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Title: Should I buy it?
Post by: danic00 on September 04, 2021, 11:38:35 pm
Hi, first of all, Im from Spain and I'm new to the forum and I don't have an Abarth, but I intend to have one, specifically a 595 Pista 160hp.

The thing is that I am a little lost in life, I am 21 years old and I am saving to buy a second-hand one between  16,500€ -  18,000€ with a maximum of 35,000km minimum in 2017. It is one of my dreams, right now I am working at temporary jobs. My concerns are the following:
To have as a daily car, is it crazy? I know it has a hard suspension and its a small car, but I do not know how uncomfortable it can be, my most common route I usually do is 50km one way and 50km back.

Maintenance? Not having any permanent job, my fear is that the car will have problems and it will catch me just when I am not working, it should not be a problem because I usually have savings, but I do not know how much maintenance / repairs can cost me . Is it a relatively reliable car?

What I do not want is to leave it for another moment in my life because with the issue of electrification or it will be impossible or they will slaughter me with taxes so that I can not maintane it, if in a few years I have children it will not be profitable ... also I do not know if tomorrow I'll be here even it sounds sad..

So, if I buy an Abarth with the characteristics already written and my situation, would it be a FAIL or not?

I mean it's not a Ferrari but it's not an Opel Corsa either, I hope someone can help me, thanks. :wave:
Title: Re: Should I buy it?
Post by: shadyracer on September 06, 2021, 05:42:55 pm
ive owned mine for 11years and its still going strong, mechanically very robust cars, i use mine daily and have had no serious issues with it. Keep on top of maintenance and it should serve you well.
Hope this helps you decide

Title: Re: Should I buy it?
Post by: danic00 on September 09, 2021, 08:47:17 pm
Thanks for your reply!
Title: Re: Should I buy it?
Post by: jl-c on September 10, 2021, 12:06:02 pm
If you are careful in choosing the right one and you seem to be on top of that one, and if not mechanically minded get it checked over by a friend or an automile association engineer ( here in the UK you can use the AA or RAC ) then you shouldn't go wrong. Children, no issue they have 4 seats and the fixings for child seats. The bits are not too expensive for what they are ( I can buy an whole engine here for £1000 ! ) so I would say "go for it" you are only young once and just enjoy it. As you say, we are going to be forced into electric hell soon so enjoy the exhaust note whilst you can  :)  We enjoy our little Abarth 500 and will do so until we have to give it up.