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Author Topic: Turbo Upgrade....What to go for???  (Read 2310 times)

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Turbo Upgrade....What to go for???
« on: June 29, 2015, 08:11:24 pm »

I want to break that 200BHP mark, and a new turbo is what i would require to do so!
So far my AGP has a full Supersprint Decat exhaust with induction kit, has a remap rolled out 170bhp on the dyno (The map was very safe and tailored for good mpg atmo - not for long though) a better map will be tailored after the turbo mod :)

I don't want to face buying a new manifold and upgrading injectors, boost sensors, so Garret GT1446 would be out the question. I am thinking of getting a Hybrid turbo, Turbo dynamics to switch out the internals of the IHI VG36 + upgrade wastegate and get better performance from the turbo. Turbo Dynamics do a MD527 which is what they can do with the IHI VG36, they claim 180-200bhp on the A500 IHI VG37/38, has anyone done this?

Any advise on what to do, is this a waste in terms of getting more bhp for your buck?
TD04 is the other option or another garret but can I get away with my Supersprint down pipe and stock manifold?

Any advice please, let me know what turbo mods you have done

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    Re: Turbo Upgrade....What to go for???
    « Reply #1 on: July 18, 2015, 07:35:03 pm »
    I ended up upgrading to a gt1446, ss injectors 200 cell cat, Tmc induction kit, ssqv dump valve and removal of middle box. It's running just under 220 bhp, it's quick don't get me wrong but for the money spent I still don't think it's quick enough. If u were looking to save money I would go for hybrid as everything else remains the same. Hope that helps
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