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Author Topic: Tomtom & Brodit  (Read 1188 times)

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Tomtom & Brodit
« on: January 03, 2010, 07:01:42 pm »
I am looking to fit one of these in my AGP for my Tomtom IQ Routes:

It is quite expensive, but if it makes it all look neat I dont mind paying the cost. With this I would have the holder and power supply permanently installed on the left of the radio with no loose wires, and could then just slot my Tomtom straight in. This is particularly useful with the AGP's long dash, I currently mount my Tomtom either in the drink holders or up next to the rear view mirror without the power cable.

I should be okay installing the mounting plate, but I have no idea where I would feed the wire or how I would connect the power supply. I wondered if anyone has had any experience with these before or has any recommendations? I'm guessing this isn't something my local dealership can install?


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