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Title: Wessex Garages, Cardiff
Post by: AlexK on February 26, 2010, 01:43:09 pm
Wessex Garages, Cardiff
289 Penarth Road, South Glamorgan, Cardiff, CF11 8TT
Phone: 02920 343333
Fax: 02920 343374

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Title: Re: Wessex Garages, Cardiff
Post by: richbrowne on November 18, 2009, 04:52:25 pm

I spent the day yesterday at Wessex Garages in Cardiff (17/11/2009). Wessex Garages Cardiff currently share a service centre with their Nissan centre next door.

I can report that the staff were very pleasant and nothing was too much trouble; thanks Alex and Warren :thumb:. I waited in the Abarth showroom section while my car had a few items checked on warranty; possible issue with the ESP that ended up resolving itself and droneing sound from offside rear brake while reversing and applying brake. In addition, while there I asked them to change the oil and filter (even though have only travelled circa 1,400 miles). They only charged just under £80 for this, which I thought to be very reasonable.

The only slight negative point was that I asked the service receptionist to ensure that the car was not washed due to being concerned about damage to the PaintShield film. However, this was somehow not transferred to the 'wash team' who duly washed the car anyway (thankfully not using a power washer). All was well though and no damage done.

All in all, a big Well Done to Wessex Garages. I shall certainly be paying them another visit come service time in the future :thumb:

Title: Re: Wessex Garages, Cardiff
Post by: Chris26 on November 24, 2009, 08:58:14 am

Thanks for your comments, very pleased to see Wessex in Cardiff looked after you, hope you liked the new showroom. I will pass your comments onto the reception team regarding the paint shield - good feedback for them.


Chris Wiseman
Operations Director
Wessex Garages
Title: Re: Wessex Garages, Cardiff
Post by: Trigzzzzzzzzzzz on February 20, 2010, 08:07:25 pm
Thanks to Wessex

Went there today for first time today for my first service after recieving an email from chris the manager with regards to cost, the service centre is shared with fiat, nissan and kia. Found everyone really polite and friendly, the young lad at the desk was very helpful also spoke to the technician who looked at the car with regards to the rust which was good which is now in the hands of abarth uk.

But i must give a BIG mention to alex on the sales department which although i wasnt there to buy a new car, looked after us pretty much the whole time we were there, he made us coffee, took us round the showroom even offered us a lift into town which was nice. but after lots of conversations might of made me 2 and half grand more skint as im now considering upgrading to SS, well thats a sales man for ya :-)
Title: Re: Wessex Garages, Cardiff
Post by: ashley_r_84 on February 21, 2010, 05:19:52 pm
I popped in to Wessex a few weeks ago to show my mum a 500 Abarth EsseEsse and I fell in love with the Abarth Punto EsseEsse in the showroom:-) The staff in there were really helpful and I ended up signing on the dotted line for the Punto there and then.
Alex Hollo-Tas is the main Abarth Salesman and has been very helpful so a big thanks for sorting this out for me. I`ve got to say that Hannah Liddiard went out of her way to get the car ready for me last week as Alex was on holiday and so a massive thanks goes out to Hannah.
 Basically i`d recomment them to anyone looking to buy an Abarth.

Cheers guys

Title: Re: Wessex Garages, Cardiff
Post by: Merlot on April 06, 2010, 09:13:08 pm
Was thinking about an A500 for weeks and as Wessex are not to far away went to have a look at one in the flesh. Must admit when I saw a black one on the forecourt (sold  :'( :'() and a white one in the nice new showroom I was hooked. Anyway after a couple of visits, two test drives (one in an A500SS), coffee and some negotiating drove away with the black A500 which had just become unsold ;D.

Many thanks to Alex who made the whole experience less stressful than I usually find when buying a car (especially with a P/X involved) and would recommend them to anyone wanting an Abarth or even an ordinary Fiat, Kia or Nissan who they also represent.

 :thumb: :thumb:
Title: Re: Wessex Garages, Cardiff
Post by: bevan500 on August 22, 2010, 10:37:18 pm
As above i totally agree with was said about the service and the helpfulness of the staff especially alex he's was great and still is just as eager to help.

The day i got mine haanded over he came in on his holidays just a few hours before he was flying to america to make sure everything went well!!! Top guy    :thumb:
Title: Re: Wessex Garages, Cardiff
Post by: ashley_r_84 on March 10, 2011, 05:24:19 pm
Took my car in for its 2nd year service today and well all i can say is Shocking service once again :thumbd:
I have had a number of issues with the car over the last 12 months of ownership (small problems with the car that should be easy to sort). Initially people were willing to help however when it actually comes to solving the issues the service manager felt that it was better to LIE to me >:(  After 6 months of being told that the parts to be replaced under warranty had all been agreed by Abarth/Fiat and were on order, I have today found out that NOTHING had been agreed by Abarth and they had infact REFUSED to replace the trim on the car!!! The excuse cited was that my car is in its 3rd year warranty and therefore is now no longer covered. Even though these parts were supposedly placed on order in October/November 2010.....Oh and also the slight problem they seem to have with maths as my car is not actually due to enter its 3rd year of warranty until 31st march!
The service itself I could not fault, until I got home and checked my paperwork to find that they had indeed forgotton to do anything at all with the brake fluid. Even though as a necessary part of the 2nd year service the brake fluid has to be changed.

I gave them the benefit of the doubt after being convinced by Dale not to use a new Abarth Dealer in Bristol and my car would be taken care of and all my issues would be resolved and to be perfectly honest after this latest fiasco I will never use this dealership again. I would rather drive 60miles to my next nearest dealership than trust this garage with my car again.

And I was also told that as I am a car enthusiast I have spotted a lot more common faults than your average `Joe` would have ever noticed and so most people would live with the problems I have reported without a care!!

Title: Re: Wessex Garages, Cardiff
Post by: kingmatt71 on March 24, 2011, 12:47:15 am
Ok, here's my experience of ordering an A500 from Wessex of Cardiff.

My initial impressions at first visiting the dealership weren't good. 20 minutes of wandering in and out of the showroom and dealer forecourt before anyone spoke to me. When I finally was approached and I made it clear I was interested in an A500 I was assigned a member of staff who (unknown to me) wasn't a Abarth specialist. He was just a used car salesman. The Abarth specialists of which there are 2 excluding the manager (I think) weren't available.

I went for a test drive in an A500 esseesse. The salesman came with me of course and it went ok. I thought the route wasn't a very good one and a little short. Plus sport mode wasn't activated, a big mistake in my opinion as the car really comes alive when sport mode is activated. The salesman commented that he had driven and A500 with the sport mode activated and deactivated and that he couldn't tell the difference! I thought that was odd.

We get back to showroom, at this time I had already made up my mind that I wanted one. I told the salesman that I wanted to place an order for one. Inside the showroom he grabs a hot drink for me and we start using the Abarth configurator to specifiy my A500. Whilst doing this it quickly becomes apparent that his knowledge of Abarth cars wasn't great. I found this very frustrating as he seemed unable to answer my questions and spent more time consulting with his superior to get answers to my questions than he did sitting with me. At the time I didn't know this was because he was only a used car salesman. In hindsight I probably could have avoided this if I had phoned to book a test drive rather than just showing up. Oh well.

I place an order for the following, A500 in Bossa Nova White, climate control, blue & me, red leather, alloy gear knob, auto dipping mirror, xenon lights, split folding rear seat, red chequered roof, red side stripes and 17 inch Petal alloys. My salesman filled in all of these on the order form except for the alloys! At the time I didn't notice that ommission.

The deal is made, we shake hands and I'm told I will be contacted soon with an order update. I wait for over a week but I wasn't contacted.

I contact Wessex, I mention that I was told I would be notified about the status of my order. I'm then informed that the salesman who dealt with me had left! That explains why he didn't get back to me. I get an apology and am told I would be contacted by someone else.

I wait for over a week again. I still haven't been contacted. By now I am fuming, something I really can't stand is people failing to contact me after saying they would. Especially when I'm buying a 17k car from them. So I complain to head office.

The result of that is transformation! Richard, the manager of the Abarth brand takes over my order. He gives me regular updates of the order status and explained about the staffing issues which were the cause of my initial experience. As compensation my car will get a full tank of fuel, the Permashine treatment and Abarth mats and I'm pleased with this result.

When the time came to collect my car, excitement turned to disappointment when I realised that the A500 that had arrived had all the options I expected, except for the 17in Petal alloys. I tell Richard of this and he checks the order. He shows the order to me and I can see that the alloys weren't present on the order form itself. Again this is the fault of the original salesman, and partly mine for not noticing it when I confirmed the order. This is where Richard really went above my expectations and tracked down a demonstrator which had the alloys I wanted and had them swapped on to my car. In my opinion he didn't really have to do this and I had to find another £175 to get them. But it transformed the car and I really am grateful to Richard for allowing me to do this.

Overall my experience has been positive and this is mainly because of Richard, he was courteous, attentive and very helpful at all times. Plus I've been given a Wessex umbrella and offered a free valet in 2 weeks time!

Anyone considering buying an Abarth from Wessex should not judge them solely on my experience, I think it's unlikely the staff issues I've had will happen again. But maybe booking a test drive would make it more likely that you are dealt with by a genuine Abarth sales person!

Title: Re: Wessex Garages, Cardiff
Post by: custodian on October 19, 2011, 05:56:46 pm
Called into Wessex Cardiff at lunchtime today to book a service on my 500. They were really great: asked if I wanted it doing immediately. They dropped me into Cardiff and picked me back up again ;ater on to collect the car. Car was washed and ready for collection. Excellent service!
Title: Re: Wessex Garages, Cardiff
Post by: jontell on September 19, 2013, 07:08:03 pm
Had a not so good experience today and yesterday.

I called asking to speak to parts, they were busy and was offered a call back. This did not happen. The next day I called again to be told they are all busy and not answering the phone, again promised a call back. Did I get a call back? No. It was only on the 3rd time I called that I got stroppy with the person from sales who answered, and she went over to the other building to speak with them direct.

Its really not difficult to either, answer the phone, or call someone back. When I went there, the phones were ringing away and no one answered them.

Finally got what I wanted (mats) and left.
Title: Re: Wessex Garages, Cardiff
Post by: LittleMissTracy on April 05, 2014, 02:53:03 pm
As I've been in South Wales looking after Mum, I thought I'd take advantage and get Albartho serviced instead of going back to Manchester (which I didn't really want too). When I rang they fitted me in for the following week, they took me into Cardiff, very competitive, even sent me a video on email. Very happy with the service I have received. I'd go back again.
Title: Re: Wessex Garages, Cardiff
Post by: Monza on November 03, 2014, 09:26:56 pm
A general empty experience.

I've only had the Abarth a month or so and noticed that one of the wheel nut covers has taken a discolouration/tarnish which will not wash away. So, i opt to drive the distance to Cardiff to either order or pick up a replacement. The service desk seem friendly enough when i first explain the issue and without a thought tells me not to worry he will grab one from the stores and we will replace right away. (awesome i think).

As he reaches the door he asks "did you buy it from us?" I answer honestly with a no, with that he he tuts, returns to his seat and says thats a different matter. Takes all my details and orders one in which takes a week and a return trip into the city next week.

*stop me if i am wrong and that maybe standard procedure but really all that for a top cap?

Title: Re: Wessex Garages, Cardiff
Post by: J_a_m_e_s on November 06, 2014, 08:52:04 pm
Buying a car from them is great BUT after that its down hill from there  :thumbd: shocking really shocking
Title: Re: Wessex Garages, Cardiff
Post by: Llandudnoboy on August 18, 2017, 03:47:41 pm
Very reluctant to answer any correspondence, and after sending four emails regarding a car they had for sale, all of which were ignored, i gave up on them.

Either business is so brisk, that they can afford to ignore potential cash paying customers, or they simply do not care about Customer Service.
Title: Re: Wessex Garages, Cardiff
Post by: richardmeredith on August 20, 2017, 08:56:45 am
Yip after buying first Abarth from them it's downhill all the way. Let down after let down, to many failures along the way. Customer service is the lowest of any garage I've bought from.

Moved away and got 3rd Abarth elsewhere.