Re: Wessex Garages, Bristol
Post by: sandys on June 09, 2011, 06:05:32 pm
Popped my motor in Monday for a check over regarding the burning smell that had arisen, like myself they couldn't find any thing wrong with it, no leaks etc, which is a good thing I suppose, also asked them to check around the gearbox area as to me at least it feels a little notchy and a bit noisy going between 1st and 2nd, could have been linked if it lost its gearbox oil, they suggested its fine, so all in all not much to report, dropped the car off just after 0800 and picked it up at 1730, well a little bit after and they held on which was good of them.

Was given a Kia Venga as a loan car, it was OK I suppose, if you like that sort of thing, though clearly a bit disappointing, no charge for the loaner which is better than my Renault and Alfa dealer who require a charge and/or your own Insurance cover which depending on insurer can cost you, think I paid £25 admin charge for this, so that was better at Wessex.

Though first time in over 10yrs I've put one of my cars into a dealer and received it back without a valet, which is not so good.
Title: Re: Wessex Garages, Bristol
Post by: sandys on February 09, 2012, 12:00:44 pm
Back in to Wessex again this week see if they could track down the source of my cars vibration under load, they took the car for a couple of days, had a good look around and couldn’t find anything untoward :( so got me to come down and take one of the techs out in the car to demonstrate and would you believe, it’s gone  :o , two bloody months I’ve been driving about with this, doing all sorts of wheel balancing etc, I take it to a dealer and it self cures, seems to be a bit of a habit with my Punto  ::) I’m going to be known as the boy who cried wolf soon  ;D

Took it in for gearbox issues, couldn’t select first sometimes, notchy ness etc, they had a look, couldn’t see anything up and indeed when I got the car back it was gone, gearbox no trouble since.

Took it in for mysterious burning smell, they had a look around, couldn’t find anything and indeed when I got the car back it was gone, though I have since discovered what that was most likely down to after replacing the engine cover and the smell returned, think it’s the stuff under the cover curing.

I have an amazing self healing Punto  ;D

They had a decent look around my APE from the sounds of things and pointed out areas on the car that might have been the source but clearly as they couldn't find much wrong with the car, its hard for them to say for sure, also pointed out the mess the wheel balancers made of the job, so I'll be getting the wheels off at some point to sort it out.

Punto was also feeling a little flat past few days but last night seemed to rediscover its mojo and was going ballistic, yay, ‘twas a Happy Abarth day yesterday  8) lost a tank of fuel on the way to the Chinese :D :D :D

All service staff were quite helpful, seemed more approachable than on prior visits, no Kia loner for me this time, was given a Giulietta to drive, it was a poverty spec diesel, seemed to have bloody impressive economy compared to other diesels I have had in the past, 60mpg on my commute at faster speeds that I travel in the Punto typically, blimey even at 90 it was showing 60+ on the inst gauge, long gearing so not the quickest thing but felt alright to drive, smooth ride, seemed a bit low rent inside compared to other Alfas I have experienced, felt a bit like our old Stilo.

Wessex even gave my motor a service wash this time…..unfortunately that involved blasting the remainder of my stripes off of the cars bumper  ::) bit annoying but they were a bit damaged anyway, just not as bad as they are now, hopefully they will assist in the repair of these soon as I was going to provide the car for a mag test soon but with the cosmetic issues it would probably not be ideal.

So perhaps decline a valet next time if you have stripes.
Title: Re: Wessex Garages, Bristol
Post by: Trigzzzzzzzzzzz on March 16, 2012, 08:43:15 pm
Had a low millage service there couple weeks back new service team seem very good, delt with effiecently and at a competitive price, as always a pleasent transaction. :thumb:
Title: Re: Wessex Garages, Bristol
Post by: crocko2 on March 19, 2012, 08:54:03 pm
Picked up my Abarth 500C from Wessex Garage, Bristol today.   Faultless service, very helpful getting car shipped, registered, taxed etc.  Whole process went without a glitch.

Everyone we dealt with was really helpful and accomodating.

Couldnt recommend them more :thumb:
Title: Re: Wessex Garages, Bristol
Post by: SamC on April 19, 2012, 08:28:06 pm
Bought the ex-demo car from them at the weekend and I cannot fault them - the car had a few little issues that you wouldn't expect from a 6 month old car and could not do enough to fix them.  Faultless service and I am hoping that when I go back in a couple of weeks to get my number plates fitted that the service will continue.   Have had a courtesy call after less than a week to check that I had worked out everything in the car like the Blue&Me system, music on a USB etc and if not offered for me to go back in and they would show me (I am not dim but that was a nice gesture and made in a very pleasant and non-condecending way).  Would definitely recommend them.
Title: Re: Wessex Garages, Bristol
Post by: Dean on May 13, 2012, 06:26:31 am
Bought my ex demo Esseesse Punto the other week from Wessex in Feeder Road salesman was Simon Neal proper nice chap!

There was a few very minor issues which are waiting to be done when the plates paperwork is received. Nothing to much trouble for Simon. Really everything was done for me and the car was delivered to my home that was very helpful.

Blue & Me is still an issue but going back to have 5.5 installed .....
Title: Re: Wessex Garages, Bristol
Post by: colin on May 18, 2012, 06:07:42 pm
Second birthday for my car is imminent, so it went in to Wessex for its low mileage annual service.

Everything was exactly as it should be: easy to book in; friendly handover with Tim in the Service Dept who then gave me the keys to a loan, erm Kia Picanto (not bad for what it is, except for the completely feel-less steering); phone call mid afternoon to say it was ready; car handed over with a full report on what was done, nicely cleaned inside and out. And the remainder of the tin of Selenia left for me (it is a nice tin, isn't it?).

I can ask for no more, really.

Top marks, guys.
Title: Re: Wessex Garages, Bristol
Post by: laz on August 01, 2012, 05:38:29 pm
rang the service department just after lunch for a price to carry out first service on my a500c today. gentleman said i will ring you back in five minutes, still waiting for a call back!
Title: Re: Wessex Garages, Bristol
Post by: Bristol_Rich on March 15, 2013, 11:57:49 am
Regrettably, from my experiences I cant recommend Wessex Bristol.

I have been using them for my servicing requirements since their opening some 2-3years ago, however whilst initially things looked promising it went down hill from there quicker than a rat down a drain pipe.

Every time I've booked the 500SS 6k oil change it was as if I was talking absolute gibberish.  Trying to get a price out of them to find out how much the oil change would be was even harder.  Two tins of oil, filter, copper washer and a bit of difficult can it be?...its a scheduled service item?  Added on the 12m cabin filter change and it blew their mind.  :-\ ???

The 18k service came round and they tried charging me £800+ for the 36k service.  After standing in the service reception with the Service Manager, Regional Service Manager and Technitian with the service docs led out on the table explaining to them the service requirements my confidence went through the floor. 

Another 6k service and yet again more trouble getting a price at booking...  "Somewhere between £180 and £65"...not much of a variation then.  ::)

MOT complete and top mounts need replacing.  They requested two weeks to get the parts in, I gave them 4.  Arrived on the agreed date and they'd not ordered the parts, clueless of booking, no prior warning telling me not to bother turning up.  Two weeks later parts eventually turn up. 

Car goes in they replace the top mounts and refit the scuttle wiper spindle cover panels they'd broken on removal.  Noticed prior to going home and asked for replacements.  4months later they'd still not ordered the end the conversations (I was ALWAYS ringing them) were getting ridiculous.  I sourced a replacement myself, next day...gave up trying.

Staff churn is high (not a problem if sufficient training is in place) hence this is reflected in the level of service you experience.  Never see the same face twice and seems like they pull people in from the Wessex network who major in KIA/ Hyundai.   

Use local Independant specialist for basic trust in Wessex has long gone.
Title: Re: Wessex Garages, Bristol
Post by: simer on March 15, 2013, 02:25:35 pm
I agree.

I've used them twice for servicing/oil changes and both times ended up having to go back to have remedial work done.

I'm probably going to try TH White in Cirencester next time - if I don't happen to be passing Plymouth.
Title: Re: Wessex Garages, Bristol
Post by: sandys on March 15, 2013, 02:32:10 pm
TH White did my oil change this week, did it whilst I waited, generally get a better vibe from them than Wessex, oil change was priced reasonably and would probably be trouble free if Fiats computer system didn't constantly insist on suggesting the wrong oil for my car etc.
Title: Re: Wessex Garages, Bristol
Post by: Rikki23 on March 15, 2013, 03:43:25 pm
I must agree too! I got my 595 Comp from them and I have to say it hasn't been a great experience! I defo won't use them for servicing or any other services!   :thumbd:
Title: Re: Wessex Garages, Bristol
Post by: Carpo on March 15, 2013, 11:36:10 pm
Wife took the car in yesterday to have the clutch problem sorted out.  They told her it "had something wrong with it".  Surprise surprise they hadn't properly planned for her visit (it was booked a week ago), therefore it ended up with them saying they would order in the parts and would have to book it in again.

We've only had the car two weeks....

And don't get her started on the registration number transfer that appears now to have got lost somewhere.
Title: Re: Wessex Garages, Bristol
Post by: Carpo on May 13, 2013, 08:10:07 pm
Wessex aren't improving! Took her car in again after they ordered the part.  Waited until 3.15 then they phoned me to say that they'd just opened the box and realised they had been delivered a left hand drive clutch pedal rather than RHD.  Couldn't they have checked it sooner?  She's still waiting....... :whistle:
Title: Re: Wessex Garages, Bristol
Post by: Gem930 on August 28, 2013, 09:19:31 am
Big massive thanks to the guys at Wessex who did a major yesterday with no problams at all. Had a Mito for the day, they washed my car and I had a call when it was ready, all you ever need. Well done. :thumb:
Title: Re: Wessex Garages, Bristol
Post by: Bigscreen on October 10, 2013, 01:44:37 pm
Nice sales people but abysmal service department.

Both my wife and I took valuable time off work to drop the car off at a pre arranged time only to be told we could not be seen for, wait for it, at least another 3 hours!! It was booked in for an inspection visit for what my trusted independent garage had highlighted as worn top mounts on the front suspension and I wanted it sorted under warranty. Only after I stood my ground did a somewhat harassed senior staff member agree to take a look and stormed off in front of me in a huff towards the car.

We went for a test drive with the result "Nothing wrong with it, get the tracking done" With this I insisted the car was properly inspected on the ramp as the steering had a knocking sound on turning the wheel, it felt vague when driving and had severe inner edge tyre wear on one wheel. Again reluctantly the senior staff member agreed to inspect the car further and left us to wait in the showroom. He returned after a short while later and reassured me that there was no problem with the top mounts and that tracking would solve the problem. We left Wessex Bristol feeling bruised, belittled and somewhat undervalued. 

But who am I to disbelieve 'The Experts' so i promptly booked the car in for tracking at Protyre. Surprise, surprise the tracking was near enough spot-on and even after minor adjustment the car still drove like crap.

Nothing for it but to take the car to another dealer, no way are we ever going to use Wessex Bristol again. We chose T.H White in Cirencester, just before they moved to Swindon and the difference was black and white. The welcome was genuine, they carried out an inspection promptly while I waited and sure enough diagnosed worn top mounts without me even telling them what I thought the problem was. Strangely we also had an engine warning light come on just prior to our inspection visit, that too was diagnosed efficiently and the engineer politely explained everything that was going to be done and we booked the car in for it's repair while parts were ordered along with a loan car. All went smoothly with no drama, and we now have a car that does not wonder all over the road needing constant steering correction and no engine warning light to worry about either after a selection of sensors were changed. Also it was a pleasure to be treated by a company that still recognises the value of great customer service.

A big thumbs up for T.H White and I will happily travel to Swindon should the car require any further warranty work :thumb:

Sadly a big thumbs down for Wessex Bristol :thumbd: It appears customer service is a thing of the past there.
Title: Re: Wessex Garages, Bristol
Post by: sandys on July 01, 2014, 10:33:44 am
My car has been poorly recently and as these guys are my nearest dealer I took it there, have to say I was a bit reluctant as I stopped using them due to poor service and things the oil change issues I have had here where they wrongly filled the car ( but I was stuck for time and it was as far as I wanted to travel in something that wasn’t working right after going pop on the Nurburgring.

On the whole a positive experience to start with, fault with car diagnosed quickly (Turbo failure) and the service guy Scott took me through the costs involved in repair and appeared quite clear, we discussed options, turbo repair is quite expensive at Abarth so I asked about getting a 3rd party to repair/supply the turbo and if they could just do the remove and refit. They were quite happy to do this which is good, not all garages will.

As it turns out I had to go away for a period and would of been out of comms and unable to sort the logistics, the price of a new turbo direct from Garret (supplied by Turbo dynamics) was the same as Abarths supplied turbo so got back in touch regarding using parts from Abarth to get me going quicker as I didn’t want to delay, this was fine, I mentioned I  wanted to retain old parts for future use (failure analysis so I could target future turbo work in the right direction) this was all agreed and we went ahead.

Little did I know it would take 4wks for the turbo to arrive from Abarth :( so much for it being the easy option. I kept in touch regarding progress and timescales, of which they could supply none, the turbo just turned up one day :rolleyes:  on the calls I mentioned that I wanted to retain the turbo to many different people on the phone and could they package it up for me, sure no problem was the reply, got the car back today, it is nice to be back in the Abarth :) paid my eye watering bill and looked for the old bits and pieces in my car, of course they were not there. :(

Spoke to Scott and it turns out I have to pay a £250 surcharge to keep the turbo, this has come out of nowhere, at no point did anyone say this was the case, when told I could get a recon unit from and it would all be warrantied etc, I did call in to clarify I could have the old turbo and keeping it and this was fine, no charge mentioned. Whilst I can understand their position that it is standard for recon parts to have a charge, If I was told upfront I would of just bought a new one direct, I don’t like to waste dough, who does, amusingly on the phone to the you constantly hear prerecorded messages about their customer service awards and providing clarity etc, not very clear here. I asked Chris the service manager to pull in the recorded calls they take for training purposes as I have all the times I called in (mobile phones eh :) ), it would appear they don’t do this.

In addition I found used hoseclips left in the engine bay which is not good, paying a premium for labour, these things shouldn’t happen.

So not the happiest at the moment (bit of a theme when visiting Wessex unfortunately) as I had plans for next with seasons sprint and a bit more power, I really wanted the old Turbo stripped down, assessed and rebuilt with the right focus assuming I don’t go for another turbo entirely, the failure was odd as there was no indication, no noise, no smoke etc, it just stopped, that’s your lot, so it would have been nice to have it looked at, of course back of my mind you wonder about the numerous times a dealer has put the wrong oil it, what long term damage does that do, I don’t know  :(

So it goes another visit to Wessex and more disappointment, shame really as it was one of the more positive visits, the service team were actually returning calls which is an improvement from prior visits. If you do deal with them you might want to keep a record of calls,  names, times etc. for your future reference, I did not and so could not say with certainty who I spoke too.

Title: Re: Wessex Garages, Bristol
Post by: Bristol_Rich on July 01, 2014, 01:53:37 pm
This pretty much sums up every experience I've dealt with them.

Its not so much that I have a problem with the work that they do (all be it at a very high premium - the mechanics Ive spoken too all seem to have their heads screwed on and are human beings) its the Wessex clones who manage the front desk area is the problem.

Communications or lack of is the biggest issue.  Staff churn is high and frequent, Ive yet to see the same people in the department on a regular basis.  I understand why they do it, however this leads to a highly inconsistent level of customer service.  You also get the impression that noone is empowered to make any sort of decision small or BIG, manager/supervisor or not.

I gave up on them a long time ago.  They have let me down on more than three ocasions and seem to be of the opinion that you'll come back because you have to. 

They have no perception of basic customer care or values, we all of course all sit around doing nothing waiting for the day we need to take the car into Wessex only to be told to come back as the parts hadnt been ordered and they forgot to tell you.

For what its worth if you need the Abarth "specialist" element I'd recomend TH WHite in Swindon.  For me in time terms takes no longer to get to and the level of service was somewhat better.  You can at least hold a conversation without having to talk in statements.

As to Wessex, personally I think they'd be better off putting some of the Mechanics on the front desk WITHOUT any Wessex indoctrination.  At least there would be half a chance of getting good knowledgable service.
Title: Re: Wessex Garages, Bristol
Post by: Gem930 on August 28, 2014, 01:42:13 pm
Well done Wessex you did a good job. I booked my service a month ago for a collection and return from home. It was only an oil service for £139 and all went extremely well. I had a phone call an hour before collection, a call when the car had been serviced, with an advisory on rear tyres (I can sort that myself) and get this, a video from the technician explaining what had been done. The car was returned later as promised.
They did exactly what they said they would do, so, well done.
Title: Re: Wessex Garages, Bristol
Post by: Gem930 on August 25, 2015, 03:18:07 pm
Well done Wessex, one year on and another good service with collection and delivery. Thanks