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Title: Abarth GP SS tested on Tsukuba and Sachsenring
Post by: Gofra on December 07, 2009, 04:47:39 pm
Hey bunch,


being a fan of japanese Best Motoring series, I noticed they tested the AGP SS on their last show (yet to get ahold of it). For those that dont konw, the test consists of driving one hot lap to set the starting position for the race (best one starts the last one in grid). Abarth had some tough competition:

Audi S3 Sportback (08)  - 265HP / 1495 kg = 1:10:01 (best power to weight ratio)
Renault Megane RS (02) - 224HP/ 1398 kg = 1:10:30
Mazda 3 MPS (09) - 260HP / 1470 kg = 1:11:95
Mini Cooper S (06) - 177HP / 1206 kg = 1:11:24 (worse power to weight ratio)
VW Scirocco 2.0 TSI (08 - 200HP / 1298 kg = 1:11.42
VW Golf GTI VI - 211 HP / 1318 kg = 1:11:44
Abarth GP SS (08) - 179 HP / 1185 kg = 1:12:53

And here's the track image:

It's just over 2kms long with two major straights (the longest one 437 m)

Considering the size of the engine (smallest out there) and pretty short gear ratios I'd say expected. What amazes me though is the Minis time...
All track results can be seen here: (

I also glanced through the times on Sachsenring:

...which is considerably longer (3,7 km). Times can be found here: (

...what surprised me the most is the fact, that AGP SS was faster than Leon Cupra R, R Clio F1 R27, Seat Ibiza Cupra (yes, the new 180 HP one), VW Polo GTI CUP Edition (180 HP). Cooper S shared almost the same time, being faster than Abarth by just 0,16 of a second. I do have to mention that the cars in Tsukuba were driven all together with different drivers...

To sumarize, I think it really comes to the driver and his driving abilities when setting the best times. This is the only logical explanation of the posted times. What do you guys think?