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Author Topic: Honk If Your Happy  (Read 1078 times)

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Honk If Your Happy
« on: June 18, 2010, 08:28:22 am »
I know we had the Abarth Wave topic previously and i wasn't quite sure where to stick this I thought a new topic was the best place for this maybe it should be under World Cup

The group has put out yesterday - HONK IF YOUR HAPPY - (see logo below) which i'm sure all Abarthisti are.

Here is the blurb
Share your enthusiasm for the World Cup with the new "Honk if you're happy" app. Log on Facebook, become a "Fiat 500" fan and download the widget.

Keep the app open in background on your desktop, and you'll receive a real time update on all football matches results: honk your 500 horn to celebrate with your friends!

This year, in South Africa, let everybody hear your enthusiasm! Honk if your Happy!  

I know it goes on about the Fiat 500 but i'm sure A500 owners are a lot happier than F500 owners this is just a piece of information that i thought might be of interest and the app looks useful for footy fans. Maybe someone could PS the logo to stick the Abarth logo or Scorpion on.


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