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Author Topic: Parts for Repair & Advice  (Read 1116 times)

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Parts for Repair & Advice
« on: June 14, 2014, 01:58:40 pm »
H All, Been a while since Ive been on here... Hope your all well... Ive still got My fab A500.. not much done in the way of mods this year just enjoying having such an awesome car...

Like all good italian car companies your bound to run into a few quality issues so I could do with a bit of advice with regards to a few minor repairs...

Firstly and im sure a few of you may have run into this one but the pin connecting the door handle has snapped, I have the replacement part from Vospers but I would like to get some into on the installation process if possible... im gonna go with a guess that the door cards need to come out... after that im lost...  ???

Secondly a panel underneath the drivers side part of the car came off last week while driving though a fairly deep puddle at speed..  ;D It half came off and was scraping along the floor and has been badly damaged now so would like to get a replacement.
Does anyone know where i can find the part number for this panel please ? Its located under the car on the drivers side right by the side trim just slightly past the door. I have a picture of the damaged part of that helps.

And lastly a couple of weeks back i noticed a very slight wobble in the front of the car when accelerating, I have had all the wheels checked and balanced but the wobble was still there so i took it to the guys at MotoMech in Brum who said it was more then likely the Propshaft Spider Bearing (apparently these can over heat and dry out the grease causing them to disform causing a bit of play in the driveshaft)

MotoMech have quoted me £80 for each spider bearing (non-OEM) and £140 for original Fiat Parts they said its best to replace both sides of the Spider Bearing as if one side has gone the other side wont be far off.

The garage will fit the parts if i find them cheaper for £80 + VAT which i think is very reasonable.

I have found a company called Ricambio International ltd Italian Car Parts Specialist who has the (non-OEM) parts and will cost only £71.88 for two of the bearings + delivery. Fiat Part Number 46307676

Then I think ive also found the part on eBay too for £54 for 2 inc delivery. but im worried its gonna be a cheap part ?


Has anyone had any experience with fault this and can advise ? Im in the 3rd year of my warranty (ends in Aug 14) if that helps but im not sure if im covered.

Any help on any of the above topics would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards

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    Re: Parts for Repair & Advice
    « Reply #2 on: June 14, 2014, 05:59:30 pm »
    Why not go the the dealer, describe the panel that's under the car, and ask them for a price and part number?  You could even try a Fiat dealer; there's a good chance that the panel might be the same for the standard Fiat 500.
    I would go for the genuine part purchased from the dealer.  That way you know it will fit and you will have their parts warranty.
    For me there would be no other option.
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