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Title: For Sale 2017 595 abarth t-jet manual in yellow
Post by: delmeekc on May 23, 2018, 09:29:40 pm
Just joined as have a car for sale as it needs to go, I have put a deposit on an EV which is due mid June.

2017 abarth 595 t-jet manual euro6 145hp in yellow.

Purchased in January this year, September 2017 but I’ll check the v5 for the exact date. It had 11 miles on it and it’s just shy of 600 miles now.

Factory options.
7” touch screen.
Black decals and mirrors.
17” wheels and tires.

Not really driven much but I’ve added lots of extras as listed below, all were new and all standard items removed go with the car.

Magetti Marelli bombardone exhaust, the one without any back box. From blackit.

50mm sterling wheel extension in billet with abarth logo from Italy, fitted locally by my abarth dealer at my cost. I’m tall and found the steering wheel too far away when the seat was right back. Everything works as per the normal position.

Illuminated “500” door sills. Just fitted.

Magetti Marelli tuning kit with 3 button remote, Euro 6 version just released. From blackit.

BMC filter, plus standard and another new sealed BMC, from blackit and eBay.

Bonalume popoff valve with switch, you can choose between recirculated or atmosphere or anything in between. From blackit.

Bonalume quick shifter, just fitted. From blackit.

HID canbus kit. From eBay but one I’ve used many times before for previous cars.

Sprintbooster pedal box, 18 settings, valet and lock mode, just fitted. From blackit.

Smoked side indicators. From blackit.

Anything else I think of I’ll add later, I don’t want to take anything off and sell separately at this stage.
Title: Re: For Sale 2017 595 abarth t-jet manual in yellow
Post by: delmeekc on May 25, 2018, 01:46:00 pm
 Car has now gone but will be selling all the parts shortly.