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Title: coolant going down.
Post by: Grant3000 on February 25, 2017, 06:29:36 am
Hi Guys,

Only had my car 1 week and I'm faced with my first hopefully last problem, I have noticed my engine coolant going down.
I drove home from work about 14 miles parked my car on the drive left it there for 2 hours when I came out of the house I noticed something dripping on the floor when I looked it was coolant dripping from front passenger side under tray.
I checked the coolant level and its gone down below min before it was max..
any you guys can guide me please..
Title: Re: coolant going down.
Post by: Grant3000 on February 25, 2017, 12:54:19 pm
Just a quick update....
Last night when i noticed coolant low i topped it up to max, when i drove 30 miles.
When i woke up to come to work i check before my journey what the level was like i noticed it was on min....
Since this morning i have done about 60miles and it hasnt moved from min... thinking right that this is where is should be???
Any input is much appreciated.
Title: Re: coolant going down.
Post by: jf11 on February 25, 2017, 03:06:11 pm
two basic questions [sorry if i'm insulting your knowledge]

1) did you have the air con on? (e.g. to clear misted windows).  If so they you WILL get a puddle of condensed water left behind when you've parked. It is (in my case with a GPA) on the left/near/passenger side.

2) the coolant will expand and contact naturally as you warm up and cool down the engine.  If it STAYS at min then I think you're possibly OK.

... OK, three things :-). Check your oil filler cap.  If the oil looks gold (hopefully) or blackish they you probably haven't got a cylinderhead leak (but if the oil looks dirty-whiteish (dirty whipped cream) they you have coolant leaking the the cylinderhead...

Otherwise look for strange spray coloured bits inside the engine compartment. Most coolants nowadays have a colourant to show if they are leaking (look particularly around the turbo).  I had a coolant leak early on from one of the turbo coolant hoses and it sprayed blue all over teh front of the engine compartment! 

Hope you get it sorted/resolved soon. J.

Title: Re: coolant going down.
Post by: Grant3000 on February 25, 2017, 04:19:27 pm
Hi jf11

Thanks for replying mate, please don't say sorry I know you are helping me in a big way.
didn't have air con on, when I park up coolant drips from the under tray on front left.
never had a car with a expansion tank before so not sure how it works???
I have done 60 miles and its at MIN.
I checked oil first to rule out headgasket etc..
my mate from work is dropping off a compression tester so I am going to stick that on and see if I see any leaks, I am hoping its nothing serious but I have got 3 months warranty on the car so I'm glad in a way.
thanks again
Title: Re: coolant going down.
Post by: jf11 on February 26, 2017, 03:09:09 pm
OK, well my experience (GPA owner for 8 years) is that I've only had to top the coolant up once (about two years ago!).  The only time I need to take the cap off is to check that teh anti-freeze is still up to teh job at the beginning of each winter...
I guess each car is a bit different, but if yours is regularly going below min then I woudl be very worried and def get it checked out. J.