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Author Topic: Grande Punto standard parts  (Read 520 times)

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Grande Punto standard parts
« on: June 20, 2021, 12:13:14 am »
Having recently managed to dig my way through my garage to the 2 large Abarth crates I had stored I have now managed to access all the parts that were removed when the dealer added the esseesse kit to my 2010 Grande Punto. I have all the removed standard parts (except the wheels which were sold with the car). All parts have delivery milage only on them (which was 8 miles). So if you've managed to lunch your turbo I might be able to help :)

I have:
Front and rear vented brake discs
Exhaust back box
Front and rear springs
Cat converter + shield
Turbo + inlet manifold
Injector rail
Coolant expansion tank
Oil Cooler
Air intake tube (plastic)
Metal Air tube
standard Air filter (still very clean)
Assorted metal and rubber hoses
A couple of metal shields
A couble of moulded fabric covers

Photos are available of all parts. Offers welcomed on all parts.


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