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Author Topic: AGP Cone filter and intake hose diameter  (Read 1946 times)

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AGP Cone filter and intake hose diameter
« on: January 17, 2016, 06:05:20 pm »
Hiya chaps, I'm new to this so be nice haha
I've just purchased and fitted a 70mm Ramair cone filter to the original intake hose from the turbo, only to find out that the cone doesn't quite fit snug and is held on very lightly by a jubilee clip. Now, if I tighten the clip anymore, the cone pops out and I'm back to square one. So my question is - what would be the appropriate size cone (neck diameter) to use to solve this issue? I've had a poke around and found some people use 76mm cones and have just sleeved it over the intake hose and jubilee clipped on. Would 76mm be ideal, or am I doing something completely wrong and/or missing something? Also if you guys could attach some pictures of what induction kits/cones you're using, that would be smashing. Thanks a lot


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