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Author Topic: 2mm Critical Rear Brakes & Halfords Service  (Read 1025 times)

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2mm Critical Rear Brakes & Halfords Service
« on: January 27, 2019, 10:41:52 am »
Hi guys,

I need a little bit of guidance here.

First off, what's the acceptable minimum allowance for the rear brakes? I've recently experienced the squeal, sticky brakes issue, which Abarth need to look into for their future models.

So back in November, I serviced my car with Halfords Autocentre (big mistake). Took my car in on November 3rd, only for them to tell me that there's no-one to service my car and they'd need me to come back next week. Inconvenience as it is, I returned back the following week for them to conduct a full service (22,000k). I dropped it in at 8.30am and didn't receive any sort of communication until I walked back to the garage at 3.15pm myself to question why its taken so long. I had to return near closing around 5.30pm to collect my car.

A few weeks ago, I started hearing the unbearable squeal, and booked my car in to Abarth Research and they advised that my brakes were critical and at 2mm (my mileage is at 24,200, as I do motorway driving). I replaced them no problem and the guys at Research sorted my front brakes too.

I was absolutely fuming that Halfords Autocentre, didn't pick anything up, neither did they give me any advisory's. Nothing. It left me questioning what they actually did.

I complained, and a few days ago had an email back from them saying, that it's down to me adding 2,000 more miles and it's brake wear as normal. No i'm currently chasing them so they tell me what my brake levels were at when they had supposedly did the service.

Anyway, any thoughts about what I've written above?

Lesson learned, don't go to Halfords. Circus act. Go back to main dealer. ffs.


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