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General Abarth / Touch up paint for yellow brembo calipers on a 595 comp?
« Last post by Abarther95 on January 26, 2022, 04:16:31 pm »
Has anyone found any yellow touch up paint for their 595 comp brake calipers?
I have a couple of chips I want to fill in and was wondering if anyone had touched up their brakes before with a good colour match?
Abarth 500 / New (to me) Abarth Question.
« Last post by Ramaya on January 26, 2022, 04:00:21 pm »
Hi, just joined since I put in a deposit on a 595, 17’ should be getting it this weekend.

I’m a bit confused cause in the print out I got form the dealers for the spec it says under Optional equipment 400 Electric Sunroof, the car doesn’t have an electric sunroof at all??

Do you guys know of any decent decoders I could check the specification against?

Introduce Yourselves! / Re: New member 595 Abarth
« Last post by 124Abarthreplica on January 25, 2022, 01:44:37 pm »
Welcome to Abarthisti Abarth595-145

That's what we're here for, helping one another, thank you. :thumb:
Abarth 500 / Troubleshooting P0441 code (EVAP) on my 595 Abarth 145
« Last post by Abarth595-145 on January 25, 2022, 09:01:56 am »

I have a 2019 Abarth 595 145HP ( bought used with 12.000 miles / 20.000 kilometers bought in October 2021)  and at the end of the first month of daily usage, a CEL popped up. Since I like to troubleshoot my cars as much as possible when I have problems, I have an OBD2 adapter and Torque Pro, the code is P0441.

I found out it was an "EVAP incorrect purge flow". After reading forums, at first I thought I had maybe not tighten enough my gas cap. I removed the code, and tighten the gas cap with several clicks.

Fast forwarding, 2-3 months passes without a code. And from like 2 weeks ago, the same code came back and keeps popping. If I erase it, it comes back after around 20 miles/30 kilometers, so the problem is real.

I seen other people get the P0456 which seems a little bit different than P0441.

P0456 : small leak detected at the EVAP
P0441 : incorrect flow at the EVAP

Mine only gets the latter.

My gas cap and gasket seems brandnew, and I don't overfill my tank.

Any advice for what to troubleshoot/check first ?

As first steps, I think I will check visually hoses under the car, tank area, where the charcoal canister is. And hoses in the engine bay where the EVAP valve is. Then if hoses looks good, maybe starting from what is cheaper, like a new gas cap first for example (even if mine looks good).

Is it possible to log some value (PID) on Torque Pro to know about EVAP values?

Any help/hint appreciated.  :thumb:

Introduce Yourselves! / New member 595 Abarth
« Last post by Abarth595-145 on January 25, 2022, 08:42:47 am »

new member with a 2019 Abarth 595 145 HP.

I hope to find help, and help too if I can.
Introduce Yourselves! / Re: New member - guidance needed
« Last post by mj2k on January 24, 2022, 04:40:03 pm »
Anyway, the point to all that blathering about seats is, if you like the Sabelts they're worth £1-2k extra on the price of a car, if not don't worry too much about going for an esseesse or Comp since you'll be able to turn a late Turismo (or another model with the Garrett) into what you want fairly cheaply / easily.
Introduce Yourselves! / Re: New member - guidance needed
« Last post by mj2k on January 23, 2022, 12:32:27 am »
Yes they did/do, plus a few other models. And others have been fitted with them as an option or 2nd hand. Depends whether you like them tbh, they're stylish but when I did some research into why nobody could give a straight answer into how much less than the standard seats they weighed, I discovered they actually weigh more  :o

Which means their main advantage is they hold you slightly better in the corners at the expense of being less comfortable on long journeys, whereas Sparcos weigh a few kg less, cost under half the price and give much more headroom out of the box for tall people, at the expense of having a lousy backrest tilt mechanism and not looking as nice. And the standard seats are a nice comfort / cornering mix without any weight or usability compromise
Abarth 500 / Re: Advice on mods
« Last post by a3Jeroen on January 22, 2022, 03:30:32 pm »
It's the jump in Nm's (or footpounds in your country) that make you feel the difference. Mine went from 135 - 170Hp and 206 - 300Nm. Ypi'll notice!

gr J
Introduce Yourselves! / Re: New member - guidance needed
« Last post by randomhero83 on January 22, 2022, 03:22:36 pm »
Hmmm.. I did write a post back but its only done the first sentence.

Thank you for the guidance and advice. It's super helpful thank you. I am looking at the mod route, but didn't know that about the turbo. With the Sabelt seats, do they not come as standard in the Comp? I thought they did.

I do like the newer face-lift, so think that will sway me....just haha. Thank you again for your help
For sale and wanted / Abarth 695 Rivale For Sale
« Last post by bperfrement on January 21, 2022, 09:00:43 pm »
Hi everyone, I’m selling my 2018 Abarth 695 Rivale. Very limited edition. 17,100 miles. Full Abarth history. Akrapovic Exhaust sounds amazing. Beats audio with Apple Car Play and integrated TomTom sat nav. As you can see it’s in great condition. Will be sad to see it go.

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