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General Abarth / Upgrade Abarth Radio
« Last post by SteveB on Today at 08:36:45 pm »
I  would like to replace the 5” radio in my Abarth 595 Turismo 69 plate with Sony XAV 3005DBE.
 I am aware that I will lose the trip stats on the radio screen, will I lose any other facility? 
Are there any other make of radio which would be a better choice?
I would appreciate any views and advice.
Abarth 500 / Re: Advice on mods
« Last post by Paul595 on Today at 06:54:27 pm »
Will it fail an MOT if there’s no back box?
Abarth 500 / Re: Advice on mods
« Last post by Paul595 on Today at 06:53:12 pm »
Rolling map it is then, I was sceptical about chips anyways so thinj your spot on pal. Any suggestions with regards to an exhaust? Don’t fancy the Monza & it’s a bit pricey... Although I have seen some going on eBay  for fair enough prices
Abarth 500 / Re: Advice on mods
« Last post by mj2k on Today at 06:29:27 pm »
Defo go for a rolling remap over a chip, the chip tuning's generic whereas all cars are a bit different depending on mileage, how they've been driven, modifications, etc so at best you could be losing a few bhp here and there, and at the very worst it could shorten your engine's life through incorrect fueling.

Chip tuning's a good way to get an instant performance boost and make a bit of money for the company selling the chips, but unless it's a car which cannot be remapped (e.g. early Subaru Imprezas) the tuning chip really is a 'poor man's option' compared with an experienced tuner setting your car up on a rolling road.
Abarth 500 / Re: Advice on mods
« Last post by Paul595 on Today at 05:59:41 pm »
Thanks a lot guys. I had no idea the bombadrone was illegal so thanks for that, last thing I’m needing is an MOT fail. I have heard seen lots of people talk about the Monza, but it don’t really like the double twins. I much prefer the two big singles, looks far nicer imo. I want it too look nice and add a bit performance, don’t want it crazy louds and popping & banging like mad upsetting my neighbours.

I’m not sure about a decat, as no one got back to me until you guys I hunted for days trying to find out the rules etc. Seen alot of mixed opinions so think a sportscat safer and legal option!

As for the induction kit, it does amp the noise up a bit but I think they actually sound not to bad, helps performance slightly from what I’ve read aswell with the cool air being sucked in.

I was looking at chips aswell but again l, I’ve read mixed reviews. Some claiming it’s worth it and noticeable & then others the complete opposite. Don’t know if I’d be better to do the work and then get it a rolling map, atleast that way I’d get a dyno results and could actually see what it’s running. With a chip you’ll just never know unless you get it on a rolling road anyways? I fired my reg no. Into a website and said it would go from 142 up to about 170/175? I don’t even know if I would notice that, maybe you guys can help?

Thanks again for the reply’s guys, appreciated
The Abarthisti Garage / Re: My project begins...
« Last post by mj2k on Today at 01:43:47 am »
I might still swap back to the 500 GQ Edition seats in place of the Sparcos though depending on the other half's verdict - I worked out how to lower the rear of the passenger seat base using a cannibalized driver's seat adjuster minus the adjustment mechanism and they're incredibly comfy on long journeys at the expense of not holding you as well in the corners:

Both sets of seats slightly improve rear legroom over the Abarth seats whatever though, and both lose a couple of kg weight too, so whichever set meets the other half's approval is fine with me. Both match the rest of the GQ Edition interior too:

The Abarthisti Garage / Re: My project begins...
« Last post by mj2k on Today at 01:36:14 am »
A few more mods...

I wired in the boost gauge properly, the only sensible place to add it without drilling the manifold was using a t piece on the vacuum line to the fuel pressure regulator, but I'm going to have to keep a careful eye on that since any vacuum leaks there could be disastrous:

Also, in a quest to make more headroom for my rather tall other half, I ended up fitting Sparco R100s complete with a black leather interior:

And swapped to a round 500 Sport steering wheel since it suited the car's interior better, and I prefer a round steering wheel anyway:

Also swapped to a Comp gear knob (feels much more comfortable for fast changes) and a different stereo, to match the rest of the all-black interior.

Sparcos complete with seat frame didn't save a huge amount of weight (about 5kg vs the Sabelts), reaching the seatbelts is a pain and getting into the rear seats is a pain too since the seats don't slide when they tilt, but the interior mods do seem to have made a difference to the handling, at least for me...

The round steering wheel allows me to slip the wheel and use the torque steer to my advantage besides feeling more comfortable. And I feel much more confident in the corners, though whether that's down to the placebo effect of the lowered, harder seating combined with the better support in corners or whether the small drop in weight over the front wheels combined with the lower seating position actually moved the centre of gravity to a more desirable position is anybody's guess.

Either way I can now take the near-constant tight corners in my favorite stretch of road fast enough to make myself feel slightly queasy, though whether that's a good thing or not is open to interpretation :D

Abarth 500 / Re: 2021 595 Esseesse upgrades
« Last post by mj2k on Today at 01:04:08 am »
My favourite as an all round tyre is Michelin Pilot Sport, our  Abarths have been good on them.
I find the standard brakes adequate for normal road use, just buy a reputable brand.
Steering wheel can be retrimmed, have a Google for someone local to you.
Remap, i will leave others to chip in or do a search on this forum, plenty of posts to read through.

1) Plus one for the PS4s, they suit the car very nicely indeed :)
2) I reckon the rear pads could do with going up a small amount in braking force since the default brakes are heavily front-biased, but not if you've removed the rear seats or made the rear end even lighter, since the car's pretty nose-heavy even without removing more weight from the rear axle. A slight increase with something like EBC Green Stuff pads might be worth a try, but see how it feels; they're not expensive anyway so you can afford to bin them if they're not to your taste. Don't bother swapping discs until they've worn out - drilling / grooving is mostly cosmetic on a road car.
3) No idea but standard 500 wheels fit too of course, and it might be easier to find someone who will retrim a standard round 500 wheel.
4) I find my 160bhp had more power than grip on the twisty, narrow roads around where I live as it is, so definitely no idea, I concentrated on the handling instead :D

Abarth 500 / Re: Advice on mods
« Last post by mj2k on Today at 12:51:04 am »
Guess I might as well chime in late too :)

I'd say avoid the Bomardone - they're not road legal and there's rumors the police are installing noise pollution measuring devices in various places (they already catch the boy racers with v loud exhausts on Southend seafront) so besides potentially earning an MOT fail it might earn you a fine too and a command to replace it, if you're unlucky.

Go for a Record Monza instead - they're OEM so you can't get into trouble for them and make a v pleasant noise  :thumb:

Decats are a bit of an interesting one - the govt is planning to tighten up the rules around decats even further, though since it's so hidden on the Abarth it's unlikely to earn an MOT fail unless the car fails on emissions / noise. So prob a nice sports cat / decat would be fine, but stash the original cat somewhere safe in case you need to refit it.

Induction kits - no idea, but I'd have expected a cold air intake would be quite a good idea since by default the car can draw in warm air from under the bonnet, which must decrease intercooler efficiency.
Introduce Yourselves! / Re: New member - guidance needed
« Last post by mj2k on Today at 12:40:12 am »
Hi and welcome :)

If you're planning to go down the modded route anyway, I'd say don't bother too much about the model, unless you're planning to stick to the standard Garrett turbo, in which case make sure you get one with the correct turbo since changing afterwards is an expensive faff.

Other than that, most bits and bobs are bolt-on, available relatively cheaply 2nd hand (except Sabelt seats, which are prohibitively expensive) and easy to swap over. My Turismo has pretty much turned into a 160bhp esseesse over the past few months for under £1000, albeit I went for 2nd hand Sparco R100s in place of Sabelts. So I'd say make sure you get the Garrett (assuming you're not going bigger), Sabelts (if you like them) and worry more about mileage, general condition and service history than looking for any particular model if modding is your aim.

Oh, the only other caveat is whether you want the cuter-looking pre-facelift or more aggressive facelift, since converting one into the other appears to be much more work than you'd expect.
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